Deezer arrives on Xbox with Kinect support

Firefox is one of the key leaders in the field of streaming music. To always attract more users, the company launched from time to time with new features and some of these do not also lack of interest. Here, known as Deezer has just lifted the veil on a new fully for the Xbox 360 implementation, a rather pretty to look at application and that everyone will eventually benefit. Including those who do not have a premium account on the platform.

Yeah, well that's not entirely accurate since, they have to deal with some limitations. Which? Well they can only read the first thirty seconds of all the tracks present in the catalogue  It's a pity, but nothing is lost at all because they can always fall back on the thematic radios that they will be available without any limit whatsoever. So you can animate your evenings no problem with Firefox.

The interface of the application, in turn, is aligned with the Modern UI dear to Microsoft. We thus find a horizontal navigation that lets you juggle home, search, news, music, radio and everything else. Deezer has done a good job and enjoy a tool seems particularly desirable ergonomics and rather intuitive.

But the really interesting thing is the integration of voice commands and support for the Kinect. With it, users can fully control their Deezer's voice or by the sly devils in front of their television. Typically the kind of features that should not put a lot of atmosphere to the house late at night and after a few bottles emptied.

Finally, you can specify that if the Deezer application is available on the Xbox 360, it should also be on the next Xbox to be unveiled tonight by Microsoft.

Chrome: a launcher applications on OS X

Those who have already had the opportunity to lay hands on a machine running Chrome OS necessarily know that it incorporates an application launcher. By clicking on the appropriate icon, it is possible to display the list of all installed applications on the platform and I must admit that it is still very convenient to find all his favourite tools in one place. Yes, Google apparently wants to extend this functionality to other systems because + Fran├žois Beaufort has announced the arrival of the pitcher on the latest version of Chromium on OS X. So, if you have a Mac at home, then you will be able to enjoy this famous pitcher now.

But how did it work, the guy? In reality, it is very simple. Once activated, it will be enough to swing a little click on the icon of Chromium, the same that is in the dock, to bring up a window that corresponds in every respect to the integrated Chrome OS launcher.

In this window and we find the list of all applications installed on our browser, applications that appear on a very visual grid and focusing on icons. At the bottom of this window, we also find two horizontal bars that allow us to scroll through the pages of applications. Recent work on the same principle as the home screen of Android, and each page can contain no less than 16 different icons and the user will of course the possibility of order as it sees fit.

The only thing missing, ultimately, it is the search field. On Chrome OS, it is at the top of the window allows you to find easily the application of choice - and maybe more - by entering a few letters. It seems that Google’s have decided not to implement the OS X version of Chromium and it's still a shame.

It must also know is that this marker is not active by default. To benefit, you will have need to launch the application with the following option: show switch-app list. If you do not know how, it is not shameful and knows that all instructions are well located at this address. Oh and also consider installing at least one application, otherwise your launcher does not appear.

Deezer arrives on Xbox with Kinect technology

Deezer already had very good applications for iPhone , Android, Windows Phone, iPad , Mac, Windows 8 for connected TVs (Samsung, LG & Toshiba) but also radios Parrot.

We could think that the music streaming service had circled the field of possibilities. But no! Deezer announces its version for the Xbox 360 games (although we imagine it should also work on the new Xbox unveiled tonight).

In some ways, this application tunes resemblance to Windows 8 (which is not surprising since Microsoft seeks to bring a unit in its product range around the famous Metro interface - Windows 8).

Users do not have a premium account + will have access to thousands of radio stations as well as thematic discovery mode (which allows 30 seconds of listening on all tracks).

Premium users will, in turn, access the full service and find their playlists and albums in unlimited listening.

The Kinect technology for music

Deezer could have stopped there, but they decided to bring a little more. Indeed, if the navigation can be done with the controller, this video also features a voice control (with the possibility to state the name of a playlist, for example) or gestures through Kinect (where you can scroll and select a track by moving the hand).

Deezer has not forgotten a game console is often shared between different players, since it also allows the ability to easily switcher a Deezer account to another (up to 3 accounts simultaneously).

Wacom introduced photo cards, share class applications Bamboo Loop, is only a temporary version of iOS (Video)

Compared to other products and Wacom Bamboo product line has been creative and user-friendliness is far ahead, they further introduced a new photo card production, share class applications Bamboo Loop. The user can use this App to add photos into a variety of different elements, and made ​​into greeting cards to share with friends. Receipt of the card you can on top of it re-creation, but also after the completion of the mail back the sender, thus completing a loop (Loop). In addition, the user can also produce their own cards to share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, so that more friends to see your work at the same time. Bamboo Loop this App itself is free, but users can spend another U.S. $ 2 (approximately HK $ 16 / NT $ 60) to buy additional content packages. Temporary only supports iOS 5 and above (today in the iTunes shelves) as for the Android version, then they will very soon, and we met.

Google Checkout will be retired in November 20

Google in the electronic payments business obviously tilted to Google Wallet, so out of favor and Google Checkout functions almost a matter of course to be consigned to limbo friends. They just announced on the Google Commerce blog for network vendors and Checkout will be in six months after retirement on November 20 this year, the task will be referred Wallet to take care of in order to meet future consumers will on multiple screens: i-e shopping trends phones and mobile devices.

Google recommends traders are transferred to the Wallet, pointed out that the API easier to integrate, and the Instant Buy the function but also to consumers more easily payment. Same time, they will cooperate with the United States Braintree Payments, Shopify and Freshbooks to provide alternative Checkout service. On Google Play and the Chrome Web Store to sell software developers in the next few weeks will automatically be transferred to the Wallet Merchant Center.

Opera for Android leaves beta and is now available on Google Play

If you were moved at the beginning of last month saw the announcement of Opera for Android webkit, expects that this has only just begun. As you could imagine at the time, that ad was the starting gun for a final version, to delight of the users of the platform, has finally come to Google Play. Among the features of this browser, it includes the ability to change the position of the navigation bar, and the text fits the screen width when zooming out or all tabs active at the time. Otherwise , this is the same version we saw at the time, but now with the final mark of went? You have a link for download by clicking on Read. [Via Phone Arena]

Leap Motion controls OS Windows 7 and 8 gesture control

Actually wanted Leap Motion to launch his gesture controller already on 13 have completed this month, but now the date was on the 22th July moved. In the meantime maintains an interested audience for a new video demo, where it comes to the touchless control at the OS level - were far more specialized applications in focus. In the video after the break , however happy scrolling, clicking and zooming in Windows is to be admired. that should be possible in versions 7 and 8 of the OS then. [via theverge]

The desktop version Hangouts update Google Voice network call feature is temporarily closed, the official commitment soon will put back another

The usual friends call feature in Gmail using Google Voice, you should have found in recent Hangouts updated, the original can be used normally pay dialing function, even after the update is turned off and cannot be used. Now, the user but must again interface to switch back to previous versions of Google Talk, can be recovered could have broadcast the call feature of the phone number. At present it seems that this should be the updated conversion growing pains, Google Nikhyl Singhal further confirmed the news, which means that voice inside and outside the network broadcast playing will soon Hangouts. Unfortunately, here "soon" in the end how fast it is not an exact timetable.

Spotify: a widget to integrate the most popular songs on your site

Spotify works very well and the platform has over 24 million active users around the globe. It must also be said that the small Swedish never ceases to add features to its service, we recently had the evidence with the arrival of its web version or even that famous functionality to integrate a track n 'any website through a kind EMBED code. Sharing favorite songs with the entire community. And just imagine that Spotify has decided to put the cover with a new feature of the same type, a feature that will allow you simply to integrate the most popular songs from the catalog on your website or blog.

This is obviously not the revolution of the year, that's for sure, but this novelty should still appeal to all those who are present on the platform and who like to offer from time to time the music to their readers. And especially as developed by the small company widget is rather full.

As you can see by taking a peek at the end of this section, developed by Spotify widget does not lack of interest. Particularly complete, you will slowly animate your site, or some of your items, without taking your head. First observation, it actually incorporates two tabs, one for the Top 50 Spotify, another for the Top 50 Social. What is it? Easy to say that we find here all the most shared tracks by users. Very convenient to find the pieces that work best.

Spotify: stuffed widget functionality

In addition, on the right, one can also detect the presence of a very funny flag, a flag that will allow you to switch between different countries since all the information given by the widget are actually geotagged. Knowing the Top 50 of our Russian friends is not necessarily identical to the Top 50 in the UK or even France, it is obviously a very good thing.

Just below the tabs, we also find an option that will allow us to choose the period of interest. We can therefore easily see the top of the week, or that of the previous week, or even that of the week before.

It's not bad, of course, but is not perfect, however, and the biggest flaw of this widget is that it only supports unfortunately not playing songs. In other words, when you click on a track, the guy you refer to the web version of Spotify and you will therefore have to go through it to play the selected track.

If you want to include this widget on your site, remember that all the information to do so are here.

Today, at 19 clock: Live Blog of Microsoft's Xbox event

Tonight is Microsoft 's headquarters in Redmond in the new Xbox before. Which is the successor to the now already on the market since 2005 Xbox 360 and thus direct rival for the PS4, which is quite similar but technically they: Sony brings the console crown back or if it goes to Microsoft? You go from 19 clock here .

Facebook developers offers the native function 'Share' on iOS

Late last year we inform you that Facebook wanted to move the user experience in mobile web to the fullest, and one of the keys to achieve going to allow content sharing social network from their own smartphone. Well, now, this function is also available for developers to move it to mobile applications in the social network. The idea is that since these apps can share content, tag friends or indicate the location of each, and the best thing is that all this is possible with a single line of code. Besides this, the app in iOS version will be enhanced by actions of Open Graph . Have all the details in the links below.

The iPhone reduces its rate of satisfaction among users in the U.S

It is one of the strengths of Apple among its products: the index of user satisfaction keeps true to the apple products and purchase them repeat over and over again. Indeed, it has been one of the arguments put forward by analysts to predict that the iPhone will continue to grow in market share. However, this goose that lays the golden eggs of Cupertino could have begun to see its decline if we stick to the latest study conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. According to the report, Apple's smartphone would be reduced satisfaction index by 2% over the previous year in the same period.

The bad news does not arrive alone and Tim Cook, in addition to seeing their precious eroded ratio, has witnessed a dramatic growth of Samsung, which has catapulted its registration by 7% in a year. According to the ACSI report, “Samsung recorded the highest growth among manufacturers, "but it is noteworthy that Koreans are still below the mark that Apple records (76% for the former versus 81% for the Cupertino.) ACSI's report is based on a survey conducted in the U.S. from 70,000 users and includes more than 200 companies in different sectors. 

PlayStation 4: a reconstruction from teasing

Yesterday, Sony has posted a strange video, or rather a teasing, showing some of its next home console and therefore the PlayStation 4. A very rhythmic and that showcases the artistic blur video, all with a large number of sequences chaining at a breakneck pace. Taking his courage in both hands, a user of Reddit decided to get their hands dirty and reassemble all the sequences in order to proceed with the recovery console. The result is quite interesting and it finally gives us a good idea of what the PS4 could look like. The image is of course later in the article.

It must be admitted, the teaser released by Sony yesterday did not lack pace. Not really, in fact, and the video has aligned twenty sequences of very short duration, sequences focusing on some of the "pieces" of the console. I also made ​​some history you facilitate reading catches the past are available at this address, and it seems I'm not the only one who had the idea.

Proof of this is some-Albino Zebra did exactly the same thing as me, but he has shown a little more courageous than your humble servant since decided to assemble these images to determine the general lines of the console. After many hours of tinkering, he managed to get a result and thus supposed to represent the famous console that has caused so much ink since the beginning of the year picture.

PlayStation 4: towards more angular curves?

It is of course very difficult to know if this image is reality, only a privileged few should know at the moment, but it is not inconsistent. In fact, the reconstructed image on console quite like a PlayStation 3, but with a more angular shell and that showcases the metal. All with a number of premium ventilation grilles.

As to whether it is actually the PlayStation 4, well only time will tell. At last, it is actually question Sony unveils its new console during E3 2013, and it will have to wait next month to be fixed.

Flickr: a new interface and more storage space

Flickr is not very young, he officiates in the industry since 2005 and brings something like 54 million unique visitors worldwide, all with more than 6 billion photos stored on its servers. Great, of course, but the guy is unfortunately stalled for some years now and so it is very difficult to stand up to newcomers like 500px. Yahoo, meanwhile, has decided to react by launching a new version of its flagship service. A new version available on all accounts from that night, and finally brings a lot of news.

Starting with a new interface. From that side, it must be admitted that the work did not fail because the interface flickr has not really changed in recent years. She was beginning to show its age , it really did not respect the expectations of the users of the platform and Yahoo engineers have decided to start again from scratch.

Although they took as the new Flickr interface is much nicer than the old one. The content is well developed and our pretty pictures will be much more impressive than they were before. Yahoo has also opted for a darker interface and this is obviously a good thing because the pictures that comes out more. However, what can be noted is that some elements of the old version tend to rise from time to time over the pages. By clicking on a photo, for example, the old interface back for a split second before disappearing swiftly. Worse, some items are broken and this is particularly true of the homepage that seems to load without CSS.

1TB for the new version of Flickr!

Strange, that's for sure, but no doubt that everything should quickly return to normal.

Among the new features to the service, there is this cover story that seems very fashionable at the moment. Just like Facebook and Twitter as well as Google+, Flickr will now allow us to change the coverage of our profile and we can stick him a pretty picture on the buttocks in order to show how we are all creative. Also in the same vein, Yahoo also announced news that should please all those with a free account on the service.

Which one?

Well this is a story of storage space, actually. Now, Flickr allow us to store as much as 1 TB of data without having to leave our credit card. Two subscription plans are yet in force: the phrase "Ad Free" without advertisement, charged $ 49.99 per year and the phrase "double" with 2TB of disk space charged $ 499.99 per year. With that, you should have plenty to do, even though we would all like to see land cheaper intermediate formulas.

So naturally, it is still too early to know if this new version will save the service, but it should all de same to please those who have remained faithful all these years, and have therefore not been look elsewhere.

Oh, and if not, know that a new version of the Android app also just landed the Play Store, a new version that provides exactly the same as the new web portal.

Nokia EOS information and a release date?

Nokia is in great shape right now, and this is apparently not about to change. Having formalized its Lumia 925 and Lumia 928, the company could actually get up very soon the veil on a new smartphone that we've heard a lot in recent weeks as it is ... the Nokia EOS. Nokia EOS entirely designed for photography and resumes broadly the same technical specifications as the Nokia 808 PureView, at least in terms of the sensor. Interesting, for sure, but there are better since secret informant WMPoweruser have had the opportunity to play with the beast. Needless to say, he took the opportunity to note some of the characteristics of the EOS...

Before going further, it is important to note that all the information is absolutely not come from an official source, so it is better to take with the utmost of prudence. As always it comes to rumors, and even when these are not accompanied by any evidence, or even a single index. This is precisely the case with this new corridor noise, of course.

In short, according to this anonymous informant, the Nokia EOS resume the same lines as the Nokia Lumia 920 with a polycarbonate shell and a similar screen, a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen if my memory does not fail me. However, it is sufficient to return the terminal to realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with his distant cousin. Nokia EOS have a little overweight at the sensor, a sensor which we unfortunately do not know the number of megapixels because it was not shown in the tested prototype our mysterious friend.

Nokia EOS just for the photo, of course!

However, it noted a lot of interesting details. It would appear that the Nokia EOS enjoys a Xeon flash and optical a little more discreet than the Nokia 808 PureView. Just off the flash, there would also be a small LED that could - should note the conditional - when the autofocus assist light is missing.

Another interesting point is the Nokia EOS embarks a new application called Nokia Camera Pro, an application that would benefit from a unique interface allowing the user to indulge in the joys of manual map. How? That's a good question, but it will wait for the mobile hand knowledge.

Besides that, WMPoweruser has further information on the Nokia EOS, information that comes from a different source. It would thus not be available in several colors and will not support either the wireless charging. Note finally that the EOS Nokia should normally be submitted by the manufacturer somewhere between the months of July and August, so it will not stay very long to wait to know everything about it.

Pinterest: more information to the content pinned

Pinterest going strong. Late last year, the famous social network and totaled 20 million users, an increase of 2702% compared to the previous year. However, the company does not want to rest on its laurels and it thus has consistently deploy new features. After the new interface and arrival statistics , thus the sharing module which now enjoys some significant improvements, improvements that affect mainly the information retrieved when a user pin content on one of his paintings edge. Pinterest is and wants to be more useful, more practical, and it might allow the service to attract new users.

Until now, when someone wanted to share content one of its panels, Pinterest was able to recover only the media of the associated page. The user, in turn, still had the option to add a description, but it is unfortunately not going much further.

Soon, things will be very different and the team in charge of Pinterest is thus working on a new module sharing friendlier and especially much more comprehensive. Available for certain content, it can recover a bit more elements then the display directly on our dashboards. In the case of a film, for example, is the complete and other information related to movies that are uploaded by the casting tool. Same for recipes, where we have this time right ingredients and all associated details. Shopping sites will not be outdone and it's downright price and date of availability of our products to be well recovered by the module.

Towards "rich pine" button and compatible with mobile applications

Not bad, of course, but know however that these new sharing options are not yet available everywhere. It thus seems that we can not still enjoy in Europe and only some sites would test this new tool , sites like Etsy, Netflix and others. However, for those interested, Pinterest has posted on this page a complete documentation on these "rich pine."

In addition to this new, Pinterest has also announced that it implemented a new share button designed and developed for our mobile applications. Again, only a few applications can take advantage of the moment but this novelty should be rapidly extended to most of the mobile applications market. Morality, if you do intensive use of Pinterest, then something tells me that you must be very happy.

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