Samsung Galaxy S4: same design as the S3 and no S-Pen stylus?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected, of course, but the outcome is the same-to-close enough since the latter should be submitted by the manufacturer in the month of March for an actual release in April. In the meantime, we obviously entitled to our share of rumors and this is the daily DDaily who has just put a coin into the machine. According to the latter, the Galaxy S4 benefit to pretty much, the same design as its predecessor and it would eventually not come with S-Pen stylus found on the side of the range rating. Damage but do not worry because it still play the card of "Floating Touch" and it is not bad.

We start with the design. For a few weeks, he was actually question the S4 Galaxy features new lines and that these same postage famous particularly unsightly physical buttons to stake everything on tactile controls. Finally, according to sources daily, Samsung would not be satisfied with this choice and the firm would have decided to step back and take the same "form factor" that the Galaxy S3. If this is indeed the case, then the Galaxy S4 should not be very different from its predecessor.

If you follow carefully all that whispers about the next flagship of the fleet Samsung, then you've probably seen passing a rumor indicating that it could be delivered with S-Pen stylus and back and some of Note the range of features. Again, if one believes DDaily, it would eventually be the case. Damage, of course, but it would even matter-of-technology "Floating Touch", and that would interact with the terminal without having to put your fingers on it.

To end this overview of the information gathered by the team DDaily, we can add that it has validated all the dates that have been circulating for some time on the canvas and the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be well presented next month and then sold in the month of April. Also note that according to the latest rumors that are going well, it should include a Full HD screen of 4.99 inches , octo-core processor Exynos 5 and 2 GB of RAM. There is also talk that it is accompanied by a Smart Watch - sold separately - to allow the mobile user to take control of their device without removing it from his pocket.

As always with such rumors, it will certainly not obviously remain very careful.

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