Google I / O: Google Chrome Racer, a new experiment Chrome

The arrival of a Chrome experiment is always an event to share. It must also be said that these are often very neat and this is precisely the case for Google Chrome Racer, a new experience revealed by the firm during the Google I / O. Yes, a fun experience especially since the latter finally positioned as a racing game "cross platform" and able to run as well on a device running Android on an iOS device shipping. So, whether you have the latest Samsung or the latest iPhone in your pocket, this new experiment should hold your attention.

The trick to specify, by cons is that this experiment is not yet available for users. As usual, Google has demonstrated in his living room before we do enjoy, and it should land on the official website of the Chrome Experiments in a few weeks or even days. It will therefore be patient.

What we can say, however, is that Chrome Racer takes up the operation of those good old racetracks from our childhood, these circuits where we propulsion of small cars to try to win the first position. Except this time, everything is virtual course, Google requires. Basically, therefore, all we have to do is drag our fingers on the track that will appear on the screen of our smartphone or tablet our touch.

However, the value of the thing is that it will also be possible to display our channels on multiple devices. It shall be sufficient to position next to each other to expand our circuit between our various devices. Whenever we add a new phone or a new slate, it's downright our circuit that will grow with new loops and new obstacles.

Morality, with Chrome Racer, evenings with friends, or girlfriends, are likely to be more animated.

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