Megabox: things become clearer

Only Mega service on track, Kim Dotcom resumes teaser for his next project: Megabox. Halfway between a site streaming music (Spotify, Deezer, Google Play ...) and a site participatory financing (MyMajorCompany) Megabox is expected according to rumors this summer. The next service Kim Dotcom allow artists to self-produce and reach 90% of the revenues generated by the listening and downloading their songs. For the user, the service is free and the revenue generated would be by advertising. System enabled through its advertising house Megaclick. If the formula works, the artists could then move from record labels.

Who says upcoming launch said necessarily teasing, especially Kim Dotcom. It has posted on Twitter a screenshot of the service. The latter tells us that it would be possible to store their music in the cloud and unlimitedly listen on any device (computer, smartphone , tablet ...). Not surprisingly, social networks seem to be also at the heart of Megabox. The "secret element" in the middle of capture should not remain secret for long when you know the character talkative man.

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