Chrome: a launcher applications on OS X

Those who have already had the opportunity to lay hands on a machine running Chrome OS necessarily know that it incorporates an application launcher. By clicking on the appropriate icon, it is possible to display the list of all installed applications on the platform and I must admit that it is still very convenient to find all his favourite tools in one place. Yes, Google apparently wants to extend this functionality to other systems because + Fran├žois Beaufort has announced the arrival of the pitcher on the latest version of Chromium on OS X. So, if you have a Mac at home, then you will be able to enjoy this famous pitcher now.

But how did it work, the guy? In reality, it is very simple. Once activated, it will be enough to swing a little click on the icon of Chromium, the same that is in the dock, to bring up a window that corresponds in every respect to the integrated Chrome OS launcher.

In this window and we find the list of all applications installed on our browser, applications that appear on a very visual grid and focusing on icons. At the bottom of this window, we also find two horizontal bars that allow us to scroll through the pages of applications. Recent work on the same principle as the home screen of Android, and each page can contain no less than 16 different icons and the user will of course the possibility of order as it sees fit.

The only thing missing, ultimately, it is the search field. On Chrome OS, it is at the top of the window allows you to find easily the application of choice - and maybe more - by entering a few letters. It seems that Google’s have decided not to implement the OS X version of Chromium and it's still a shame.

It must also know is that this marker is not active by default. To benefit, you will have need to launch the application with the following option: show switch-app list. If you do not know how, it is not shameful and knows that all instructions are well located at this address. Oh and also consider installing at least one application, otherwise your launcher does not appear.

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