Twitter: soon a two-factor authentication for greater security?

I do not speak due to time constraints but Twitter has recently been the victim of a particularly vicious attack which has compromised no less than 250,000 accounts. The Californian firm has obviously not quick to react by contacting the holders of these accounts, but it seems does not want to stop there. Twitter could soon deploy an update to implement a double authentication. Exactly like what Google offers for some time now. And when you see the number of attacks suffered by the service, we say that it would not necessarily luxury.

From what we know, this latest attack would have compromised more than 250,000 accounts. Accounts belonging to anonymous, of course, like you and me, but also a few celebrities. Incredible, is not it? Of course, although we do not know exactly what data have been collected by our nasty pirates, it seems that the usernames, email addresses and passwords are concerned.

To prevent this from happening, Twitter would therefore put in place a new system based on two-factor authentication. The procedure is fully automated and this new system is put in place so that when the user logs in from a terminal that is not recognized by the service. As the office computer, the touch pad or the neighbor. There obviously still require Twitter password of the user, but it could send more SMS with a unique identification code and generated randomly.

As mentioned a little earlier, Twitter is not the first to implement a system such as Google already proposed in recent years. However, if you are worried about the security of your account, you would perhaps go look towards all the permissions given to software and third party services. Because casually, cleaning from time to time, it does not hurt anyone.

YouTube: a new interface for channels under test

All services published by Google, and there are a whole lot, YouTube  is undoubtedly among those who see the most change their interface. In recent years, the search giant has deployed  a number of updates, not hesitating to break the habits of millions of users attending the platform. And indeed, if the subject interests you, then you will probably be pleased to learn that YouTube is currently testing a new interface for channels. For now, few people can benefit, of course, but you'll still be able to find a nice catch in the rest of the article.

Must admit, next to the home page and pages of videos, YouTube channels are more gray mine. They are not ugly to look at, it is true, but they have  absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the service  and understand why Google decided to make them enjoy a whole new interface.

As you can see on the capture that accompanies this article, the new version of YouTube channels will be much clearer and it is also reminiscent ... Google+. It must also be said that it marked  a real breakthrough in the history of the firm. Even though the latter had never really interested in the aspect of its various services, the launch of its social network has grown to realize that it was now impossible to ignore it. This was followed by several notable updates that have given life to a true identity. Identity found in the new version of YouTube, of course, and also  on the new strings, of course.

It is interesting to note also is that these arise as ultimately more pages, or as  mini-sites. We find a broad and customizable header, highlighting social networks of users and a menu that will allow us to switch between videos, discussions, research, and the rest. Well, obviously, we see much more on this capture, but I must admit that it looks very interesting.

And to my knowledge, there is currently no trick to activate the new interface. So, we'll have to be patient. And here is a preview and you can get a clearer idea of ​​these new channels.

Jailbreak iOS 6: Download last version of untethered Evad3rs

The jailbreak iOS 6 is finally available. This sentence took several months to be offered, because hackers have encountered real difficulties. Originally scheduled this Sunday, the tool evasion made ​​a guest appearance on the Web at the end of the day.

The jailbreak of iOS 6 is available and this news has created a real enthusiasm from users who stormed the platform of the team Evad3rs. Hackers offer their tool a week after the broadcast by Apple to update the operating system. It is necessary to measure the importance of this news, because hackers have done work for several months frenzied offer free jailbreak is compatible with all devices running Apple stamped with iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.1. The software is distributed based on faults that had not been exploited. It is therefore presented as a very effective tool and very simple. Those wishing to obtain the jailbreak simply must download the tool by visiting the website of the team.

Quick and easy

After connecting the device running iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 or 6.1, simply launch the application. The software then takes care of the rest, which offers simplicity formidable. You will simply manipulating one to a few minutes after the beginning of the installation, you must press an icon jailbreak. The operation will continue and should last 4 minutes. The tool proposed by Evad3rs is simple and fast. This version is untethered, you do not need to connect your device at startup.

Many guides

The team is also available to many guides. They allow you to install the jailbreak effectively without any problem. The tutorials are very well built and especially with images, a concept that should help novices in this installation is very simple. The jailbreak of iOS 6 is available for iPhone 3GS , 4, 4S, 5, iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3, 4, iPod Touch 4G, 5G and Apple TV 2G.

Mega Manager: an Android application to manage its Mega

Mega is available since a few weeks now and it's quickly managed to attract millions of users around the world. You may be one of these and it is even possible that you have completely turned their backs on your old storage solution in the "cloud" in favor of the new service for Kim Dot com. If this is the case, then Mega Manager should hold your interest since this application for Android will allow you to manage your account and files directly from your mobile device. Typically the kind of solution may be of interest to many.

Before going further, it should be noted that Mega Manager is nothing more than an alpha version. Very concretely, it is not a version called "production" and it also means that this tool will probably have to evolve over its next few weeks, or even months ahead. It is also possible that strange bugs occur from time to time and you should therefore not be surprised if this happens to you.

Now that the warning is made, we will be able to bounce on the functionality offered by Mega Manager. There is not very complicated since they are still very limited. In reality, for the moment, whatever the application will allow you to do is to log in to your account and explore the contents of your Mega. To explore, but also to download directly to your mobile if you wish.

However, the development of Mega Manager did not fail to communicate about the functions to come, and we learned that he had really go very far. His goal is actually to allow Mega Manager directly read files, allow you to manage your folders tree and a bunch of extra stuff like contact management, automatic sending of all images and videos captured with the device, the display of the history of transfers and more.

If you want to test the application, it is perfectly possible since it is available on the Play Store. But do not forget that this is not a final version.

Huawei Ascend P2 Mini, a mid-range alternative to Ascend P2

Overview end of January, it seems that Huawei is also preparing a smaller alternative to the Ascend P2, P2 Ascend the Mini. 

Unlike P2 that a technical advance with fairly upscale, this variation of P2 Mini seems, at first sight, more contact the smartphone market "mid-range" even if the rumor holds that most characteristics are identical to the Ascend P2.

According to our information, the Ascend P2 Mini include a 4-inch touch screen (0.7 inches less face P2) HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels), a processor manufacturer's home, 1 GB of RAM ( RAM), a device Photo 8 megapixel back and 4.1 in Android system version.

The presentation of this smartphone would be provided at the Mobile World Congress which will be held between 25 and 28 February 2013 in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy plancherait a new Camera

Our colleagues rather knowledgeable of SamMobile got their hands on files Bluetooth certification, proving that Samsung is working hard to market a second generation Galaxy Camera. This new model would be called EK-GC110.

At this stage we unfortunately have no details about the features of this Samsung Android APN second, but it is possible that the first official details, even the presentation of the new Galaxy Camera is made ​​at the next MWC 2013, which begins this year February 25.

Google Project Glass: audio osteophonique confirmed

Remember, this is the last month that we discovered a new patent filed by Google and featuring an integrated audio system osteophonique directly to a pair of glasses. At the time, many of us have to think that this device was the Glass Project of the firm and it finally seems that it is indeed the case. It is in any case what transpires in the documents filed by the company with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). And it is not the only thing that it has taught us ... Everything is clearly explained a little further down in the article.

But first, we will perhaps take the time to explain how the osteophonie. The concept is quite simple since it is just to ensure the propagation of sound from vibrations transmitted to the bones of the skull , the latter thus being used as a sounding board. Beautiful, obviously, but you can still report that this technology is not new, as many companies have already worked on it. I already mentioned in my other article, but this is particularly the case for Panasonic presented at the last CES headphones of this type.

To return to the Google Glass Project, this device should be directly integrated with branches glasses. Note however that it is still too early to know whether the final model will really benefit. Currently, this technology would be integrated on the development model and it is entirely possible that Google makes reverse if it considers that it is necessary.

Besides that, it can also indicate that the document filed with the FCC makes clear the fact that Google Project Glass incorporate both a WiFi chip 2.4 GHz 802.11 b / g / n and both Bluetooth 4.0 chip . This is not surprising, of course, but it should all de same allow developers to make pretty things in the future connecting these glasses to our brave smartphone that never leaves us.

Embed notifications for Gmail, Twitter or Facebook to Google Chrome

Notifications, that's life. Okay, this is not necessarily the best way to focus on a task, but we must admit that they are still very useful when you do not want to lose a crumb of what happens on our mailbox or our favorite social networks. But in fact, if you're a fan of anything, Chime may interest you greatly since this extension for Google Chrome allows you to integrate notifications for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and others. All with a few clicks and a lot of very nice features and that should make you proud services.

Implementation of Chime is quite simple. We start by making the extension page, click on the button that goes to install it on our browser and wait quietly open the configuration page of the tool, which will allow us page add to system notifications all services of our choice. Services such as Gmail , Reddit , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Quora , Github , Flickr , StackOverflow or Foursquare .

The trick pretty nice, is that the extension is automatically added to all notifications on services which we already identified. Home, for example, has enabled Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora without asking me anything. After, of course, all the user has made ​​to the ability to disable the services that interest them if desired.

And then, how it goes? In fact, everything is automated. When a new email or a new message fall into the system, you will see a small notification bubble in a corner of your screen. Chime actually relies on the integrated Chrome and there is thus no need to rack your brains as everything falls into place without any action on our part. However, to make things easier, the extension also adds a new icon in the tool bar of our browser icon on which we will have to click to see the latest show notifications. Yes, and if you want to display all, then simply click on the little button that goes.

Then of course, if you're running OS X, you probably know that it is already benefiting from a center of notifications and you may be wondering how this extension could be helpful. In fact, it is quite simple since on OS X, only Twitter and Facebook are supported while Chime, it supports a few more services.

HP formalizes its first Chromebook

Finally, the rumor was true and HP and was indeed a Chromebook below the elbow. And to celebrate its first foray into the wonderful world of computers running Chrome OS, the manufacturer rather hit hard as the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook, as its name suggests, features a 14-inch screen. It is therefore much closer ultrabook format and finally it is much more comfortable that way. Yes, and if you want to know more about the technical specifications of this bike, remember to talk about it right away and a little further down in the article.

Even though most of Chromebooks oscillate around 11 or 12 inches, HP has decided to go further by starting a format more imposing. Format that allowed him to cram a larger screen, of course, but not just because the manufacturer has also taken great care to the keyboard of the machine, and to make it as comfortable as possible.

A 14-inch screen, so that benefits a resolution of 1366 x 768. Besides that, there are also a Celeron processor clocked at 1.1 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, integrated graphics and 16 GB SSD storage format. It is not huge, of course, but you can count on the SD card reader to increase the storage capacity of the machine. Since is to discuss the connection of the beast, we can also add that it boasts three USB 2.0 ports, and it is almost everything.

The battery, in turn, should provide the machine autonomy located around 4 hours. Be careful of yourself, because it is an estimate made ​​directly by the manufacturer, it will have to wait for the first returns out to the bottom. Is obviously to raise the issue of the price and just need to know that this little machine will be offered to $ 329.99, and it should soon be available on the manufacturer's website elsewhere.

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