Windows 8: Adjust the size of home screen and tiles

Windows 8 enjoys lots Automation supposed to make life easier for the user and, among these, there is the automatic resizing of tiles, and therefore the home screen, depending on the resolution of the display. Great, of course, but we would still be able to take hold of this option and set and according to our desires. It is not possible, at least not natively, but there is just an application that will allow you to adjust the size, scale, or rather, from the home screen of Windows 8. His name? Metro Scaler and it is completely free.

Before going further, it should be even all-of-state that Metro Scaler will allow you unfortunately not to go beyond the resolution of your screen. More concretely, if you work for a laptop with a 15-inch screen, you can not adjust the size of the home screen to make him believe that your screen is bigger. The opposite, however, work perfectly and you can significantly increase the size of your tiles if you wish.

What is the advantage of larger tiles? For Geeks, true, there are none. However, for beginners or even for those who suffer from visual problems, it can be very interesting. Tiles larger , the tiles are indeed more legible . Well, then there's always the option to go poking around the registry system to correct the situation, but everyone is not necessarily comfortable with this stuff and it is precisely for this reason that developers have created nice Metro Scaler.

Once the application is downloaded, you will need to start with ... the launch. The big advantage of Metro Scaler is that the tool is available in a portable version and it is not necessary to install it to enjoy. Better for our friends technicians. Caution, however, because if you SmartScreen enabled, then Windows 8 will refuse to run the program and you will need to click on the link "more information" alert message to override this limitation unpleasant.

After giving the authorization goes to the utility, it will display a window showing schematically the home screen, a window that includes a slider that you can simply drag left or right to change the size of your tiles. Then, well it is enough to click on the button that goes and restart the machine so that the new scale is introduced. At any time, you can of course go back to running the tool again and click the button to reload the default settings.

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