PlayStation 4: connected to our phones and our tablets?

As its main rival, the PlayStation 4 is already shown repeatedly in recent weeks and we think know everything about it. Technical specifications, price or release date yet, just to mention it. Sony would have kept a few tricks up his game console and the new firm could and some surprises. Surprises that would affect mainly its functionality and more specifically its connectivity with our handheld devices, so with our smartphones and our touchpads ...

For some time, the key word Sony is ... connectivity . The firm is actually present in several sectors - mobile, TV, music - and it wants to build on its different facets to build a complete ecosystem and in which every product, every service, could communicate with its neighbors.

In this context, there is no doubt that the PlayStation 4 will play a central role in the new strategy of the firm. More than a console, it should naturally emerge as the junction point of the entire ecosystem Sony, a junction which eventually impose as the cornerstone of family entertainment. A console, media center, all together in a single case and can, in addition, to communicate with our mobile terminals.

How? The question is there, but Sony probably opt for a new application that will allow us to quietly take control console from our or our smartphone touch pad. An application may also make its debut on the PS Vita and propose a lot of features. Why? whole question is, of course, and we do not know much at the moment. As for me, I think we will probably get the universal remote - as proposed by the Xperia tablets - but hopefully Sony goes a little further than that.

And what would be really great, finally, is that the manufacturer allows us to use our smartphones, our shelves, our PS Vita GamePad as the Wii U.

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