Follow your favorite blogs with Bloglovin 'on iOS

Bloglovin 'is a new free application for iOS that allows you to consume information by following his blogs favorites or discovering new content on blogging platforms the best known.

And these platforms are numerous and have their own apps for smartphones and tablets. Like digital reading applications such as Flipboard or Google Currents, this application gives users the opportunity to follow their favorite sites using the most popular platforms - namely Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Once the application is downloaded, you must register and then start selecting which blogs you are most interested in the different categories: art, entertainment, fashion, photography and so on. Then the blog posts in question appears a bit like Facebook in a newsfeed (or timeline).

Each user can love an item but can not see or add comments. Sharing options on Twitter, Facebook and email and the ability to see an article in the browser are obviously present. For those interested, the application also provides a ranking of articles and popular blogs.

Note that it is not impossible that bugs exist and that the application is (unfortunately) not yet planned for the iPad.

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