Box: 50 GB of storage space available

Good news for fans of the "cloud" and more specifically for those who have not yet taken the plunge, decided to launch a major operation to provide 50 GB of storage space for all new students. If you do not have an account yet on the platform, and if you begin to feel cramped on the solution you put in place, then this is a good plan that you should not miss, of especially since it is unfortunately limited in time. Yes, and all that you'll have to hurry because interest that there will not necessarily work for everyone.

Whatever, we do not know anything really. No, the only information we have is that this offer miraculous is actually the fruit of a partnership between Box  and manufacturer Dell . When you arrive on the registration form, and we see that the two companies have decided to join us to offer 50GB of storage space without any time limit. That said, given the nature of the offer, one can legitimately wonder how long it will last.

For a few words, Box works on exactly the same principle that all its competitors. Basically, just as a web browser to access the online space and to manage directories and files. However, if you want to go further, it is also possible to connect to the app store to get stuff very friendly. Stuff like clients or applications for Mac, for Windows, for iOS to Android or even BlackBerry, but also more specific applications and allow us to directly integrate the tool in some applications.

Why? Well there are a few, say that it is possible to find Salesforce extensions for Office or even for Google Apps. In the end, it is sufficient for a few minutes to skim the shelves of this store to find a few gems that will make our life much.

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