Intel is going to be on TV

Intel has for a long time reigned undisputed master of the chip industry, but things are different now and the famous founder must therefore deal with some big names such as Qualcomm or Nvidia. For it must be confessed, the company is struggling to impose on the mobile technology sector and it is perhaps for this reason it has decided to tackle a new project. For indeed, Intel will soon launch a new housing that incrustera in our living rooms and allowing us to enjoy television via our internet connection .

Like all such boxes, the Intel device cover various fronts. If it will allow consumers to access TV programs through their connection, they will also get their hands on several applications dedicated. All in a neat box, elegant and will have only one goal: to make us melt and make us want to pull our credit card.

More interestingly, one of the leaders of the division of Intel Media also reported that the device will carry a camera. The latter may be off course, but it will aim to offer an array of new services to viewers services that offer them the opportunity to interact with other users in a "real social experience". It is not me, but him. He obviously did not add anything more but we can finally imagine many things, like trading live before similar programs or perhaps even competitions grimaces.

Not forgetting, of course, advertising. And yes, because filming its viewers, Intel could - note the conditional - better understand their habits , or their reactions to different face commercials aired. Information that could not fail to attract brands and companies since they could adapt their campaigns to the expectations and desires of the public. A tool that would open new perspectives, of course, but also raise many questions.

That said, if you want to install a camera in the living room of a viewer, it's probably not for her beautiful eyes.

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