Modern UI Firefox is available on Windows 8!

Some of you probably waited impatiently and it's finally here! Mozilla actually deployed overnight new version "nighty build" of good old Firefox version finally brings a novelty: the integration of it to the home screen of Windows 8, in the form of a beautiful tile ! Yes, just like Internet Explorer! Great, is not it? Yes, but be careful because to take advantage of this improvement, it will still tweak a minimum and we will just explain a little more how to implement low declination Modern UI Firefox ... And do not worry anyway because it is not necessarily very complicated.

In fact, to do so, it suffices to set Firefox as your default browser. It's stupid, but he was thinking. If you do not, then the browser will return tile systematically to its desktop version and thus to the traditional desktop in Windows 8. Not glop, of course, and it is precisely for this reason that we have up our sleeves and put some hands dirty.

To make Firefox your default browser, simply follow these steps:
  • Start Firefox.
  • Click on the menu "Nightly" and then "Options."
  • Then click the menu "Advanced" and then "General".
  • Select "Nightly Make the default browser."
  • A new window opens.
  • Select "Nightly" in the list and click the button that goes.
  • It is finished!
From there, when you start Firefox from the home screen, and therefore from its tile is Modern UI version that opens. A version therefore very refined and is particularly suited for touch screens. The thing a little silly, however, is that this version of Firefox is available for Windows 8 and it is therefore impossible to enjoy on Windows RT and, by extension, the RT area.

Samsung Galaxy S4: same design as the S3 and no S-Pen stylus?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected, of course, but the outcome is the same-to-close enough since the latter should be submitted by the manufacturer in the month of March for an actual release in April. In the meantime, we obviously entitled to our share of rumors and this is the daily DDaily who has just put a coin into the machine. According to the latter, the Galaxy S4 benefit to pretty much, the same design as its predecessor and it would eventually not come with S-Pen stylus found on the side of the range rating. Damage but do not worry because it still play the card of "Floating Touch" and it is not bad.

We start with the design. For a few weeks, he was actually question the S4 Galaxy features new lines and that these same postage famous particularly unsightly physical buttons to stake everything on tactile controls. Finally, according to sources daily, Samsung would not be satisfied with this choice and the firm would have decided to step back and take the same "form factor" that the Galaxy S3. If this is indeed the case, then the Galaxy S4 should not be very different from its predecessor.

If you follow carefully all that whispers about the next flagship of the fleet Samsung, then you've probably seen passing a rumor indicating that it could be delivered with S-Pen stylus and back and some of Note the range of features. Again, if one believes DDaily, it would eventually be the case. Damage, of course, but it would even matter-of-technology "Floating Touch", and that would interact with the terminal without having to put your fingers on it.

To end this overview of the information gathered by the team DDaily, we can add that it has validated all the dates that have been circulating for some time on the canvas and the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be well presented next month and then sold in the month of April. Also note that according to the latest rumors that are going well, it should include a Full HD screen of 4.99 inches , octo-core processor Exynos 5 and 2 GB of RAM. There is also talk that it is accompanied by a Smart Watch - sold separately - to allow the mobile user to take control of their device without removing it from his pocket.

As always with such rumors, it will certainly not obviously remain very careful.

Samsung + Apple = 52% of worldwide smartphone sales

The market for mobile telephony is particularly crowded with four major platforms, dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of smartphones. All in a few years ago. However, in this sector, all firms are not necessarily on the same footing, and a study by Gartner has revealed that Apple and Samsung alone would total more than 50% of worldwide smartphone sales. An impressive figure, especially when you consider that it would be a little more than one and a half billion mobile have been sold in 2012.

In total, he would have sold 1.75 billion mobile phones in 2012. In the lot, we obviously for all tastes and all that all these terminals do not necessarily officiate on the high end, but it is still a very impressive figure. Better in the last quarter of last year, a period particularly conducive to the sale, it would be 207.7 million units have been sold, or 38.3% more than the year before in the same period.

As mentioned a little earlier, Apple and Samsung would total in the last quarter of 2012, over 52% of worldwide smartphone sales, against 46.4% in the quarter before. Surprising? Not really, it should be recalled that it is actually September 12 that the bitten apple has unveiled the iPhone 5. Samsung has also not been left since the South Korean manufacturer has released a month later, the Galaxy Note 2 he had presented at the IFA in Berlin.

It should also be noted, that is Samsung occupy the top spot according to the study by Gartner. It would be also the same for Android that is clear winner with 69.7% market share in the fourth quarter of 2012 against 51.3% the year before in the same period. iOS, meanwhile, would happen at the second place with a tiny 20.9% . Over the months and years, it would seem that the green robot takes more top. In the end, we say that the bitten apple might actually be interested in jointly launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 ...

As always when it comes to education, it should nevertheless be very cautious and therefore do not take these figures at face value. It may also be noted that the tables created by Gartner show different results, which is pretty amazing. Unless of course I am not yet awake ... And that is completely possible.

Microsoft tablets soon: 5 or 7 inch Windows 8

Microsoft is now present in most sectors, and its products can be found on our computers, our tablets and our smartphones. In recent years, the company has thus managed to build an ecosystem -based tiles and touch. Inevitably, it will not stop there and we just learn it and seriously considering to expand even further its offering by launching soon slates of very different sizes and thus to almost everyone. And it must be confessed, a 7-inch tablet with Windows 8, it could be very nice.

10-inch tablets are great at home, it is a fact. However, when you are prompted to move, it is not the same thing. Here, the best thing is to go on a more compact and thus turning around 7 inches. But now, the problem is that Microsoft is not yet present in this segment. So far, the company merely to produce - or produce - terminals going beyond ten inches and it also means that this is a market that escapes him.

This can not continue and that is essentially what Peter Klein - CFO of Microsoft - said during the conference Goldman Sachs. According to him, the time has come to meet the demand and variety. Yes, and that all his statements have left hovering doubt: I think we are ready to offer the widest versatile in terms of form factor, both with 4 inch, 5 inch, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 13 inches. And we'll just work on the issue with our partners. In other words, and to put it simply, Microsoft and its partners could soon launch new slate more compact and therefore would go from 4 inches to 13 inches.

Soon Microsoft Surface 4 to 13 inches?

In all likelihood, Microsoft could also decided to add to its portfolio of new home terminals. For the moment, its surface is available in two models - the RT Surface and Surface Pro - but they both offer the same format. If the company decides to expand its offering, then it could well do with new slate house and thus it is quite possible that one day we see the arrival of a surface 7 inches or even 4 inches.

Yes, but in this case, then there will probably be more of a... Surface Phone. Same area Phone we hear about for a while already but has not yet been realized by the firm. And yet, a smartphone shipping Windows 8 and can be transformed within seconds into a mini netbook, it would be rather nice, especially by connecting to an external monitor, especially by connecting a keyboard and a mouse.

DashClock a nice widget for the lock screen of your Android device

One of the innovations introduced by Jelly Bean 4.2 is the ability for users to integrate widgets on the lock screen of the terminal. Very handy when you wish to quickly access certain information. However, it seems that they do not go far enough and that is precisely what drove Roman Nurik to develop its own tool. A tool called DashClock and that will allow you to turn the lock screen of your mobile in a real small town of notifications very visual and very pretty to look at.

For a few words, DashClock is a widget that will be positioned on the lock screen of your magnificent smartphone, instead of widget used for display time. The great advantage of this tool is that it does not just give you time because you will add some notifications particularly useful.

Why? Well there will be notification to display local weather , which will take care of you return the number of calls and messages or even your next appointment . Note that some of these reports will be customizable. This will particularly be the case that linked to your Gmail account since you can choose to either display the unread messages in the inbox, either directly important messages.

Not bad, for sure, but the best is yet to come because Roman has opted for opening the most complete, which means that developers around the world can get their hands on the source code of the tool to add plugins or even develop new features. It suffices to go for a ride on the Play Store to see that there are already plugins designed and developed to work with DashClock.

And it is still very nice. Be careful though because it is necessary to have Jelly Bean 4.2 to enjoy

Google Now: The widget has officially arrived!

Just leaked already happened. Yesterday, particularly smart little nosy are actually able to get your hands on a strange reference in the documentation of Google, making a reference to the existence of a dedicated widget intelligent assistant to the firm and thus ... Google Now. Interesting, of course, and there are even better since Big G ​​has deployed overnight an update to Google Search on Android update brings great new ...

Which one? Come on, you've already guessed and it is normal because just take a look at the title of my article to find out. The big news is obviously the integration of this famous widget that we mentioned a little earlier, a widget that will allow you to keep an eye on Google Now without having to launch the application.

The whole point of this widget is that it is possible to fit either one of the home screens of our terminal, either directly on the lock screen. So no matter what your phone is unlocked or not since you'll always have a look at the cards you're using. That is obviously very convenient and it is typically the kind of thing we'd like to see one day landing on iOS for Siri.

Oh and if it appears that this update also brings some new features on Google Maps Now, it is not said that the European version of the tool to enjoy. And since I do not have mobile apps on hand at the moment, unfortunately I can not tell you more then please do not hesitate to share your feedback.

Note: This update is being deployed, it is possible that you can not enjoy all the time you read these lines. That said, if I believe Yohann, then it seems that it is still on track.

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