Google offers free Wi-Fi in Manhattan

Google is known for its innovative online services and more efficient for its Android-based devices and designed in partnership with leading global manufacturers, but we know less about the Mountain View company for its involvement in the United States in the deployment of Internet across the country.

One finds Google as an ISP in the United States where he gradually deploying a network of high-speed fiber. One of the latest examples for the cover of Kansas City via 1Gbps network. But Google did not stop there, because now offers access to Wi-Fi in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York.

The project in question is the result of a partnership between the public sector (the mayor of New York) and private (Google) for the implementation of this entirely free Wi-Fi as long as you have a Google Account, on the neighborhood of the zone defined below.

Both sides welcomed the progress that allows Chelsea to constitute itself as an attractive high-tech, and residents, students and tourists to enjoy a free quality.

For Google, this operation allows one hand to increase its visibility and popularity on the East Coast of the United States, but also Wi-Fi cover the district of New York is where their offices. This is already the case in the city of Mountain View, which hosts the headquarters of Google, which has a totally free Wi-Fi. Will there be the same in Paris, in the Opera district, near the French offices of Google? Nothing is less certain ...

Do not hesitate, if you make a detour to New York to take advantage of this service in the area rather charming Chelsea and tell us your experience.

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