Google Now: The widget has officially arrived!

Just leaked already happened. Yesterday, particularly smart little nosy are actually able to get your hands on a strange reference in the documentation of Google, making a reference to the existence of a dedicated widget intelligent assistant to the firm and thus ... Google Now. Interesting, of course, and there are even better since Big G ​​has deployed overnight an update to Google Search on Android update brings great new ...

Which one? Come on, you've already guessed and it is normal because just take a look at the title of my article to find out. The big news is obviously the integration of this famous widget that we mentioned a little earlier, a widget that will allow you to keep an eye on Google Now without having to launch the application.

The whole point of this widget is that it is possible to fit either one of the home screens of our terminal, either directly on the lock screen. So no matter what your phone is unlocked or not since you'll always have a look at the cards you're using. That is obviously very convenient and it is typically the kind of thing we'd like to see one day landing on iOS for Siri.

Oh and if it appears that this update also brings some new features on Google Maps Now, it is not said that the European version of the tool to enjoy. And since I do not have mobile apps on hand at the moment, unfortunately I can not tell you more then please do not hesitate to share your feedback.

Note: This update is being deployed, it is possible that you can not enjoy all the time you read these lines. That said, if I believe Yohann, then it seems that it is still on track.

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