7000 Wii U fell from the truck in the United States

A large stock of console Wii U was stolen from a warehouse in Seattle, United States. The damage is estimated at $ 2.28 million.

An impressive booty was stolen from a warehouse near the airport in Seattle. Not less than 7,000 Wii U representing a value of $ 2.28 million were stolen in the night from Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 December, reveals the site Kotaku. Which is still filled with 64 pallets Wii U!

"I'm a cop for 28 years and I've never seen anything like it. This is straight out of the movies", was surprised Sergeant Cindy West, during his testimony for ABC News.

To make their case, the robbers arrived with two semi-trailers and used forklifts on site to rob all merchandise. Investigators are now looking for two trucks bearing the inscription McKinney to find stolen consoles.

For its part, Nintendo has deployed an anti-theft, the report of the police. But the Japanese automaker said no more, certainly to prevent thieves deactivate the security system.

The police have also asked users to warn in case of massive sales of Wii U on sale sites online like eBay. "The sale of consoles will lead to their capture," provides Sergeant Cindy West . Adding that he will  "of ifficile 7000 Wii U to hide."

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