Galaxy S3: 4G version formalized in France for November

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available from November with 4G compatibility for future social networks in France. This announcement should be beneficial to the declination since its rival the iPhone 5 does not have this compatibility on French soil.

Since September, many rumors evoked the launch of a 4G Galaxy S3 to France. It will be proposed in November 2012 and the terminal will have a compatibility French 4G frequencies (800 MHz and 2600 MHz). The 1800 MHz band will also be put in place for future 4G services. Samsung managed thus to integrate the market before the commercial launch of 4G networks in our country. At the end of November, LTE will be offered by SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange, it will take until the beginning of next year, namely 2013.

A competitor

Samsung also has a lens with this new Galaxy S3 and technology. The manufacturer may well overtake Apple on this point since the iPhone 5 is 4G LTE enabled but it does not work with frequencies French. Samsung will have the opportunity to attract many users in the month of November. They will also have the opportunity to obtain an accounting DC-HSPA 42 Mbps. The Galaxy may very well benefit from the high speed 3G and 4G.

Features will be identical to its predecessor, but the color is different. The 4G Galaxy S3 will feature a black hull. Users will benefit from the same features:

  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen HP
  • Voice Voice Assistant S
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • NFC

For now, Samsung has officially launched this variation, but the price has not been disclosed. With this smartphone, the manufacturer has the opportunity to compete with several terminals as HTC One XL or the Sony Xperia V.

Facebook: A billion monthly active users, it's official

Facebook just passed the milestone of one billion of assets per month. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg meets a real success since its inception in 2004. Today, it has become an indispensable part of the fabric that is for discussion between friends or promoting a website, a shop ...

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his dorm room in 2004 from Harvard, he did not doubt for a moment that, eight years later, a billion people use its network every month. Therefore an important threshold has been crossed. This person is wanted warn users that they are now very likely to find themselves on the network. He says, "  This morning, there are more than a billion people actively using Facebook each month. Assist a billion people to be in touch is incredible, humbling and it is by far the thing I'm most proud of in my life  . " In a statement, Mark Zuckerberg reveals some additional data.

How old way for a user?

This billion 600 million people log in to their account via mobile. The number has changed again since the previous report proposed by the boss of Facebook revealed that there were 543 million people on a mobile. A user also means 22 years. Facebook France also revealed that this moment was symbolic "We reached 1 billion users! This is 16 times the population of France! It is also, since the launch of Facebook in 2004, 1.130 billion I love, friendship 138.4 billion, 219 billion photos shared . " These figures are quite amazing and demonstrate once again the success of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg also attempts to show that the network is functional and profitable. It multiplies the sources of revenue including the commercialization of real gifts. This new figure is so steep since the network through a difficult period including Exchange and more recently with the so-called bug which also reached the government. He had asked the CNIL to investigate to know the reality of this bug.

Now we're to cross one billion every month on Facebook.

SFR 3G deployed in metro and RER in Paris

RATP and SFR have collaborated to provide users with 3G in metro and RER. Users will have the opportunity to ride in the cars in circulation. An effective way to wait for the next station.

In the subway, boredom is often present, but SFR has launched its project on 3G equipment. The latter therefore covers halls, corridors, trains and platforms. For now, only stations Châtelet-les-Halles and Gare de Lyon offer this new technology. This is a first step, the 3G will be deployed next on the entire network of the RATP. SFR subscribers have the opportunity, according to the marketing manager of the network operator, Alexandre Wauquiez, to "  watch videos, their email, or go on Facebook, on the docks, but also in trains in circulation and in the tunnel RER A which connects these two stations."

Antenna has been positioned on the station and repeaters are installed in tunnels. Alexander Wauquiez indicates that this installation will broadcast the signal everywhere. The entire deployment should be effective by 2015. You should know that the task is therefore enough because there are 300 stations RER and Metro Paris. Regarding funding, the deployment costs between 20 and 30 million SFR. Technology should be the first to integrate the stations then it was the turn of 4G to its input.

The project runs its course in 2013, will involve the deployment of stations A and B line of the RER in Paris as well as line 1. 3G will not be the only one to be installed since last June, the RATP has signed a contract with SFR to deploy WiFi on the docks. The signal will be available at 47 stations.

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G arrives in November

If 3G is no longer enough and you do not mind the spend a few hundred dollars more in a device using a technology that does not exist yet hardly in France, know that Samsung announced the release in November of 4G version of Samsung Galaxy S3 knew.

This new version, which will open a black design, after the white and navy blue 3G model available in France, has 2GB of RAM, and supports 4G frequency bands 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz for flow in 50Mps sending files and 100Mps for the reception.

According to the usual spiel operators and manufacturers, remember that the speed (theoretical and promised but will obviously never reached) 4G network is up and "7 times faster than the current 3G network. "The Samsung Galaxy S3 will also be compatible with 4G network "Dual Carrier" at 42Mps.

The chart will convince you for your interest in mobile

Article written by Serge Roukine . Entrepreneur and author, he is the founder of , marketplace freelancers, co-founder of Affiz and organizes AppDays the first conference on mobile applications, including Lemon Squeezer is a partner.

The question facing all those who want to create a startup is: should I start my startup on a website or a mobile app? After the highly publicized sales of Instagram and Draw Something and the apparent success of mobile startups like Square and only Uber, the question deserves to be asked in effect.

Here is a chart that provides an answer. Quantity of terminals connected to the Internet around the world since 2000 with a view to 2016.

It is clear that there are already more mobile devices accessing the Internet than personal computers, and this trend is amplified exponentially. Computers will not disappear, but clearly, the number of mobile terminal users increases to full speed.

Worse, in a few years we will all population of Internet users who have never used a PC (ie who work mostly or exclusively on smartphones and tablet). Thus, even if it is not mandatory to fit a mobile application for all startups, web services must quickly get to the time of mobile and be usable without effort on smartphones and tablets.

To ignore the mobile today is a bit like embarking paper catalog sales in 2000 without a website. It can work, but it's a shame to cut a high growth market if!

Facebook has passed the one billion active members

Mark Zuckerberg who is only 28 years old can boast of unparalleled excitement experienced by the social network he founded. On September 14, the Social Network has passed the symbolic billion active users per month. In June, they were already 955 million.

The figure has doubled in just a little over two years (500 million monthly active users in July 2010). Zuckerberg has well convert even more people to Facebook : "I hope to connect the rest of the world also." An impressive figure with explosive growth since Facebook was launched on 4 February 2004.

Other figures released by Facebook also leave thoughtful. Thus, since the "like" were launched in February 2009, there were 1.13 trillion (one trillion is 10 to the 12th power, or trillion). Billion, it is also the issue with connections with friends who have reached 140.3 billion. Since the fall of 2009, 219 billion photos were uploaded to Facebook. Network members are also music fans with 62 million songs have been played for a total of 22 billion sheets, the equivalent of 126,000 years of continuous audio playback (using the assumption of a average of 3 minutes per track)!

Another data shows that the average age of Facebook users has declined. He was 26 years old in August 2008 when the company Mark Zuckerberg had 100 million registered users. It is now 22 years old. Finally, Facebook has 600 million users who spend a mobile phone.

Well integrated Google Street View in Google Maps Web app

Lemon squeezer was echoed yesterday by the arrival of Street View in the Google Maps Web app accessible from a terminal iOS. And so it is done for today.

Remember that just open your internet browser on your iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad , then create an icon on your desktop and then access Google Maps from a terminal on iOS (iOS 6 in particular).

A temporary solution offered by this firm since Google in Mountain View is preparing a version of its app that will be available on the App Store.

Google Maps Web app becomes even more an alternative to the application through Apple Plans 360 degree views. Of sucroît, recently (see our article ), interior plans (50 in all) are available for the hexagon (museums, shopping centers ...).

Specifically, do your research on Google Maps. Then you click on an icon representing a person to access the Street Views on another browser page that opens for this purpose.

Apple decided to offer its own mapping app with Tom Tom (among others). The Cupertino company would, however, could still use the service for one year of Google Maps under the agreement with the company based in Mountain View. But it did not include his desired service turn-by-turn .

If the service is perfectible Apple, Tim Cooks announced its bonifierait quickly through crowd-sourcing. Tweets from Apple including incite traders to indicate errors they might discover.

The real mano a mano that Apple and Google are engaged on the front of the mobile OS is therefore now in the field of body mapping services. Ultimately, it is the user who should emerge winner since competition will push these two actors (and others) to improve their service.

Bic Tab: The touch pad with pen

Bic has teamed up with Intel to offer a new product that is in the field of high tech. Primary schools now have the opportunity to equip classes with a touch pad equipped with a stylus.

Bic is known for its pens, slates or razors. The brand has developed in collaboration with Intel a touch pad. She had already entered the field of high tech with the launch of mobile phones in partnership with Orange. The Bic Tab takes the concept of slate, but the operation is based on the latest technologies. Pupils have the opportunity to work with this new product and teachers can use the Bic Education. An effective concept to provide students with exercises. This tablet has been specially designed for school use, and it resists shocks.

The device has a touch screen with a stylus which is made for children. They have the opportunity to learn to write while using the shape of a real pencil. Tablet diffuse exercises to suit all levels, taught the pilot via a laptop. In the long term, a site could be in place in order to transmit additional educational resources for children. The Bic Tab is sold between 6000 and 20 000. The difference is explained by the choice of content, the number of aircraft and insurance contracts. This solution is implemented for municipalities that fund schools.

The shelves are not personal since the establishment can buy between 6 and 30 units. They are intended for the whole school and the kids can use them after having stored in a special cabinet with casters allowing easy movement. The tablet runs on Linux with Intel Atom processor.

The Test of Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 is the successor of Galaxy S2, with the first mobile quad-heart house (Exynos 4412 Quad). Here is our opinion on this high-end smartphone supposed to compete with the iPhone 4S, and even the iPhone 5.

Design and ergonomics

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a lot of talk against its specifications, but the design is no exception and marks a departure from its predecessor. The S3 is indeed more rounded than the S2, a feature that makes it really sexy. Found in front a large Super AMOLED HD (1280 × 720 pixels) 4.8-inch buttons and traditional menus. Above the screen is a first camera and the earpiece and the different brightness and proximity sensors as well as a notification LED. On the right side is the screen lock button, while on the left there are the volume buttons. The jack is located on top of the mobile, and the micro USB is found placed at the bottom of the unit.

The design of this well-rounded Galaxy S3 slice really with what we had proposed on Samsung Galaxy S2, which is really nice, both to look at handle. We regret, however, the use, once again, the plastic on the entire phone. In contrast, although the mobile is quite large, it is nice to see that Samsung has managed to introduce a very big screen in a relatively small space.

Returning to the keys on the front of the phone. The two buttons affixed on each side of the Home button is sensitive and it can happen to accidentally touch when using the phone. If the Settings button is not too much trouble, the Return key will prove really disturbing when pressed inadvertently. Small bonus for the LED in the upper left of the screen, it flashes when receiving new notifications and changes color depending on the type of notification received.

The large screen of S3

The first thing you notice about this smartphone, after noting its quite large, it is the big screen that has been pasted. It is a HD Super AMOLED 4.8 inch, enjoying high definition 720p.
The colors stand out much better on this new mobile phone and the Galaxy S2 though it differs a little blue color on the white web pages. Nevertheless, it is clearly better served. The display has excellent contrast and brightness level provides significant visibility even in bright sunlight.


Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped house Exynos 4412 processor Quad processor four heart very effective, clocked at 1.4 GHz. Support for the S3 has 1GB of RAM.

Storage level, we appreciate the presence of a microSD slot for expanding the internal memory of 16 GB.

From the first use, we feel that this smartphone is very reactive and responds to your slightest actions.


With its photo-sensor video capable of shooting 8MP en1080p, the Galaxy S3 is not much better than the competition on paper. In reality, the camera does not show that good, especially in low light where captures are fairly dark and lacking in detail. In a good environment, the smartphone is said that pictures very suitable.

In use, the camera is very responsive and even offers a few extra features to the user. In addition to reorganizing the function keys, you will be able to visually identify your contacts pictures and identify, so it is already scored for possible publication on social networks.

Always present, the AFN proposes face detection function with open eyes, HDR mode, a panorama mode and burst mode where the mobile is 20 photos and selects the best.

About video capture, rendering is correct at the picture but unsatisfactory in terms of sound. When recording, you can take pictures with a trigger in the upper right of the screen.

Also in the video, but this time for reading, PopUp Play is a nice little feature directly inspired by the Picture In Picture found on some Internet TV box which allows you to continue to watch a video while doing something else, So true multitasking!

On the audio side, the Galaxy S3 seems quite similar to its predecessor with a pretty decent volume without too much loss and sizzle. The supplied headphones are told it well below what can be expected to listen to music and will be used only for telephone conversations.

Level content sharing, you can count on the mode DLNA or MHL micro USB port to transfer content to photo, video and games.

Customization by Samsung

Samsung has some market power, allowing it to bypass Google's recommendations and impose its own interface with applications such as Music Hub and Game Hub.

As is the case for some time, Samsung has introduced this mobile its overlay TouchWiz . Since the previous models, it has been improved and offers a dynamic interface and different from other smartphones Android . Guided by some tips in its first use, the consumer will appreciate the simplicity and the side "ready to use" this mobile. We denote this interface seven offices receptions, to have applications and widgets. The dock welcomes applications for its four configurable and application menus leading to fixed applications and widgets.

To counter noticed arrival of Siri in Apple , Samsung has launched its voice assistant S-Voice, accessible via a double-click the center button. If S-beat Siri Voice introducing a whole bunch of orders since its launch, the assistant Samsung does not show much more efficient and even painful when misunderstands what is required ... Siri is therefore still much better it is perfectible.

Gadgets at very nice, it should be noted that the cut phone ringing when laying the screen face and vibrates when the table resumes in hand Note also the ability to call a contact directly from the card or sms directly with your smartphone to your ear. Similarly, it is possible to answer a call without pressing the answer button. To a screenshot? Simply sweep your screen right to left hand so that the catch is recorded.

Samsung has also introduced intelligent Eve, a feature that helps keep the screen on when you read a long message, without needing to touching the screen. As your eyes look at the phone, it does not go to sleep.


The Galaxy S3 is equipped with a 2100 mAh battery, a capacity that allows it to be much better than the S2. So we end up with a high-performance mobile and can easily hold a day and a half without charge.


The Galaxy S3 is in the continuity of smartphones Samsung Galaxy range. It is also much more efficient in every way. With this screen size, Samsung has taken the risk of their smartphone between two worlds, but it does not seem to have scared fans of the brand as the unit is sold very well in its early days.


Reactivity, fluidity
Micro SD port
Big screen
TouchWizz improved overlay
Cool gadgets


Plastic a little cheap at first sight
Classic design
S-perfectible Voice

Facebook extends tests for individuals Posts Promoted to USA

"Facebook is free and always will be". Yes, but as the market price of the Social Network does not finish to beat up and sink into the abysmal depths of Nasdaq, and apparently ultra-targeted advertising on a file termed a billion in humans (pending Martian) is not enough to reassure shareholders and fill their pockets, we must make some adjustments to the rule.

Facebook and it becomes more and casually Freemium service: everything that has always been free for the rest, but you have to imagine, invent or find additional services that are drooling barge (and shareholder) which they are paid.

A Palo Alto had been launched a few months ago, first in New Zealand and in a dozen countries, tests Promoted Posts, and priced publications. The principle is simple: to highlight a post that you publish on your wall, in exchange for a small amount to pay. Knowing that a post is viewed on average by 16% of your friends can see a post paid multiplied visibility and reach many more people: it will be highlighted in your timeline and distributed to a larger number of people.

Since yesterday, the tests are extended to the USA and no doubt they will soon come home. The amount of Promoted Post is currently set at $ 7. A feature that may be useful to highlight an event that we organize or sell his moped if you are allergic to Bon Coin or you prefer to reserve the absolute exclusivity to its Facebook friends.

Provided that the wealthy do not abuse course (but you have to wonder what they would do) and that Facebook does not become quickly classifieds site between happy few, at the expense of those who can not afford to spend each day a few tickets $ 7.

Recall that Promoted Posts are already available on the pages for brands , and the prices range now extends from 4 to 790 euros depending on the number of people you want to reach.

PlayStation Mobile is available

Playstation Mobile, the app store and multi-platform games Sony was launched today in 11 countries (Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan). The service includes games for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation certified mobile devices through the PlayStation Store. To use the service it will have a SEN account and a PlayStation Vita or device  compatible mobile.

For those using a smartphone or tablet, the application "PlayStation Mobile for Android "will download the games available on the platform. To get a better gameplay, it will be possible to play through a virtual DualShock controller on the screen of your device.

Owners of PS Vita, a new tab will appear on the PlayStation Store which will offer all the games catalog. Prices on the PlayStation Mobile go € 0.50 to € 12.99 and once purchased games, they will be available on three different platforms.

iPad mini: The model compared to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

The iPad mini, which is a model in the pictures was compared to other devices, the Kindle Fire Amazon and Google Nexus 7 . This allows users to see a little better the remaining differences between the products. The tablet was also observed in all its glory.

The iPad mini has a thickness thinner than the Nexus 7, it might be according to the latest rumors of 7.69 millimeters. This dimension is less than the new iPad (9.91 mm) that has a Retina display. This mini tablet should display a width of 13.5 cm and a height of 20 cm. Thus, users would have a 7.85 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, which is similar to the iPad 2 by Apple Insider. past several days, the models of the iPad mini and videos are increasing on the web and some are for sale in China for $ 13 on average. The iPad mini is also compared to the iPhone 5 , the tablet should be equipped with the new connector.

These photos can only compare the design since the Cupertino company has not said anything yet about possible features. Normally, invitations to the press should be sent by October 10 for a presentation on October 17 . Thus, the market would be available from November 2.

Controversy taints Minecraft Windows 8?

Windows 8 does not meet a real craze, the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson had expressed his reluctance to Windows 8. Faced with these accusations, Microsoft has responded.

Markus Persson called Notch created Minecraft , a game that blends the building and adventure. Notch is known in flowing several million copies his game and he is also the origin of virulent cons about Windows 8. Microsoft last week asked for his assistance in obtaining the certification of his game on the new OS, he immediately retorted network Twitter that he preferred "  Minecraft does not work on Windows 8 rather than play the game  . " Windows Store is at the center of a controversy due to the validation process applications to be developed through the mandatory set of APIs Win RT. Those to the Bureau the opportunity to obtain certification.

The goal is to have a functional application. This validation is not assigned by Microsoft, but it has an advantage, that give access to the Windows Store. The advantage is quite interesting for the developer since Microsoft does not support the sales and receives no percentage. Minecraft should be certified to integrate the store and this process is not too complex, but Microsoft has sought the assistance of Notch has refused to cooperate. The problem that remains around Minecraft can tarnish the image of Windows 8, developers might have some concerns about this new OS.

About the Developer have therefore created a real controversy and Microsoft said the company did not need his help. Ultimately, the company wants to show that the platform is not as binding and there is no reason to worry. Minecraft will be released through the traditional desktop and not using the new interface ModernUI. This dispute does not help the image of Windows 8 as early users said they wanted to redirect to Windows 7. It gets 53% support against 25% for the latest version of the operating system. The latter will not be used in businesses, jobs under XP would tend to migrate to Windows 7.

The problem with Minecraft should not arrange the launch of Windows 8 scheduled for 26 October.

iPad mini: The back cover is revealed in a series of photos

The iPad mini is finally revealed through interesting pictures. Until now, users were able to observe models, but Ukrainian iPhone offers the back cover. The latter also differs from previous shots.

The iPad mini would be back in production in Asia according to the Wall Street Journa l , and the mini tablet should make its appearance on October 17 if the rumors are true. Ukrainian iPhone just share a series of photos which basically oriented the back cover. The latter differs from previous shots. They put forward an aluminum coating which proposed a metallic color. This set shows the contrary, the back shell would also tend to be closer to that of the iPhone 5 . Apple therefore choose to align its entire range with the same visual to keep some consistency.

The photos are quite blurry, but you can see the Apple logo on the back. The front is also unveiled and also differs from previous shots. Here, the front is white, which suggests a marketing device comes in two colors like the iPhone 5 (white, black). After several weeks of rumors, this is the first time that the visuals look like a possible iPad mini. They also confirm the new format should be 7.85 inches. It will still be patient as the mini tablet is introduced on 17 October. Sales and would open on November 2 with a price that could be around 300 euros.

With regard to the numbers in the photo, the site says:

  1. Jack
  2. The 3G antenna (similar location to other iPad)
  3. Drawer nano-sim which is accompanied by a piece of shell as sotch fell
  4. Lightning connector

iPad mini: Production launched in Asia according to the Wall Street Journal

The iPad mini will normally be presented in October. Apple wants to stay in the competition, especially when other manufacturers are launching 7-inch mini tablet. Thus, several sources reported that the production of the device began in Asia.

This information does not come from a Japanese site, but the Wall Street Journal, the data can not be taken seriously. Production of the iPad mini reportedly began in Asia and the sources said that the tablet will be many mini screen of 7.85 inches with a resolution lower than the previous iPad. Assembly lines are put to use, which would allow the company to offer Apple the new format in the month of October, and the rumor could be confirmed from next week. Indeed, the invitations will normally be sent on October 10 for a presentation on October 17.

Information about the iPad mini are quite thin especially at the features. The screen would be offered by LG Display (Korea) and AU Optronics (Taiwan). With this new format that differs from the iPad which offers 9.7 inches, the Cupertino can compete with Google ( Nexus 7 ) or Amazon (Kindle Fire). At the economic level, the advantage is also a strong point since the iPad mini should be sold cheaper than its big brother.

Currently, these data are shared by a reputable journal, so they are a little more serious than the previous ones, but Apple is not confirmed.

iPad mini: A production started in Brazil?

The iPad mini a very rich news these days, even though Apple has not yet reported on this product. This is the Japanese site Macotakara offering new information. This time, he did not dwell on the photos or videos, the site speaks production in Brazil.

The Cupertino company has invested several million years earlier in premises located in Brazil. These would be the place of production of the new tablet. Several sources have mentioned this information, including the Japanese site behind several shots of models. The plant in Brazil would be anonymous, but linked to Foxconn. If the production was launched, it is odd that there is no pictures "stolen"as happened to the iPhone 5 .

The sources also indicate that the "hole" corresponding to micro back vanished and specifications have been modified. According to latest reports, invitations for any event should be launched on October 10 by CNN and TechCrunch. Several plants have had to be mobilized for the production of the iPad mini . All production is it based in Brazil? Impossible to answer this question, as, as usual, Apple is very secretive about this information. It will have to wait the official data of the company to be convinced by a presentation on October 17.

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