Trailer: Cyberpunk 2077

Projekt RED , the studio which happens to be the origin of the Witcher series, is currently working on a new futuristic RPG called Cyberpunk 2077. And even if it does not come out for many months, even years, it has all-of-even decided to put online a first trailer to help us see a little clearer on what promises particularly promising as a title. Morality, if you like RPGs, cyborgs and sexy girls hidden blades 20 centimeters in their forearms, then this first video Cyberpunk 2077 should you put water in the mouth.

As its name suggests, is based on Cyberpunk 2077 role-playing namesake paper and more specifically Cyberpunk 2020  and / or Cyberpunk 3.0. I do not know if roleplayers hiding in the room, but be aware that it is undoubtedly one of the most played RPG in the world and understand why Projekt RED has decided to press on to design its new RPG.

Although not yet know little about it, Cyberpunk 2077 should play the card of the opening by offering a non-linear story and the player can approach it as he sees fit. The background, meanwhile, enroll in the line of paper roleplaying and we will find ourselves immersed in a world so decadent, ultra connected and haunted by cyborgs packed implants. Cyborgs closely monitored by the Psycho Squad, an elite unit composed of cyborgs and speaker on high-risk situations.

On paper, this is obviously very exciting, but it will unfortunately be very patient because Cyberpunk not arrive on the market right now. And that's a shame, too, because this is typically the kind of games that could well find its place on my bike...

Note: Oh, and the more observant amongst you will no doubt notice that this trailer hides a lot of information... Can you find them? And if I still eat my WordPress video, know that it is available at this address.

Nexus 4: Prices explode

The Nexus 4 Google should bow out as the vice president of LG. The end of life will she an impact on the selling price? The answer could be positive because a site offers Smartphone at a price pretty incredible.

The Nexus 4 is still absent Store Play Google , but users can buy it on other platforms. Some sites offer merchants or SFR Smartphone. Demand was very strong when the mobile integrated market, but production did not satisfy consumers. Many people can not order it at the store, they still able to find it on the web, but the prices are quite high. Eg SFR offers in its catalog costs 629.90 euros while 349 were sold on Google Play. This amount may seem exorbitant, but Grosbill did much better.

An Exorbitant Price

A few days ago, the site posted Grosbill Nexus 4-299 euros, but the amount has changed suddenly. Now, it will cost 1000 euros to buy the smartphone. For now, it is not for sale, but the amount may be a mistake. When available, it will return to the site to see Grosbill the true price. In all cases, with a rate of 1000 euros, the stock should not be empty quickly.

The Vice President of LG said at CES that the Nexus 4 was the beginning of a long adventure. The company should offer in partnership with another Google Nexus from the MWC, the Nexus 4 should bow out. Becoming a scarce commodity prices are expected to fly to the sites where it is available as eBay.

iPad 5 Mini iPad 2: The tablet would make an appearance in March

The iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 would enter in the month of March according to analysts. The tablet would be offered only 5 months after the last iPad. The model could also be lighter and thinner.

The iPad 5 and the iPad Mini would be presented from 2 March 2013. This is a Topeka Capital Markets analyst who had the opportunity to have information at the CES in Las Vegas. The second generation of the iPad Mini should keep the same format, but the processor is much more powerful. By cons, it does not indicate whether the screen is Retina. According to Brian White, the new device would only be an update of the previous version, it should not be big differences. The design should be similar, but the iPad Mini would be more powerful, but the Retina display is widely anticipated by fans of Apple. The latter does fill their expectations?

A Thinner iPad 5?

Apple could also begin this new year with the 5th generation of the iPad that points the tip of his shell only five months after the revelation of the latest version. Tim Cook could introduce the new model in March and several novelties are expected. According to Brian White, the design would be renewed because the tablet should be fine. 5 The iPad is also lighter.

Apple continues to offer the iPad as the tablet continues to lead the market. The tablets Android also meet with some success, Apple should renew its catalog forever remain a leader in the industry. All information about an iPad Mini 5 and iPad 2 in March are rumors since the Cupertino company has not confirmed the launch of two devices. Data are to be taken lightly.

CES 2013: Bluetooth range is unusual Hapifork

The CES 2013 is full of intelligent and some are really unusual. This range made ​​in France is named HapiFork. Connection with Bluetooth, it helps you during your meals do not eat too fast.

2013 CES offers products that are quite unusual. Some are related to smartphones, the tablets, but companies have focused on food. The high-tech in the kitchen also invites as many models of refrigerators become intelligent. Now it is covered which are covered by the technology and it is the company that offers Hapilab at CES, Intelligent Bluetooth range. The latter is named HapiFork and should help you eat by showing you the pace to follow. In fact, if you swallow your food in a few minutes, the consequences on the body are numerous. The practice is bad for your health, the range allows you to eat more slowly at the pace suggested. Some studies have indicated that weight gain could be limited if the person ate more slowly. HapiFork becomes your ally thin, it can also help you feel full. If you eat slowly, you will feel less hungry.

A Fundraising Campaign

This cover has a traditional shape while the handle is quite impressive. She is smart, because it can measure the time between bites. If they are eaten too quickly, a signal is sent to the user. You are invited to slow down your pace, because the fork vibrates HapiFork if it is brought to the mouth twice in less than 10 seconds. The range is also connected to an application available on smartphones via Bluetooth. All data are then stored. You can determine the number of meals, the duration, the number of times that the range has been increased to mouth...

This range could be marketed HapiFork if the project is realized. The company launched a fundraising campaign using Kickstarter. In the month of February, you can contribute up to 100 euros. Those who do not like to be disturbed during their meal does not guide to the range HapiFork, the vibrations could annoy them. Consumers who like eating too fast and want to slow their pace may be interested in a product that is made.

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