Silence your Android smartphone into silent according to your Google Calendar events

A smartphone, or even any mobile phone in general, but it is obviously practical has still some drawbacks ... Indeed, who has never forgotten to put it on silent during a meeting or any meeting you? We've all met at least once in this situation can quickly become annoying (  nan yes but it's not actually me ). To avoid these unpleasant moments, applications exist to modify some parameters of our smartphones automatically based on defined events. Among them, there is Silence, an Android application that is not new but has recently been updated, including a new handy feature.

Indeed, now, rather than creating the slots yourself, you'll be able to rely directly on the events that you have created on Google Calendar. At creating events on Silence, the operation is simple: you open the application, you click Add new event  and you choose between creating the event yourself or create one from Google Calendar event. Then, the procedure is the same regardless of your choice.

You will find a tab General you can specify information about the event in question: the name, schedules, etc ... Of course, all this information is already provided by Google Calendar if you chose this new possibility. The tab   Toggles  meanwhile you can select what to do at this event: adding a new switch ( Add new toggle ), so you can choose to mute your phone or simply the down, cut WiFi, reactivate, deactivate or reactivate the mobile data, and other things handy.

You may have noticed a small problem with Silence: the application is entirely in English, which is not necessarily cool for everyone. However, the interface is quite nice and uses the possibilities of Android 4.0 and higher, which is a real good point. Silence is available on Google Play Store for free, it did not incorporate additional functionality, not caring that disable the small inset visible advertising on the free version.

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