Bbox Tab: Discover the world of Bbox TV on your tablet

Bbox Tab is the new concept launched by Bouygues Telecom . Now, with Android tablet or iPad, you can explore the universe of the Bbox TV. All guests have a free application.

Bouygues Telecom continues its momentum by offering an innovative concept. In the month of June, the company offered consumers the Bbox Sensation , it enriches its offer disseminating the contents of the Bbox TV on the shelves. The application also provides an additional attraction because you can operate digital content into your home via the tablet with an intuitive and easy to use.


You can watch TV on your tablet or email programs on the main screen. They can also be shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


With this application, refer directly to the shelf programs or schedule recordings to the decoder of the Bbox. This new concept offers the opportunity to manage favorite channels while setting reminders so you never miss issue.


Bbox TV with the tablet, view quietly while VOD content. Select what you want and place them in your favorites for later viewing on your TV.

The Direct

The tablet also allows you to stay connected to the live TV while surfing the Internet via the integrated browser application. The latter is already available for all customers with a Bbox iPad (1, 2, 3 and iPad mini). The owners of tablets Android will soon have a compatible application.

7000 Wii U fell from the truck in the United States

A large stock of console Wii U was stolen from a warehouse in Seattle, United States. The damage is estimated at $ 2.28 million.

An impressive booty was stolen from a warehouse near the airport in Seattle. Not less than 7,000 Wii U representing a value of $ 2.28 million were stolen in the night from Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 December, reveals the site Kotaku. Which is still filled with 64 pallets Wii U!

"I'm a cop for 28 years and I've never seen anything like it. This is straight out of the movies", was surprised Sergeant Cindy West, during his testimony for ABC News.

To make their case, the robbers arrived with two semi-trailers and used forklifts on site to rob all merchandise. Investigators are now looking for two trucks bearing the inscription McKinney to find stolen consoles.

For its part, Nintendo has deployed an anti-theft, the report of the police. But the Japanese automaker said no more, certainly to prevent thieves deactivate the security system.

The police have also asked users to warn in case of massive sales of Wii U on sale sites online like eBay. "The sale of consoles will lead to their capture," provides Sergeant Cindy West . Adding that he will  "of ifficile 7000 Wii U to hide."

Samsung Exynos the fault repaired as soon as a patch is prepared

Samsung has release on the fault that affects Exynos terminals running Android. Several million mobile owners are concerned and expect a patch with great impatience. Korean done faster.

Terminals running the Exynos chip series 4 are affected by this vulnerability. It therefore affects the Note, Note 2, S3, S2 (except GT-i9100G), the More Tab and Galaxy Note 10.1. This problem is quite annoying since the root is accessible via any application. Samsung has been notified and a spokesman told the press that the company was aware of the fault occurring on the terminal "Samsung is aware of the potential safety issue related to Exynos processor." Korean is already working since patch should be shared as soon as possible. Samsung said via a press release "The question arises only if a malicious application is used on the affected devices."

Temporary patches

It is therefore recommended to be careful when downloading applications. Use platforms that offer legitimate applications with authenticated sources. This will limit the problems pending official patch from Samsung. This indicates that it "will continue to monitor the situation until the patch has been made ​​available to all devices." An update should be released on Smartphones Exynos covered by this vulnerability. Caution is therefore needed and do not be fooled by applications that look real when they are malicious. In fact, the news is full of such situations, if you download an application on Google Play verify that originates from the good editor.

This vulnerability was revealed by a member of XDA-Developers forum. This suggests also a temporary fix. Many solutions have been shared on the Internet.

RIM promises 70,000 apps to launch BlackBerry 10

RIM has announced the availability of over 70,000 applications in the store, at the launch of BlackBerry 10.

Research in Motion put everything on the BlackBerry with 10. Scheduled for 30 January, the new OS will boost sales of the Canadian manufacturer, currently in turmoil. In 2012, its sales accounted for only 5% of market share in the smartphone sector, according to iSuppli iHS.

The new range of devices along with BB 10 will have to send heavy restart the economic machine. But the quality of a smartphone and its operating system no longer enough to attract new customers. It also requires that the directory applications compatible or sufficiently large to please the greatest number.

However, in an interview for the magazine Forbes, Frank Boulben, marketing director promised that BB will have 10 since its launch more than 70,000 applications optimized for the new OS. Among these, are the most popular, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare. A Taste of applications is here.

Rather confident, Frank believes in Blackberry Boulben 10, saying it would be "the greatest comeback in the history of technology".

Nexus 4: SFR markets without the commitment

The Nexus 4 should make its appearance on the December 18th online shop SFR. The operator has fulfilled its obligations by providing the Smartphone Google in its catalog. This marketing should satisfy many customers.

Those who have not had the opportunity to buy the Nexus 4 Store official Google can always fall back on the SFR. It should still have a large budget, because pretty expensive Smartphone with different subscriptions offered. Unfortunately, those rates were set last week when the information has spread high-speed Internet. The phone offered by Google and manufactured by LG is a real success Store the Mountain View company. In the space of a few hours, showed a Smartphone stock. For now, users do not know whether the firm will be replenished before the end of the year. Some announce availability in early 2013.

A rate high enough to offer without engagement

In all cases indicated a marketing SFR on December 18 on its online store. Customers were able to see the Internet Smartphone with prices quite high. Customers wishing to purchase the Nexus 4 will cost:

  • From 179.90 euros Square 2 GB without ODR
  • From 29.90 euros Square 4 GB with ODR
  • From 1 euro: Square 6 GB with ODR

Users must also commit to 24 months or opt for prepaid cards. Bad news appeared in the market. Those who did not subscribe to a thought that the price would be fairly close to that proposed by Google on its store, ie 349 euros for the 16 GB capacity You will still pay 629.90 euros SFR for a formula without commitment. The bill is pretty hefty and will not go down for some consumers. This amount is high, but is still at the rate applied for this type of Smartphones with such a sheet. Google has had the opportunity to offer a much lower price, as Mountain View company to subsidize the product.

Follow your favorite blogs with Bloglovin 'on iOS

Bloglovin 'is a new free application for iOS that allows you to consume information by following his blogs favorites or discovering new content on blogging platforms the best known.

And these platforms are numerous and have their own apps for smartphones and tablets. Like digital reading applications such as Flipboard or Google Currents, this application gives users the opportunity to follow their favorite sites using the most popular platforms - namely Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Once the application is downloaded, you must register and then start selecting which blogs you are most interested in the different categories: art, entertainment, fashion, photography and so on. Then the blog posts in question appears a bit like Facebook in a newsfeed (or timeline).

Each user can love an item but can not see or add comments. Sharing options on Twitter, Facebook and email and the ability to see an article in the browser are obviously present. For those interested, the application also provides a ranking of articles and popular blogs.

Note that it is not impossible that bugs exist and that the application is (unfortunately) not yet planned for the iPad.

Samsung became the leader loose cluster of Apple

After a small legal victory in the United States, the world leader in new phones now prefers to fight on the markets, rather than the courts.

Eye for eye, tooth for a tooth? Samsung seems to have abandoned this practice against rival Apple. The Korean giant has indeed renounced all claims to ban apple products in Europe.

Procedures in Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands and France have been abandoned. But "this decision does not affect the proceedings already underway in Europe" for patent infringement, said the Korean manufacturer. Samsung has also said he now prefers to "compete with other companies on the market, and not the courts."

The turnaround came after the U.S. Justice had decided not to ban the sale of Samsung 26 products on American soil. Through this experience, the giant high-tech and have it included the maxim "do not do to others what you would not want to do unto you" ?

World Number One

Another factor could also explain this change of strategy: the latest results from research firm IHS iSuppli. According to the report, Samsung in 2012 became the world's number one mobile in all categories. The first place was held by Nokia for 14 years, particularly in the area of ​​phones features (conventional phones). It now represents 29% of phones sold in 2012, against 24% for Nokia and 10% for Apple.

Samsung has mostly widened the gap with its competitors thanks to smartphones . In this sector, it represents 28% of the shares, against 20% for Apple and 5% for Nokia.

IF SnapKeys invisible keyboard launches in beta on Android

Android users have the ability to use a keyboard less conventional than the classical azerty on their smartphone and tablet, even if the Android 4.2 keyboard aka Jelly Bean is efficient integration of gestural input.

SnapKeys SI is a new keyboard in beta that has nothing to do with the alternatives that we know. Composed of four colored buttons are superimposed translucent bottom of the screen, these keys are themselves divided into four tiles, one of which is a vowel and the two are letters that you use most often in a day.

The principle is simple: just tap a colorful touch to any place to insert a character. Except that sometimes, even often, the letter you need is not visible so it is necessary to enter the four colored buttons for the application attempts to predict the right word or the right expression. As as you write the word suggestions are displayed on the sides of the screen. If you hold on a tile, you can also add a small print available at the ends of the colored buttons. The space bar is on the right side and delete function is, in turn, on the left side.

The keyboard of a new genre, which combines simplicity and efficiency provided the master to perfection, is currently available in English on Android. If you want to test the beta, we must first register on the official website and then download the file. Apk application.

iOS 6.0.2 available for download

Apple has rolled out a new update for the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini . It provides only a patch of Wi-Fi.

An update of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini is available from Tuesday night. This small patch adds nothing revolutionary, but just allows to solve a recurring problem on some devices: connectivity with Wi-Fi.

Loss of quality or signal reception and other problems, these concerns should be addressed with iOS 6.0.2. However, it seems that the update is not available on all devices via OTA iPhone. It is therefore best to use iTunes to download and install the new version.

Meanwhile, Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 6.1 to its developers. It should arrive by the end of the year with a lot of news. Improvements Plans and Safari in particular should be in the program.

  • iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,5) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A550), Download
  • iPad Mini (GSM) (iPad2,6) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A8500), Download
  • iPad Mini (CDMA) (iPad2,7) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A8500), Download
  • iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5,1) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A551), Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5,2) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A551), Download

Sell ​​your photos: Instagram is explained

Monday, Instagram released its new privacy policy that caused an uproar. The platform would assume indeed the right to resell the photos of its members, without their consent and without compensation. The boss of the firm has published an open letter to calm the game.

Faced with the outcry over the new rules of confidentiality, is explained Instagram. The site owner, Kevin Systrom has published an open letter in which he discusses the controversy. "It is not our intention to sell your photos. We will work on an update of terms to ensure clarity on this point", he said.

On 16 January, the subsidiary Facebook will indeed implement new rules stipulating that the firm can use "your user name, your profile, your photos (and associated metadata) and / or actions that you perform in the context of paid content and sponsored, without compensation to you", as part of an advertising campaign.

Changing the rules

But according to Kevin Systrom, the terms used do not prove lack of appropriate context. "Let's say a company wants to promote its account to gain more followers: Instagram may help in some way. To help relevant to promotion, it would be useful to see what people are likely to follow this account as well. In this sense, some of the data that you generate - as you perform actions (eg, accounts that follow you) or your profile picture - might appear if you follow this business", he explains, adding qu'Instagram change the terms that have raised controversy within 30 days.

For him, it is not selling the pictures of the platform. The main objective is to "avoid things like banners that you see in other applications, and that detract from the user experience Instagram". Cofounder of the application has also ensured that the "Instagram users own their content and does not claim Instagram your photos".

Not sure these words will reassure all users. We must therefore wait Errata confidentiality rules to ensure that our privacy is well protected.

Winamax, mobile poker with real money on Android

Play poker for fun with friends and a handful of chips, that's fine, but playing with a real challenge is better, all players will tell you. Question of adrenaline! It's a bit like the difference between bumper cars and Formula 1 ...

All that to say that Winamax the site online poker with real pieces of Patrick Bruel in the first poker room in the world to offer real money poker on mobile, just put online a new version of its application for Android, which allows experienced players to play up to four tables simultaneously.

And, since all parts of the application PC / MAC Winamax are also accessible on mobile, it is possible to play the  freerolls , freerolls with cash to win. There are 12 per day with 50 to 250 € to share, which according to experts is ideal for beginners.

To access the mobile version, you must first create an account  on the page dedicated Winamax site, where you will get the IDs needed to connect.

Note that the Android app is not available in Google Play for the moment, but you can install it from the site:

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