Google Project Glass: audio osteophonique confirmed

Remember, this is the last month that we discovered a new patent filed by Google and featuring an integrated audio system osteophonique directly to a pair of glasses. At the time, many of us have to think that this device was the Glass Project of the firm and it finally seems that it is indeed the case. It is in any case what transpires in the documents filed by the company with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). And it is not the only thing that it has taught us ... Everything is clearly explained a little further down in the article.

But first, we will perhaps take the time to explain how the osteophonie. The concept is quite simple since it is just to ensure the propagation of sound from vibrations transmitted to the bones of the skull , the latter thus being used as a sounding board. Beautiful, obviously, but you can still report that this technology is not new, as many companies have already worked on it. I already mentioned in my other article, but this is particularly the case for Panasonic presented at the last CES headphones of this type.

To return to the Google Glass Project, this device should be directly integrated with branches glasses. Note however that it is still too early to know whether the final model will really benefit. Currently, this technology would be integrated on the development model and it is entirely possible that Google makes reverse if it considers that it is necessary.

Besides that, it can also indicate that the document filed with the FCC makes clear the fact that Google Project Glass incorporate both a WiFi chip 2.4 GHz 802.11 b / g / n and both Bluetooth 4.0 chip . This is not surprising, of course, but it should all de same allow developers to make pretty things in the future connecting these glasses to our brave smartphone that never leaves us.

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