SECU4Bags: Do not lose your business

To all the people who sometimes forget their bag in bars / restaurants where current or even who are robbed, this object is for you! Coupled with our smartphones, this little device called SECU4Bags is the perfect tool!

The size of a credit card, the device is designed to be forgotten in your bag or jacket if you want to protect. The principle is simple, for smartphones, an application is available on the respective markets, and for others, a Bluetooth link will suffice.

A micro USB port is present for charging the device, which will run approximately 100h . There is a small knob to turn on and adjust the volume level , since this little gizmo can send up to 100 decibels (rock concert / motor racing 2m) short sound very painful for anyone who wants to save with your business Besides for the story, a client system had his briefcase (with SECU4Bags on) in his car when he got carjacké, after 10 meters, the system began to ring and the thief got out of the car now! The customer was able to resume his car as it was nothing ...

Bluetooth as some know, is limited in scope usually it does not exceed 15 meters, but in this "credit card" there is an amplifier that can carry the signal to 30m (to you). All this is configurable via the application . Moreover, for small oversights, the unit does not sound right, your phone will vibrate a few seconds to alert you that you move too far out of your bag and it would be good to go back if you do nothing or if the thief runs very fast, you will hear the unbearable noise that can make this map.

You can also update the firmware, or test the alarm (very useful if you do not know where you tidy!). And as you can see from the screenshots below, the interface is very easy to understand and take charge even with a battery indicator to be sure to be protected.

Mobile, the ultimate weapon to fight Google Plus Facebook?

just announced that it passed the one billion members. His new target? Japan and Russia, two great countries where the network has not really broken through. Google recently announced that its social network Google Plus now had 400 million accounts including $ 100 million of assets. The difference between the two is significant. Seeking to fill may take some time. A strategy would be to get Facebook on their land (friends, family) is unlikely to work. When we created the ecosystem and woven personal relationships on Facebook, the value in use of Google Plus is not sufficient to migrate from one to the other.

Therefore, if Google wants to try to counter Facebook, you will have to try another approach and in particular try to go on Facebook tickle weaknesses. And one of the main weaknesses of Facebook is mobile.

All experts agree that the future is mobile. It sells more smartphones than PCs and is expected to soon sell more tablets than smartphones. The emails are read on mobile and mobile traffic, as the case may represent up to 30% to 50% of traffic to a site.

With Android, Google does not depend on a partnership ...

In an article in last February dedicated to the weaknesses of Facebook , I stated that one of its major handicaps was the fact of not being "native mobile." And this is not the redemption of Instagram will change things: Facebook does not have its own mobile OS like Google or Apple. On this point Google is in a strong position against Facebook. Facebook is now on Apple mobile devices or Windows Phone, Android competitors, but one day partnerships may be terminated at any time without notice and probably (see what happened with Google Maps on iOS Apple ...). However, the next Google, Google Apps and more belong to the same group. This is also the only group that holds both a bone and a mobile social network.

Google now integrates Google Plus in all its products (we have seen recently with YouTube) to try to impose and make it essential. If PC is sometimes easier to copy and paste a link to share to Google Plus, click on the mobile sharing is the simplest and therefore can more easily send content to Google Plus.

The circles can be created on Google Plus fueled the buzz on the protection of privacy on Facebook. But to borrow a famous phrase, it was "Pschitt! ". However, on Android, organize its contacts with circles is very simple. And this is a feature that Facebook can offer, for lack of proprietary OS. With native integration on Android (which includes search, images, map, gps, email, chat, documents, videos, calendar ...), Google Plus is definitely a step ahead, difficult to fill for Facebook without its own OS ...

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