Wacom introduced photo cards, share class applications Bamboo Loop, is only a temporary version of iOS (Video)

Compared to other products and Wacom Bamboo product line has been creative and user-friendliness is far ahead, they further introduced a new photo card production, share class applications Bamboo Loop. The user can use this App to add photos into a variety of different elements, and made ​​into greeting cards to share with friends. Receipt of the card you can on top of it re-creation, but also after the completion of the mail back the sender, thus completing a loop (Loop). In addition, the user can also produce their own cards to share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, so that more friends to see your work at the same time. Bamboo Loop this App itself is free, but users can spend another U.S. $ 2 (approximately HK $ 16 / NT $ 60) to buy additional content packages. Temporary only supports iOS 5 and above (today in the iTunes shelves) as for the Android version, then they will very soon, and we met.

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