Google Checkout will be retired in November 20

Google in the electronic payments business obviously tilted to Google Wallet, so out of favor and Google Checkout functions almost a matter of course to be consigned to limbo friends. They just announced on the Google Commerce blog for network vendors and Checkout will be in six months after retirement on November 20 this year, the task will be referred Wallet to take care of in order to meet future consumers will on multiple screens: i-e shopping trends phones and mobile devices.

Google recommends traders are transferred to the Wallet, pointed out that the API easier to integrate, and the Instant Buy the function but also to consumers more easily payment. Same time, they will cooperate with the United States Braintree Payments, Shopify and Freshbooks to provide alternative Checkout service. On Google Play and the Chrome Web Store to sell software developers in the next few weeks will automatically be transferred to the Wallet Merchant Center.

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