Samsung became the leader loose cluster of Apple

After a small legal victory in the United States, the world leader in new phones now prefers to fight on the markets, rather than the courts.

Eye for eye, tooth for a tooth? Samsung seems to have abandoned this practice against rival Apple. The Korean giant has indeed renounced all claims to ban apple products in Europe.

Procedures in Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands and France have been abandoned. But "this decision does not affect the proceedings already underway in Europe" for patent infringement, said the Korean manufacturer. Samsung has also said he now prefers to "compete with other companies on the market, and not the courts."

The turnaround came after the U.S. Justice had decided not to ban the sale of Samsung 26 products on American soil. Through this experience, the giant high-tech and have it included the maxim "do not do to others what you would not want to do unto you" ?

World Number One

Another factor could also explain this change of strategy: the latest results from research firm IHS iSuppli. According to the report, Samsung in 2012 became the world's number one mobile in all categories. The first place was held by Nokia for 14 years, particularly in the area of ​​phones features (conventional phones). It now represents 29% of phones sold in 2012, against 24% for Nokia and 10% for Apple.

Samsung has mostly widened the gap with its competitors thanks to smartphones . In this sector, it represents 28% of the shares, against 20% for Apple and 5% for Nokia.

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