SFR offers Christmas landed in the hood operator

In this period of Santa Claus, SFR decided to adapt its catalog to holiday season. And a significant price reduction is applied to one of the packages RED. The catalog is also enriched with 4G terminals.

RED Package: Price divided by two

SFR takes out his hood for the holiday season with Christmas offers. Several formulas are well established, which should delight consumers. The first offer for the package RED 2 hours. Originally proposed to 9.90 euros, the operator offers exceptionally to 4.99 euros per month. RED formula is trusted by over 600,000 customers who have been won over by the quality of the network. On 12 December 2012, the prize will be divided by two and you have access to two hours of talk time, SMS / MMS unlimited. Those who are already subscribed to this offer will automatically benefit from the discount from their next bill. From January 2013, the package will have a blocking option, consumers can no longer perform outside the package. Finally, the RED formula also provides sponsorship since months is provided for the mentor and mentee.

The resumption of mobile

Customers who wish to change and acquire the latest smartphone models have an important device for recovery. Until December 24, attractive rates will therefore proposed. Both phones will be the most successful of the game:
  • The iPhone 5 is available from 1 euro (2GB package Square) in exchange for an iPhone 4S (16GB) which is taken by SFR 340 euros.
  • The 4G Galaxy S3 at 1 euro (flat square 4GB) in exchange for a Galaxy S2 which is taken by SFR 170 euros.

The catalog includes 4G terminals

Consumers will benefit from the Very High Speed ​​Mobile Internet with a full range of mobile 4G. Rates can go up to 100 Mbit / s:
  • Internet Key 4G Tablet Package and key 3GB + 1GB = 99.9 euros offered
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 4G Tablet Package and key 3 GB + 1 GB = 79.90 euros offered
  • Motorola Razr HD: 2GB Package Square = 79.90 euros soon
  • One XL HTC: Package From Square 4 GB = 99 euros
  • Galaxy S3: Fixed Square 6 euro From 1 GB

Offers reimbursement

SFR will reimburse up to $ 100 for a tablet 3G. Offers are also made ​​available on the website of SFR . And the Samsung Wave Y is proposed, for example 1 euro package with Square 2 hours. For an extra dollar, you get a stereo headset and headphones.

Be-Bound, an Internet connection through SMS

LeWeb 2012 ended the competition start-ups. The first place was won by Qunb. It is then Altheia who had the opportunity to get second place with application-Be Bound.


At the LeWeb 2012, Altheia proposed a reasonably friendly. It provides an Internet connection without cellular data, and that everywhere in the world. You do not need WiFi or 3G or Edge. You simply use SMS. The start-up finishing second after being selected from more than 500 projects. 16 start-ups were present and shared his Altheia application called Be-Bound. This service was developed after seeing the covers. You should know that the world is equipped with 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi to 14%. This may be binding for those who want to enjoy the mobile Internet easily at any time of the day.

Available December 19

Be-Bound allows the users to have a connection without using the cellular data, but using SMS. The latter is based on the 2G network which covers almost 86% of the Earth. The concept is sound and scope of the whole world at your fingertips. You must download the application that is made ​​available free on Android. The user is then prompted to buy credits baptized Be-Miles. According to the press release, the technology used is based on a platform in the cloud and in the SMS as a vehicle for transporting data.  Thus, the mobile user can get a rate very close to that of the 3G with   the mechanics of the central server. 

The beta version of the application will be commissioned in December 19. The start-up work is rewarded since obtained the second place in the competition. Altheia founder, Albert Szulman said to be very excited by this position. It also indicates that version 1.0 will land in March 2013.

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