Galaxy Note 2: A mobile without S Pen affordable for Europe?

The Galaxy Note 2 was a real success. However, the screen could be seen as quite imposing a disadvantage. 5 million models were sold in two months, it has become the flagship product (with S3) of the brand Samsung.

The Galaxy Note 2 has attracted consumers. Samsung reportedly plans according Sammobile offer for Europe a new version of Smartphone. The characteristics are different, which would allow the Korean to offer a lower rate. The goal is to win all portfolios. The Galaxy Note 2 is halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. The consumer can play both ways and get two devices in one. The manufacturer wants to keep this functionality, but make the product more affordable, it would be forced to change several characteristics depending on the site. The price would be decreased with the disappearance of the super AMOLED screen. For cons, the size should not be changed, so consumers can still use the 5.5 inches.

Galaxy Note 2 a low cost?

The new Galaxy Note 2 also work on Android, but Samsung would make it less powerful. For now, the information regarding this release are pretty slim, but data transmitted by the site is quite surprising. Samsung to reduce costs to a minimum, have the intention to remove the S Pen. This pen also nice enough to Galaxy Note 2 stand out from the competition because it can perform different actions. The whole thus provides an additional attraction. Some consumers are directed to this reference, as the S Pen transforms the phone into an effective tool in particular taking note. Samsung has not yet commented on the rumors, but the manufacturer could distribute its flagship large scale.

Korean have the opportunity to attract customers who can not afford a Galaxy Note 2 because of the price. Reducing costs, it would propose low cost version. The site also indicates that this concept is only available for Europe. It will have to wait for more data for this model. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is working on the Galaxy S4, which would have a monitor flexible and unbreakable.

GTA 5: After the game, Grand Theft Auto is invited to the cinema

GTA 5 will soon be available in the game since the release is scheduled for spring 2013. Now, the franchise also calls the film world since short film was proposed.

GTA 5 gave some ideas Gevorg Karensky. This is a filmmaker, he decided a few weeks ago to post on its YouTube channel a video that quickly buzz. His short film GTA, Grand Theft Auto Rise has been viewed over 9 million times and the counter should continue to climb in the coming weeks. The concept is widely acclaimed by fans of the franchise. It is possible to follow a character who in this version is a real actor. Niko Bellic should be in the game try to carry out the mission assigned to it. The user is transported in this short film and the first images are striking, we feel lead character. The elements of the game are also present especially with the map on the left.

Faithful to the game concept

Displacement of Niko Bellic in this version of GTA 5 is faithful to the concept that you can find on consoles. For several minutes, the film world takes orders with a shot that comes off the video game. The program is loaded with a chase and action scenes. The elements that make the success of this franchise are brought together in this proposed video by filmmaker Gevorg Karensky . In the end, the game takes orders and the result is really interesting. Different episodes of franchises can be adapted to film, the latest Assassin's Creed will have the opportunity to be screened in cinemas soon.

This short GTA can open doors to a feature film. The concept is still a little more complex. Indeed it is difficult to adapt assignments or sketches while remaining faithful to the video game world. In all cases, it is possible we may be the opportunity to have a GTA film. For now, we must settle for this short film called Grand Theft Auto Rise.

Galaxy S4: Delivery in April 2013 with a flexible screen and unbreakable?

The S4 Galaxy Samsung finds herself in a wave of several rumors. This is Reuters that relays different information. The new phone the Korean could happen as early as April with an unbreakable screen.

Samsung met with some success with the Galaxy S3, but Korean is working on a new folder named Project J. Analysts say an output from the month of April 2013, but the manufacturer intends to stand out from the competition. Today, the field of telephony is important and new handsets are constantly emerging. To remain competitive and attract the interest of consumers, companies must demonstrate innovations. The S4 Galaxy should have a 5-inch screen with a camera of 13 megapixels. According to Reuters, the new model would also suggest a density of 441 ppi, the performance is better than the S3 (306 ppi) and iPhone 5 (326 ppi). The manufacturer would also accelerate the output of S4 according to one analyst, Nicolas Gaudois. The predecessor was founded in May Samsung did not wish to comment on these reports.

Screen unbreakable?

Galaxy S4 could also put forward a new screen, it would be unbreakable. The future of smartphones should be very interesting, because the products may be flexible and unbreakable. A new generation of mobile could therefore be created with the S4 or S5 according to Reuters. Samsung would have the opportunity to prove that he is able to innovate because the manufacturer has a bad reputation. With numerous lawsuits with Apple, it is considered a follower and a copier. By introducing a flexible and unbreakable screen, Samsung could thus highlight its ability to innovate.

In all cases, the Galaxy S3 remains the leader in the market. Since its release in May, Samsung has referenced several million copies sold. This Smartphone therefore retains the top spot and stands up to Apple's iPhone 5. Galaxy S4 should invest in this market in April 2013 with a new interesting feature, the screen flexible and unbreakable.

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