Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Cydia tweaks for the best iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has become very easy thanks to the incredible work of evad3rs but installing Cydia is ultimately only the first step in a long and wonderful adventure. For indeed, after unlocking your BlackBerry, you will still get your hands on the tweaks that will change you life. A long quest, of course, and this article is just for those who do not know where to start. Yes, because what you will discover a little further down in the article is a list of my favorite tweaks .

But above all, it should be noted that this list is not intended to be exhaustive. And it is quite logical since I obviously did not test all the tools that can be found on Cydia. So, if you know of any tweaks super helpful and does not appear in this list, it is important not hesitate to share with us through comments.

Prepare the ground by adding the proper sources

What you need to know about Cydia is that it presents itself as an open platform . Each developer has the possibility to create his own deposition and to benefit the community. The trick, of course, is that these deposits are not directly added to the platform designed by Saurik and it is up to the user to do with small mimine.

So naturally, for a beginner or someone who learns slowly to jailbreak, this may seem complicated, but just know that I wrote a full article on the issue, with a small selection of useful sources which you will enjoy hundreds of additional tweaks. If you want more information, the better it is click here . Note that all the following tools can be found on these deposits.

How to install a tweak from Cydia

However, before proceeding, we will also take the time to explain how to install a tweak from Cydia. The procedure is quite easy, but it is perfectly possible that you feel a little lost if you had never had the opportunity to jailbreak your device.

So we will assume that you want to install the tweak "XXX". Obviously nothing to do with the eponymous film:
  • Open Cydia.
  • Expect that the latter gently to update.
  • Tap the "Search" button.
  • Type in the search field at the top.
  • Enter "XXX" with the keyboard.
  • Tap the "Search" button on the virtual keyboard.
  • Tap the name of the tweak you want.
  • Tap the "Install" button in the top right.
  • Tap the "Confirm" button at the top right.
  • Wait a moment.
  • It's done.
Once the tweak installed, it will reside either directly on the home screen of your device - like any application on the AppStore recovered - or it will find its place in the settings.  actually all depends on the such tools mentioned. It is sometimes found funny things on certain deposits, eh ...

The list of tweaks that go

Phew, that's the end of the preliminaries. Now that everything is clear in your mind, in any case it is hoped, we will be able to pass to the chase and focus on those famous tweaks that allow you to take full advantage of your iDevice. Awesome! The best is to come also because some of these tools have been presented in other articles, you may find a small link that will allow you to learn a little more about them. Which will also very much in my bounce rate.

For interface

We'll start with the tweaks that affect the iOS interface , and tweaks that will allow you to change the face of your device and then show off to your friends, your colleagues, your family or even strangers as you go sometimes when you take public transportation.
  • Auxo - $ 1.99: If there is nothing revolutionary, Auxo should still appeal to some of you because it allows you to integrate your applications thumbnails multitasking, all for a much more visual result that which is offered natively by iOS.
  • Barrel - $ 2.99: A tool pretty nice since it will give you the ability to customize the transition effects when changing iOS home screen.
  • X Dashboard - $ 1.99:  If you are a fan of widgets, then this tool is for you because you will integrate the home screen of your iDevice the same kind of widgets as those on found on Android.  
  • Forecast - $ 0.99: A nice tweak that will change the lock screen of your iDevice adding the weather or the base clock comes with iOS
  • FakeOperator - Free: This is undoubtedly one of the most used tweaks in the world as it will allow you to customize the name of your operator and thus impress all your friends. Or not, actually.
  • Unfold - Free:  The release system iOS has not changed much in recent years, smart kids had the idea to develop their own system, a system that is simply to replicate the home screen on itself. However incompatibility with the iPad.  
  • Winterboard - Free: If you are looking for something to easily customize your iDevice, then this tweak is for you. The guy will actually allow you to install themes on your terminal history make it unique in its kind.
For operation

A nice interface, it is but an interface practical and smart is better. And again, it is possible to find on Cydia deposits a ton of really interesting tools and more should save you a lot of time every day.
  • BadgeClear - Free:   If you are allergic to notifications pellets found on the icons of iOS applications, then this tool is for you. Simply remove the notifications actually an application from the center to the integrated platform automatically transfer the badge icon.  
  • CyDelete - Free: This is the first tweak to install, since it will allow you to delete Cydia Applications downloaded in the same way as you recover from the AppStore.
  • iFile - $ 4: A must for the scene "jailbreak" that will offer you the opportunity to tweak happily in all the files on your device. A book connoisseurs, of course ...
  • Infiniboard - $ 0.99:  Another handy tool because it allows you to create as many home screens as you want. Very convenient for those who consume a lot, really, applications.
  • Infinidock - $ 1.99:  Exactly the same principle, but this time the dock. With this tool, you'll be able to cram as many applications as you want in it.
  • InfiniFolders - $ 1.99: Again, this is a tweak particularly useful since it will allow you to store as many applications as you want for your records. 
  • IntelliScreenX - $ 9.99: A real killer that costs a little expensive, it is true, but that will make you proud of services allowing you to integrate the center of the platform notifications cool widgets.
  • MusicCenter - Free:  A tool very well thought out and should delight all those who swear by the center of notifications since iOS will let you take control of your iTunes through this one.  
  • Overboard - $ 1.99: If you have trouble finding your way around the different home screens on your device, then this tweak is for you because it will allow you to view them as a mosaic to easier to navigate.
  • Quasar - $ 9.99:  Another tool that is multitasking. Only available for iPad, and it will allow you to view each application in a window flying. With it, you can use your touch pad like a real computer and work well on multiple applications at the same time.  
  • SBSettings - Free: If there is a tweak to download now, this is it and this is normal since it will give you the opportunity to cram all the shortcuts of your choice in the center of notifications platform, shortcuts that can point to some terminal settings. In the center of notifications, or else ...
  • Switchy - Free: Multitasking integrated into iOS could have been better thought out, it is a fact. And if you can not satisfy you, then this tweak should interest you as it will allow you to change a lot of things. Icons for running applications will appear as two lines and you can even access the settings of your device "slidant" completely to the left. 
For keyboard

It is rather well thought out, the iOS virtual keyboard does not shine by its originality and necessarily if you let your hunger, then you will probably be very pleased to learn that there are lots of tweaks to modify its operation.
  • Octopus Keyboard - $ 4.99: Probably one of the best tweaks and the like because since it will allow you to find the functionality of the keyboard of BlackBerry 10 on your iDevice. 
  • DismissMyKeyboard - Free: A tweak very useful since it will allow you to hide your keyboard in a single step (scanning right from the space key) .
  • SwipeSelection - Free: Unavoidable, this tool will add some "gestures" on your keyboard to facilitate the selection of words, phrases, letters. To move the cursor, you'll have to keep your finger pressed against the screen and then move to the right or to the left. Same to easily select the text, except that this time you will press your finger on the "shift" key. 
For Siri

When bitten apple was unveiled Siri, a lot of people were excited about finally being able to converse with their smartphone. Since then, the wizard does not necessarily changed much but there are just a few tools on Cydia that will allow you to make him take advantage of new features.
  • Hands Free Control - Free: A must that will allow you to initiate a discussion with Siri without the need to press the "home" of your terminal. 
  • Permanent Assistant - Free: Another handy tool. Once installed, you will need to press each button once Siri to give a new direction. 
And now, this list is nearing completion. With that, normally, you should have plenty to do. Finally, note that the interest of the jailbreak is that new tweaks are constantly out on the market. Do not hesitate to spend time on other Cydia to keep you abreast of the latest in date. Alternatively, you can also rummage here if you feel like it.

Okay and uninstall a tweak?

We obviously could not finish without mentioning this little tutorial method to uninstall a tweak. because good test full of tools is great, but this is not a reason not to do a little cleaning from time to time. Yet precisely know the procedure to turn them absolutely nothing complicated. In fact, simply follow these steps:
  • Open Cydia.
  • Tap on "Manage".
  • Tap the "Packages".
  • Scroll down to tweak you want to delete.
  • Tap it.
  • Tap the "Edit" button in the top right.
  • Tap the "Delete" button at the bottom.
  • Press the "Confirm" button at the top right.
  • Wait.
  • Tap on "Restart SpringBoard" if necessary.
  • And voila!
Note finally that you can also use this method to reinstall a tweak is very useful in case of crash.

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