Nexus 4: SFR markets without the commitment

The Nexus 4 should make its appearance on the December 18th online shop SFR. The operator has fulfilled its obligations by providing the Smartphone Google in its catalog. This marketing should satisfy many customers.

Those who have not had the opportunity to buy the Nexus 4 Store official Google can always fall back on the SFR. It should still have a large budget, because pretty expensive Smartphone with different subscriptions offered. Unfortunately, those rates were set last week when the information has spread high-speed Internet. The phone offered by Google and manufactured by LG is a real success Store the Mountain View company. In the space of a few hours, showed a Smartphone stock. For now, users do not know whether the firm will be replenished before the end of the year. Some announce availability in early 2013.

A rate high enough to offer without engagement

In all cases indicated a marketing SFR on December 18 on its online store. Customers were able to see the Internet Smartphone with prices quite high. Customers wishing to purchase the Nexus 4 will cost:

  • From 179.90 euros Square 2 GB without ODR
  • From 29.90 euros Square 4 GB with ODR
  • From 1 euro: Square 6 GB with ODR

Users must also commit to 24 months or opt for prepaid cards. Bad news appeared in the market. Those who did not subscribe to a thought that the price would be fairly close to that proposed by Google on its store, ie 349 euros for the 16 GB capacity You will still pay 629.90 euros SFR for a formula without commitment. The bill is pretty hefty and will not go down for some consumers. This amount is high, but is still at the rate applied for this type of Smartphones with such a sheet. Google has had the opportunity to offer a much lower price, as Mountain View company to subsidize the product.

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