CES 2013: Bluetooth range is unusual Hapifork

The CES 2013 is full of intelligent and some are really unusual. This range made ​​in France is named HapiFork. Connection with Bluetooth, it helps you during your meals do not eat too fast.

2013 CES offers products that are quite unusual. Some are related to smartphones, the tablets, but companies have focused on food. The high-tech in the kitchen also invites as many models of refrigerators become intelligent. Now it is covered which are covered by the technology and it is the company that offers Hapilab at CES, Intelligent Bluetooth range. The latter is named HapiFork and should help you eat by showing you the pace to follow. In fact, if you swallow your food in a few minutes, the consequences on the body are numerous. The practice is bad for your health, the range allows you to eat more slowly at the pace suggested. Some studies have indicated that weight gain could be limited if the person ate more slowly. HapiFork becomes your ally thin, it can also help you feel full. If you eat slowly, you will feel less hungry.

A Fundraising Campaign

This cover has a traditional shape while the handle is quite impressive. She is smart, because it can measure the time between bites. If they are eaten too quickly, a signal is sent to the user. You are invited to slow down your pace, because the fork vibrates HapiFork if it is brought to the mouth twice in less than 10 seconds. The range is also connected to an application available on smartphones via Bluetooth. All data are then stored. You can determine the number of meals, the duration, the number of times that the range has been increased to mouth...

This range could be marketed HapiFork if the project is realized. The company launched a fundraising campaign using Kickstarter. In the month of February, you can contribute up to 100 euros. Those who do not like to be disturbed during their meal does not guide to the range HapiFork, the vibrations could annoy them. Consumers who like eating too fast and want to slow their pace may be interested in a product that is made.

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