Google I / O: some news for Google Play Books

Google Play Books for those who do not know, this is a large marketplace dedicated exclusively to digital books, but not that. In fact, through the application of the same name, it is also possible to turn your smartphone or tablet's touch-up reading light, exactly as proposed iBooks. Or indeed, if you frequently use the Play Books, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that Google has benefited from the Google I / O to unveil some new features concerning, news that should make you very, very happy and everything is clearly explained in the following.

So far, the application of Play Books did not allow us to read the books purchased on the spot market to Google. It was not bad, it is true, but it was not enough and it is for this reason that the web giant has decided to make some corrections to the tool.

Now, the new version of Play Books will allow users to transfer their account digital books purchased outside the shop. If you have some EPUB lurking in the corner of your hard drive, so you can retrieve and read directly from the application, without having to go through a third-party viewer or by another application. To do this, you will also be spoiled for choice as you can transfer directly from this page, or import from Google Drive.

Be careful though because Google has introduced some limitations in order to avoid overflow:
  • Storage is limited to 1,000 e-books, regardless of format.
  • Each file can not exceed 50 MB
  • You must have the rights to it.

Good to the last criterion, we must still say that Google has no way to determine the origin of the file. We suspected a bit. What is nice, in any case, is that the Play Books will be able to synchronize all our information from one terminal to another, and we can find our notes, our bookmarks and our readings and resume to where we had left.

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