Evi: YziPro a new 8-inch tablet with a quad-core Speed

Evi is not necessarily the most experienced manufacturer in the world, at least for now, but it still offers a number of interesting devices and also offered a rather attractive price. But in fact, our little friend has just lifted the veil on a new touchpad particularly promising, the YziPro 8.0 Quad-Core.  Well imagine that this beautiful tablet is offered at € 149 and US $191.64, which is just one of the cheapest in the market slates. All specifications are in the following.

Aesthetically speaking, Evi 8.0 YziPro like any touch screen tablet market. Clean lines, a gray hull, it is rather nice to look at and she especially enjoys full connectivity with a micro USB port , a micro SD card reader and even an HDMI 1.4 output to swing your favorite movies on any what modern television. Not bad, for sure.

The technical specifications are not left with a LVDS LCD touch screen 8-inch 4:3 with a resolution of 1024 × 768 , a quad-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz , 1 GB RAM , 8 GB of storage space complemented by a micro SD card port , a 2-megapixel sensor , a second camera on the front and all the usual trimmings. This will make it possible to rely on WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth on and even a battery of 4000 mAh bonus. Side dimensions, the tablet will be quite compact (201 x 155 x 9 mm) and rather light (416 grams).

And the price, well it is set at € 149 which is quite interesting. Also note that all tablets YziPro Evi run on Jelly Bean 4.1, with an integrated office suite. An office suite that will give you the opportunity to work on Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. If you do not have a big budget and if you need a tablet, then this new YziPro may be an option.

Sony puts price on your BRAVIA X9 Ultra HD 4K in Europe

For some time already knew the prices of the BRAVIA X9 for the U.S., but we still had to know what label would hang upon landing in Europe. Said and done, the company has already announced that its attractive models 55 and 65 inches can be purchased at a cost of 4,500 and 7,000 euros (including VAT), respectively, being now open the possibility of booking online store, you have the Direct links after the jump.

As you may recall, these two models with 4K Ultra HD (native support 3,840 x 2,160 pixels) were announced and shown at CES 2013 , and have the distinction, in terms of design, to integrate speakers on the sides for, according to Sony, to achieve a sound "fluid". Of course we can not forget to mention the presence of their screens Triluminous with X-Reality PRO and Motionflow XR960, including WiFi and a commitment to the NFC, among other qualities.

ASUS gives a small boost to Fonepad Z2460 with Intel 1.6 GHz and 32 GB of memory

The Fonepad ASUS came into the world with an Intel Atom Z2420 1.2 GHz and 16 GB of internal storage, however, it seems that was not enough for users. That at least think to see the new release from the manufacturer in Taiwan, and has been dreaming up an identical model with Intel Atom Z2460 1.6 GHz and 32 GB of memory (which can extend through microSD cards). This new model will cost NT $ 10,900 (about $ 363, 282 euros), while the former will stay in Taiwan $ 8,990 ($ 299, 232 euros). We'll see if ASUS are encouraged to launch soon in other countries. Which do you choose? With the new model is more expensive or with the first version at a good price?

Strategy Analytics: Samsung occupy 94.7% of the profits of the entire Android device market

We all know that the Android device is now gaining momentum in the mobile market , but among the involved hardware manufacturer, the really big money in the end who is it? The answer, according to Strategy Analytics statistics in the first quarter of 2013 results, not surprisingly, fell on the head of Samsung. The data show an operating profit of $ 7.9 billion in the first quarter of Samsung from Android 5.1 billion, and this figure accounted for 94.7% of the entire Android hardware market profits in.

In addition to Samsung scores slightly decent point only their fellow South Korean LG, the latter's profits reached 119 million, accounting for 2.5% of the profit of the entire market. HTC , Sony , ZTE and other vendors are all normalized to the "other" column, add up to only 2.7% of the share. Of course, these figures do not represent that the days of other manufacturers are doing so badly, but it is certain that Samsung is now the position is indeed difficult to shake on.

Google will be added in a future update native Android Bluetooth Smart Ready support

Although Android is now on the path of development can be described as smooth sailing, but the lack of native systems the default Bluetooth framework of problems that have been long-standing pain of the heart of the mobile phone manufacturers and application developers. However, Google is now finally awareness to this, today officially announced the native Android Bluetooth Smart Ready (for dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 chip) support in a future update . Regardless of the manufacturer or developer, this is a great boon, and can be expected that after the update to Android (for single-mode Bluetooth 4.0 chip) devices support low-power Bluetooth Smart will become better. However, Google also did not disclose the specific arrival time of the update, only to wait patiently slightly. Source: Bluetooth Blog

iPazzPort launch mini 2.4GHz wireless mouse and stylus KP-810-16A

A lot of people use the traditional mouse for a long time will feel wrist fatigue. The iPazzPort the launch of this product: KP-810-16A, then the optical mouse and stylus concept together, you can call it a pen mouse. 2.4GHz wireless transmission (switch before 500cpi / 1000cpi), can make your writing as on the desktop mouse and input operation as usual. A bit like the shape of the willow, set the scroll key and left and right buttons, you can do will lecture with overhead projectors. When not in use, can be placed in the pen holder on the base, single AAA battery can be used for 1-3 months. And general mouse almost, but control methods to be regarded as a fresh experience.

Nokia Lumia 925: 32 GB available exclusively on Vodafone

Vodafone announces the 32GB version of the recently announced Nokia Lumia 925 to have collected exclusively for the German market. In the first half of June it should be widely available in the shops of the mobile network operator, it can pre-order from tomorrow already. Online, and it looks like just in connection with a new contract. Accordingly, the prices are likely to be different, let's go already but for 1 euro.

Apple App Store breaks the 50 billion downloads

The App Store from Apple has broken the sound barrier of 50 billion downloads and is well hurtling with increasing speed towards this goal. Between January and April 2013, lasted for 14 weeks, until the number of app downloads of 40 had grown to 45 billion. The 50-billion mark after Apple reached in less than four weeks. The account, which caught the milestone with his purchase, receives a voucher for the App Store with a value of $ 10,000.

Google I / O: Google Chrome Racer, a new experiment Chrome

The arrival of a Chrome experiment is always an event to share. It must also be said that these are often very neat and this is precisely the case for Google Chrome Racer, a new experience revealed by the firm during the Google I / O. Yes, a fun experience especially since the latter finally positioned as a racing game "cross platform" and able to run as well on a device running Android on an iOS device shipping. So, whether you have the latest Samsung or the latest iPhone in your pocket, this new experiment should hold your attention.

The trick to specify, by cons is that this experiment is not yet available for users. As usual, Google has demonstrated in his living room before we do enjoy, and it should land on the official website of the Chrome Experiments in a few weeks or even days. It will therefore be patient.

What we can say, however, is that Chrome Racer takes up the operation of those good old racetracks from our childhood, these circuits where we propulsion of small cars to try to win the first position. Except this time, everything is virtual course, Google requires. Basically, therefore, all we have to do is drag our fingers on the track that will appear on the screen of our smartphone or tablet our touch.

However, the value of the thing is that it will also be possible to display our channels on multiple devices. It shall be sufficient to position next to each other to expand our circuit between our various devices. Whenever we add a new phone or a new slate, it's downright our circuit that will grow with new loops and new obstacles.

Morality, with Chrome Racer, evenings with friends, or girlfriends, are likely to be more animated.

Google I / O: some news for Google Play Books

Google Play Books for those who do not know, this is a large marketplace dedicated exclusively to digital books, but not that. In fact, through the application of the same name, it is also possible to turn your smartphone or tablet's touch-up reading light, exactly as proposed iBooks. Or indeed, if you frequently use the Play Books, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that Google has benefited from the Google I / O to unveil some new features concerning, news that should make you very, very happy and everything is clearly explained in the following.

So far, the application of Play Books did not allow us to read the books purchased on the spot market to Google. It was not bad, it is true, but it was not enough and it is for this reason that the web giant has decided to make some corrections to the tool.

Now, the new version of Play Books will allow users to transfer their account digital books purchased outside the shop. If you have some EPUB lurking in the corner of your hard drive, so you can retrieve and read directly from the application, without having to go through a third-party viewer or by another application. To do this, you will also be spoiled for choice as you can transfer directly from this page, or import from Google Drive.

Be careful though because Google has introduced some limitations in order to avoid overflow:
  • Storage is limited to 1,000 e-books, regardless of format.
  • Each file can not exceed 50 MB
  • You must have the rights to it.

Good to the last criterion, we must still say that Google has no way to determine the origin of the file. We suspected a bit. What is nice, in any case, is that the Play Books will be able to synchronize all our information from one terminal to another, and we can find our notes, our bookmarks and our readings and resume to where we had left.

Google I / O: Gmail will allow us to send money to friends

The area of micro-payment is quite lucrative and it's probably not that PayPal contradict me on this issue. But in fact, you may know that Google offers for some time a competing solution, a solution that offers essentially the same kind of functionality. Google Wallet, of course! A Google Wallet which is increasingly used by developers and that was highlighted during the Google I / O. For indeed, imagine that Google has decided to integrate Gmail to allow us to send money to our friends...!

It must be admitted, no one expected this announcement. In any case, I, I did not expect and absolutely no doubt that I should not be alone in this. And yet, though the integration of Google Wallet in Gmail is far less trivial than it seems.

But how does it work exactly? In fact, the idea is quite simple. To send money to a friend via Gmail, simply write him a new message ... to add an attachment by positioning the mouse cursor on our small clip that everyone necessarily knows. There, next to the button to insert an image, a link or emoticons, you will find a newcomer along with a nice icon representing a dollar. Simply click on this button to open a window that will allow us to enter the amount of money that we want to send the message recipient.

Google Wallet in Gmail, as an ordinary attachment

After, simply validate the transaction and send the message. When our friend will receive, it will just click on the link that goes to get the money and send it to his own wallet. From there, it will then touch on his personal bank account.

On paper, it's very promising and this integration should eventually make life easier for a lot of people. I think of all the people who work in independent and find there a simple way to get the money they deserve. However, note that this feature is not currently planned in the United States, and it will probably take some time before you can enjoy it with us.

Take a look at the Google I / O site from dozens Chromebook Pixel ring

Google I / O conference is a platform for sharing creativity, and this can be more than just through the newly released software or hardware products to reflect the image above dozens Chromebook Pixel ring is a good examples. We can see that Google will be placed in two rows Chromebook Pixel reverse huddled in a circle, its high-resolution touch screen on the most prominent position. When people interact with this ring, it will come back with a variety of colorful images, and even sound effects will transform it along. Friends who are interested can look the following Atlas; there is a video after the jump.

Google Now updated with cards for reminders and information in real time public transport

The parade next stage of Google I / O 2013 is Google Now, which for the occasion has been updated with a bunch of new features. The first one is responsible for provide reminders to take daily your to-do list, such as announcing that you have to call a friend at a certain date. Another curious detail is that the platform will also address warn of the arrival of books, music and even television programs that might suit your tastes depending on what the big G knows about you (which is not exactly little).

By To make matters worse, Google Now will from now with real-time information of public transport, for instance to warn you that you are about to miss the last train of the day-eye, the availability of this option will be a function of the location, but the Mountain View have not provided specific cities. Google has provided a small demo during the presentation, teaching us that the service may respond with relevant information to questions like "show me things to do in Santa Cruz" or "show me pictures of the walk". As we say, all these new features to Google Now and are ready for Android, but so far we do not know when they might reach its iOS counterpart.

The shade cast Google+ Games next June 30

You know that no one Google pulse shakes when finalize products or services that either do not work or do not consider strategic, and it seems that now it's the turn of Google+ Games. The game service will cast Google+ hanging from closing on June 30, but that gamers do not despair, because as you know, the Mountain View trust his fate to the new platform Google Play . However, no termination is instantaneous, and users who have credits in games, will continue to enjoy them until they are consumed during a grace period.

The Pinterest iOS and Android Added notification feature and search suggestions

iOS and Android version of the Pinterest updated today, the focus is the inclusion of the necessary functions of the three modern mobile devices social program. Three functions, including message notification, mention the name of the friend in the photo, you can just add the @ sign. In addition, as long as we enter something in the search field, you Pinterest will make recommendations, including some in the desktop version or other device input items. iPhone and iPod version can also "pin" send to a friend want to update, then click the reference source. Via: reference sources: iTunes

ZTE officially released the new machine Grand X2: Clover Trail + platform Atom processor, 24 frames per second continuous shooting

ZTE today published a new Intel Clover Trail + platform Atom processor machine Grand X2 IN. This product uses a 4.5-inch 720p screen, and compared to our previous hands played ZTE Geek smaller. It is equipped with a 2GHz Atom Z2580 processor, support continuous shooting per second, 24 frames, and zero shutter delay as well as anti-shake function. As for other specifications, before the Grand X IN no great difference: 1GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in storage capacity (up to 32GB microSD card expansion), 8-megapixel main camera and 100 megapixel front video camera, running The system is Android 4.2. It is reported that this phone will be landing in the third quarter of this year in Europe, there is no other region offering information.

Airwave Airwave HD and Creative launches new mobile speaker

More choice for mobile speaker for the summer season is always very welcome, Creative rises in June with two newcomers in the pool and meadows ring. The Airwave HD (pictured above) comes in black and red - each with metal finish; bring to seven hours of battery life. Two drivers provide adequate sound. The Airwave in turn is equal in four colors and is even able to blare twelve hours in front of him, but waived it on the metal in the case and should not sound quite so brilliantly. Both have speakers common Bluetooth, NFC, a microUSB port and a integrated microphone for telephone of your choice.

Google Hangouts: new focus on messaging, including support for iOS

It announced during the keynote of endless Google already available at the developer conference I / O, and unlike many other innovations: the new Hangouts, mobile apps for Android and iOS included. Google expands the functionality of the video chats to a comprehensive messaging package: a hitherto major weakness in the Google Apps. The message exchange is extended to images and emoticons and organized into conversations, which integrates contacts of smartphones. In video can be switched at any time. Android and iOS versions (for the iPad) are now available and that Chrome used as the browser can now download the appropriate extension. As for tablets running Android, but was warned: Some devices, including the Nexus 7 are not supported. Course is a prerequisite for using Google Account.

Google+ gets a new multi-column design and automatic hashtags

As of today gets Google + , a new face: gradually the accounts on a multi-column layout to be changed, which is compatible with all screen sizes. Up to three columns with individual views for photos and posts the social to make network more clearly, this is an automatic hashtag function to find the right hashtags based on the post (surely a source of lots of funny or less funny confusion). Appear depending on the size of the display or disappear the columns Cards with posts or photos can be flipped in order to get to the editing. Like the new layout looks like and how it works with the automatic hashtags you see in the videos after the break.

Google Maps Redesign: Custom Maps, search, Google Earth integration

A leak was tomorrow already made ​​clear today that Google Maps for I / O would get a complete redesign. Now they have introduced the new features on the keynote that will be immediately available for the desktop version (as a preview invitation to the via source link) and soon for the mobile versions of Android and iOS, with a special for Tablets adapted version that also offers the Interior of selected buildings. New features include personalized maps, Google Earth integration, a new design of the search, improved integration of user-photos and 360 degree views, a standardized rating system for restaurants, shops and attractions, and offers maps for business users.

Personalization is working on an analysis of the ways and opinions of users, which then new proposals on the way to be made ​​based on their preferences. Also switch on the path between different navigations: when the car is parked or the stop is reached, the system switches directly. A video with all the new features you'll find after the break, Invites are available with a bit of luck after the source link.

Ported google voice enabled search for the desktop, integrated service in Chrome

The speech recognition of Google Search is exemplary, the read aloud friendly and accurate answers. Now this feature is provided by mobile platforms for the desktop and part of the Chrome browser. A simple "Ok, Google" is to activate the known micro that makes a damped by his questions. When the feature is available to us, however, was not revealed at the keynote.

Google Play Game Services to integrate gaming on Android, iOS and the Web

Google has introduced the Google Play Game Services something similar to Apple's Game Center: in addition to real-time multiplayer gaming, there are leader boards, saving the game in the cloud and trophies. The Cross-Platform Gaming Center is also cross-platform multiplayer gaming possible, on Android, iOS and web games.

Google brings Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android Jelly Bean

Surprise: Google has attended the opening of the I / O 2013 a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android Jelly Bean presented. Google promises prompt system updates and 16GB memory, the device also comes fully unlocked and with LTE support for the U.S. operator AT & T and T-Mobile. The phone is from 26 June appearing on Google Play at a price of 649 U.S. dollars.

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