Google Now: Android widgets soon

Google Now has been one of the big announcements from Google I / O last year and attending received a rather warm from the Android community. Quite logical given the features it offers. But in fact, we know that Big G ​​will not stop there and that the company is working hard on his assistant to make it more relevant and complete. But in fact, if one believes Android Central is a widget that could soon make its entry on its mobile platform, a widget that you can even discover a little picture in the article below ...

But before going further, it should be noted that this widget does not fall from the sky. In fact, Android Central has not had to go far to get their hands on it since the site editors were content to browse ... Google's documentation . This is obviously on the latter they have retrieved information on this widget and capture that accompanies this article. Since then, of course, Google has corrected this and any reference to it has been removed from this famous documentation.

Interesting, no? Certainly, all the more that this widget is very interesting. As you can see, if the course plays the card of minimalism - it's still the Google and do not forget - it integrates all de same number of elements. And what we know, the widget Google Now should really take all cards open in the tool by the user. If you have never used the tool, it may be recalled that the latter is in the form of a wizard that refers to mobinaute custom maps based on their research and based on several criteria. Sometimes it is the weather, other times it is the traffic from the road that leads to the workplace, these cards are of different types and you can get the list on the official website devoted to the tool.

These cards would be left thus directly integrated widget, allowing the user to more easily monitor their condition. It would therefore not need to open the tool again - or through its terminal multitasking - to get the day's weather or the birthdays of friends. No, all he would have to do is take a glance on this widget.

So of course, for the moment, we do not know any more and it is not so when it will be possible to enjoy this famous widget. With a little luck, Google will soon deploy an update to its tool through the Play Store, otherwise it will probably take the Google I / O 2013 June to enjoy.

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