Embed notifications for Gmail, Twitter or Facebook to Google Chrome

Notifications, that's life. Okay, this is not necessarily the best way to focus on a task, but we must admit that they are still very useful when you do not want to lose a crumb of what happens on our mailbox or our favorite social networks. But in fact, if you're a fan of anything, Chime may interest you greatly since this extension for Google Chrome allows you to integrate notifications for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and others. All with a few clicks and a lot of very nice features and that should make you proud services.

Implementation of Chime is quite simple. We start by making the extension page, click on the button that goes to install it on our browser and wait quietly open the configuration page of the tool, which will allow us page add to system notifications all services of our choice. Services such as Gmail , Reddit , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Quora , Github , Flickr , StackOverflow or Foursquare .

The trick pretty nice, is that the extension is automatically added to all notifications on services which we already identified. Home, for example, has enabled Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora without asking me anything. After, of course, all the user has made ​​to the ability to disable the services that interest them if desired.

And then, how it goes? In fact, everything is automated. When a new email or a new message fall into the system, you will see a small notification bubble in a corner of your screen. Chime actually relies on the integrated Chrome and there is thus no need to rack your brains as everything falls into place without any action on our part. However, to make things easier, the extension also adds a new icon in the tool bar of our browser icon on which we will have to click to see the latest show notifications. Yes, and if you want to display all, then simply click on the little button that goes.

Then of course, if you're running OS X, you probably know that it is already benefiting from a center of notifications and you may be wondering how this extension could be helpful. In fact, it is quite simple since on OS X, only Twitter and Facebook are supported while Chime, it supports a few more services.

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