Optimize the page for the Facebook Graph Search

The Search Graph of Facebook is still not available everywhere, but it is not a reason not to take the lead and not be prepared to enjoy. But in fact, if you are a brand, or even a company, then you will no doubt be pleased to learn that Mark Zuckerberg and his friends took advantage of their famous conference to provide some advice for companies. Advice that simply aims to help them better optimize their pages . And if you want to know more, know that all these tips are just there, a little lower in the rest of the article.

Why optimize your page for Graph Search? Very good question, of course, but the answer is actually quite simple. far, Facebook's internal research allowed to find ... what we were looking. If you want to get information about Pepsi, for example, you needed type "Pepsi" in the search engine service. It was good, but everything is just changing with the new tool unveiled yesterday by Facebook.

Because once it is set up everywhere, then the Graph Search will allow us to find content ... we do not necessarily sought. To bounce our example, we can always find Pepsi page by typing its name into the search field, of course, but it may also fall on swinging generic queries on other terms, such as soda, for example . Basically, therefore, brands and companies have the opportunity to improve their visibility and even conquer a whole new audience they did not even know existed.

But now, to make it work and we can collect a few million more fans, it will go ahead and optimize our pages with onions so they are visible. To do and according to Facebook, it will therefore start by applying these three tips :
  • Take the time to fill out the "about" indicating the name of the company, but also its category and its URL. All with a few small keywords in passing, if you feel like it.
  • Advantage of geo-location data by filling out the address of his trade, his company or his headquarters.
  • Treat his fans to push them to earn interactions with your page, which will enable you to reach their friends but also friends of friends and maybe even friends of friends of friends.

So of course, these tips have always been valid, but will still Graph Search a little further than the old search engine and Facebook is one more reason to apply. Morality, all my friends will be able to drop SEOs SEO and Google SEO to focus on Facebook that seems most obvious to understand and, more importantly, much more logical.

$ 400 for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4?

This year marks a milestone in the history of video games. This is actually somewhere in the coming months that Microsoft and Sony will grace us with their new console, and therefore the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 ? Beautiful, of course, much more than these two consoles are expected for some years now. And this is probably what prompted experts Baird Equity Research to canvass during CES 2013 to get their hands on as much information as possible about these two devices. The survey has also been successful, it seems, because they are finally able to estimate the price of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. These should be sold around $ 350 / $ 400.

How can we estimate the selling price of two devices that have not yet been announced and we do not know ultimately not much? It is this question that came to me from reading the article published in Game Industry  and so there are chances that it haunts you too. In reality, it is quite simple because the representatives of Baird Equity Research enjoyed the last CES for snooping in all boxes working on the history of their area to pull the nose.

It is thanks to the information obtained through this that the firm in question is able to estimate the selling price of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. Based on its findings, therefore, they should be offered around $ 350 or $ 400 is a few dollars more than the Wii U Nintendo. There's more, since this is not the only information obtained by the firm. No, still after him and always according to his incredible proper investigation experts Miami, both consoles should also leave in the fall and ship components high-end, but also several novel technologies based voice control and "motion."

The thing you can remember, though, is that we should soon be fixed since these two consoles could, later, to be presented during E3 2013 and then in the month of June. Also, do not forget either that Sony will hold a special event next month dedicated to the PlayStation. In any event, and if the stars are mild, it is possible that we learn a little more about the PlayStation 4.

What is certain, in any case, is that if the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are really available around $ 350 / $ 400, then they may actually sell like hotcakes. Morality, friends, it's now or never to put money aside.

Facebook: The new network service is called Graph Search

Facebook expected to Menlo Park Press for an outstanding event. Zuckerberg wanted to make an announcement on Tuesday January 15. The visitors did not discover changes in operating conditions or a smartphone.

Facebook was the center of attention since the announcement of the famous social network. So everyone had their eyes on this presentation. The company Mark Zuckerberg could have a mobile or various products. In the end, the American press has discovered a search engine called internal Graph Search. This was designed to encourage users to conduct research on the social network using the traditional bar at the top of the pages. The user can obtain information about the profiles. These are available only if you are friends with the person. At this conference Mark Zuckerberg gave an example of using the Internet as will seek friends who live in Palo Alto and like Game of Thrones or what restaurants in Palo Alto where my friends are gone. Facebook is changing and expanding its content to gather new users and those who have kept a profile. Now the network reference more than one billion subscribers and Facebook wants to continue on this path.

Search friends

Facebook is now organized around three axes, namely the Timeline, the flow of news and Graph Search. It should enrich the user navigation as it can use different categories. You can then using the new features more easily find friends who are possibly your passions, your city, your knowledge ... This famous search engine is not exclusively dedicated to partnering with Facebook since the engine of Microsoft Bing was signed. As soon as Graph Search does not meet your needs, Bing arrives and offers his services.

A beta

Currently, Facebook has decided to launch a beta version where it is possible to register for this address, but some users have the opportunity to test the search engine. This can be very interesting especially in places such research. You will have the opportunity to go to a restaurant recommended by a friend. This operation thus establishes some confidence and you may be easier to point you in establishments tested by friends, not strangers. Facebook could he compete with Google? For now, it is perhaps too early to tell, but Mark Zuckerberg has plans to build a social network around a war machine.

Million for the Surface?

Microsoft Surface tablet was launched at the same time as Windows 8. For now, the tablet is equipped with the Windows RT ARM processor requires, and this weakness could greatly hamper sales. According to the analyst Brent Thill, the tablet would have sold only a million copies.

A figure that would be pretty disappointing for Microsoft. In fact, the Redmond giant relied on two million tablets in the first two months. The figure given by Brent Thill nothing official, Microsoft did not release the number of sales area. But if it is true, it would be a real blow to Microsoft. By comparison, Apple sold 20 million iPad in the fourth quarter of 2012.

But all is not lost for Microsoft. At the end of the month, the automaker released the tablet Surface Pro, equipped with Windows 8. This time with a processor Intel Core i5 and Windows 8. A real little PC that will be sold at a price of € 1,000, which could actually launch the tablet surface.

Mini and Maxi HaierPad

The HaierPad Mini is available in two versions, a 7 "display (LCD) format 1024x600px 16/9 and 8" (IPS) 1024x768px format 4/3. The rest of the specifications are exactly the same, that is to say, a CPU CORTEX A9 AML8726-MX Dual 1.5 GHz heart with 1GB of RAM, a capacity of 8GB, a microSD slot, a 2 megapixel camera, a webcam front 0.3 Megapixels, WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, all in an aluminum case and brushed on Android 4.0.3.

The size of the version 7 "are 191x119x8.9 mm and 325g battery 3200 mAh, while version 8" is 206 × 154.8 × 9.5 mm 430g with battery 4500 mAh. Count respectively 149 euros and 179 euros.

The Maxi HaierPad offer for its IPS screen 9.7 "with a resolution of 1024x768px format 4/3, a processor 1.5 GHz RK3066 Double heart with 1GB of RAM, a capacity of 8GB, a microSD slot, a 0.3 front webcam megapixels, WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, all in a brushed aluminum case and Android 4.0.3 with dimensions of 240.6 × 187.5 × 9.6 mm for 651g. Count 249 euros.

The iPad Mini 4 and iPad 3G invade China

China is a huge market for Apple, the second of the mark, as the admission of Tim Cook. And this week, two new tablets from Apple 3G version , the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini , invade China on Friday, in order to clearly establish the market.

This is Tim Cook himself announced, after the approval of these models 3G and 4G. Good news for Apple, which offered its shelves that WiFi in the Middle Kingdom until today.

China is a major element for Apple. Not only is the country's second largest market for U.S. high-tech, but also a place of business battle against Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has in fact never established itself in the country, unlike Apple.

Huawei G520, a smartphone 4.5 inch Quad-Core for China

Huawei has officially confirmed the arrival of the G520.

In a few words, this cheap smartphone offers a large touch screen of 4.5 inch IPS WVGA resolution (480 x 854 pixels), an architecture Mediatek MT6589 quad-core clocked at 1.2GHz accompanied by PowerVR SGX544 graphics chip. The only downside may lie in the amount of RAM that is limited to only 512 MB ​​of RAM. With that, it also supports a front camera (webcam) and a camera picture (dorsal) to 5 megapixels.

The G520 is announced and costs 1.399 yen (about $ 225) in Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4). It will be released on January 21, the Chinese territory. No information on output in our countries.

Photos of the LG Optimus G

Available in the U.S. and Asia, the LG Optimus G that we will arrive at the beginning of March. This smartphone has inspired the Nexus 4 was present at CES and we were able to have on hand. Nothing to say, this Optimus G has good arguments, a beautiful finish, very good reactivity, but a wrapper LG which although it is fairly well integrated and brings a lot of new features, some curb our passions following the painful liability in respect updates terminals Korean manufacturer. You want to believe though.

The G LG Optimus runs Android ICS screen and features a 15:9 True HD IPS + (1280 x 768, 318 dpi) 4.7 "Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon processor S4 Pro quad-core clocked at 1.5Ghz with a GPU Adreno 320, 2GB RAM, 32GB capacity, a NPC 13MPx back with LED flash, a video camera in front of 1.3MPx the Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0/GPS, port MHL, NFC, new QSLIDE new features, Live Zooming, Dual Screen Dual Play, QuickMemo, Screen Zooming, Application Link Icon Personalizer and a 2100 mAh battery (battery 60% faster than equivalent batteries, which can withstand up to 800 cycles) , all with a thickness of 8.45 mm (131.9 x 68.9 mm) for 145 grams.

Nexus 4: LG denies stopping production

The arrival of the Nexus 4 in the market has made ​​a number of mobile users completely euphoric. A powerful smartphone, not bad looking and propose a more attractive price, it does not really short streets. Yes, it was still anything but the joy was short-lived. Such a nasty hangover, supply problems were quickly marred the launch of Nexus small. Until last week, when we began to hear that LG could put an end to the production of the latter. Terrible, of course, but be aware of everything-even the manufacturer has given to speak officially on the issue, stating that these rumors were completely unfounded.

The whole story is a part of James Fisher , an executive at LG. This is actually at the CES 2013 that it had launched a huge stir by saying that the Nexus 4 was only the first in a long line. There was even talk that LG enjoys the upcoming Mobile World Congress to launch new smartphones, thus putting an end to the short career of the Nexus 4. Needless to say, the information is very quickly around the world, triggering a choice, a wave of disapproval or applause.

It was therefore stayed there but LG apparently wanted to clarify in an interview conducted by ChosunBiz. According to the manufacturer, so the information relayed next week would be totally inaccurate. The manufacturer would have no intention of launching new Nexus at the MWC 2013. Interesting, but there's more because LG has also added that the Nexus 4 not suffer any problem in terms of production. Yes, you read that right, according to the South Korean conglomerate, everything was just ... normal.

But now, the really funny thing is that LG's statements contradict those of the president of Google UK. In December, Dan Cobley had actually pointed to the chain manufacturer's production, thus going to declare that he was completely unable to meet the demand of consumers.

What can we conclude? Simply statements that Google and LG contradict completely. Both firms fail obviously not agree and so they prefer to blame on one another. Ultimately, this also means that Google might happen to her next LG to produce Nexus, and many say it is the latter which ultimately may ultimately pay the price of this disagreement.

Sim City 2013: cinematic intro!

Among the most anticipated games of the moment, there is of course the new Sim City. A few years after the last installment, one of the most famous songs in the world is going to actually tumble on our bikes and this is from March 7 it will be possible to enjoy in France. It remains to wait a few months and if you trepignez impatience - this is exactly my case - so I have something that should make you happy. What? Simply the cinematic intro, a cutscene you'll be able to find now a little further down in the article.

It is a fact, the late 80s has been a rather prolific period for video games. Between the first Sim City, launched in 1989 by Will Wright, and good old Populous , designed by Peter Molyneux the same year, gamers had management for their money and I think that even those who have experienced those years must feel like a small tear beading along their plays. Since then, video games have evolved, of course, but this time everything will remain de same engraved in my heart. And especially in mine, actually.

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge and we got several sequels as SimCity 2000 in 1993, SimCity 3000 in 1999 or Sim City 4 in 2003. And in 2013, ten years after the launch of the latest installment, so this is a new Sim City which will fall on the corner of the head. A Sim City more beautiful, more complete, more focused on multiplayer and finally a great chance to seduce all fans of the saga. As for me, in any case, I would without a doubt one of the first to buy the cake.

History finale, here is a list not exhaustive functions and features of Sim City 2013:
  • Joint launch on Windows and Mac OS.
  • Perfect communication between the two versions (see multiplayer games)
  • Grouping cities by region
  • Sharing of resources between cities in the same region
  • Flexible buildings using modules
  • Curved streets, events spontaneous effect "tilt shift"
  • Multi-city mode for multiplayer play of the same region
  • Urban areas: technology, trade, energy, etc ...

I do not know about you but this is typically the kind of video that makes me hungry.

Generate an ebook from any website

The digital book is still super convenient because it does not take up much space. One understands why digital reading lights are doing so well and why products like the Kindle or Kobo walk very different. But in fact, if you are equipped with a reading light at home, then Ebook Glue may be of interest because the goal of this service is to simply turn any website, any blog, ebook. A good way to take your favorite websites with you on the subway, especially friendly service that will even let you choose the format.

The first thing to know about this service is that it is extremely simple to use. No need to be a killer coding or being born with a mouse in hand, anyone have any way the possibility to use it. The only thing you need is actually the address of the site that you want to scan. And once you have this information in hand, then you simply go on Ebook Glue that it does the rest.

On the home page service, you will actually find a single field in which you will absolutely take the address of the site you want. After validation, Ebook Glue will go analyze that page to find your RSS Feed. And after? And long after, you will be entitled to a captcha antispam clumsy before you find yourself on a new page with two buttons. Two buttons that will allow you to recover digital book is in ePub format, or Mobi format. Just below, you can also note the presence of a sharing link that you can swing on social networks you frequent to share your story with the great discovery many.

Ebook Glue: your site ebook in ePub or Mobi

But this is not all. Not because the second thing to know about Ebook Glue is that it is perfectly possible to create an account on the platform to manage its various ebooks. The friendly thing is that you can then find all your books in one place and retrieve it again if the need arises.

In the end, the only downside is that all sites and all blogs are not necessarily distribute their articles in their entirety in their RSS feeds. And if they are truncated, then your ebook will be too. However, the good news today is that the Fredzone not cut his articles then you will at least be able to try your hand with it.

BlackBerry X10: new photos from Instagram

If the BlackBerry Z10 has already shown through a number of photographs stolen, his little brother was finally made ​​much more discreet and yet we know so little about the BlackBerry X10 . It's sad, of course, but be aware of-all-just as nothing is lost as new photos come just fall on canvas, photos directly from Instagram. Friendly, of course, and it should include to please all those who can not pass a true full physical keyboard, the same keyboard that has contributed significantly to the success of the brand.

You can actually remember that if the Z10 opts at all touch BlackBerry X10 finally approaches a more evolved Bold. In other words, it presents itself as a smartphone equipped with both a touch screen and both a full physical keyboard.

So of course, we still know very little about it, its specifications are not yet known, but it should ultimately be quite close to his big brother. It would therefore issue a dual-core processor TI OMAP 4470 clocked at 1.5 Ghz , with 2GB of memory , of 16GB or 32GB of storage , an 8 megapixel sensor with LED Flash , d a second 2-megapixel sensor and even a slot for microSD cards. All with WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS chip, a mini HDMI output and even an NFC chip.

All this information is obviously to be taken lightly, and it is thus necessary to wait for January 30th to get to the net. Here, also, while we're at, is what you will fall for these new BlackBerry? And if so, you can direct you to what model? The Z10? X10?

Facebook: search engine, an OS mobile advertising network?

Facebook will organize an event within a few hours during which the giant would unveil some new features. Why? We do not know anything, but speculation is rife for a few hours. And if you believe all the rumors to date, then Facebook could launch a search engine, a mobile OS and advertising network as a bonus. It all in stride, and we must admit that it would still be nice to have the right to as many novelties.

There must admit, the two sites have set the bar very high on the issue of rumors. Specify all de same as this information comes from anonymous sources , close the file and finally we do not know much. This also means that it would be better to take what follows with caution and do not get carried away too quickly. Anyway, we should be quickly fixed.

Facebook: a search engine?

It starts at the top and therefore tackles the search engine would be unveiled by Facebook in a few hours. Make things as clear now, it does not impose such a new service and it is actually the internal search of the famous social network that would benefit from a facelift saving. We must recognize that the state, it is not used much and it would indeed be very wise for Facebook to do something.

From what we know, or rather what we think to know, so Facebook is preparing to launch a new module can rely on all contributions posted by users of the service. The aim would not be to launch a competing service to Google, but to offer users a tool decidedly social.

Facebook: a mobile OS?

It is now a few years we hear of the arrival of a Facebook-Phone. And it is clear that we are still waiting. But in fact, if one believes MG Siegler of Techcrunch, the company has changed its tune and is preparing to unveil and nothing less than a mobile OS. Altogether, The best is to come elsewhere since this platform could be based on Android. All with an overlay house and highlighting all the different services and all the different tools published by the social networking giant.

Facebook: an advertising network?

It ends with this rumor. According to Forbes, Facebook could use its event to unveil a new ad network . A network that is developed from a service that some of you may be familiar since it is the Atlas ad serving to Microsoft . Always according to the same sources, Facebook is currently negotiating with the Redmond company to repurchase its solution and to integrate it into their own products. A partnership is not excluded, of course.

That's outline. Finally, it may be recalled that the outcome is close because the Facebook event will take place within a few hours.

Service to automatically publish their RSS feeds on Google Plus

All those who produce content and who seek to spread on social networks know: we can organize an RSS feed on Twitter and Facebook so that its articles are picked up and sent automatically upon publication. Unfortunately, what is true with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks is not with Google Plus, which, eighteen months after its creation, still can through self-publishing RSS son.

An unfortunate limitation, especially for brands, who must wrestle publication manual section by section of their content if they want them to be visible on Google's social network.

However there is a service that allows you to automatically publish finally an RSS feed on Google Plus dlvr.it. Already available for Twitter and Facebook dlvr.it can now publish on Google Plus. Simply create an account and then add the RSS feed you want to publish and set Google Plus as a new destination, and it's done. The service automatically publish your posts with an update by default every 15 minutes, changed according to your preferences. dlvr.it also supports hashtags and can organize up to 50 streams.

Practice, but still not ideal, especially for bloggers wishing to incur costs in such an approach: on the one hand for a fee, and secondly it only affects Google Plus pages, not personal profiles . This suggests that dlvr.it is primarily for businesses and brands. Impression confirmed by the range of services offered by this platform (customization API, statistics, monitoring ...)

There is a free version, but it does not include Google Plus, it's bundle.

Speedtest.net arrives on Windows Phone 8 to test the quality of your connection

We talk regularly outings and updates applications on both mobile operating systems that dominate the market, iOS and Android not to mention, but we also forget to talk about the system that is very promising Windows Phone 8.

Speedtest.net is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective measure for the quality of its Internet connection with the classic test of inflow and outflow as well as ping. This service is obviously very used on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets through the application previously available on iOS and Android.

However, users of mobile operating system from Microsoft recently can enjoy this application on Windows Phone 8 essential. Its features are not revolutionary but focus on the main: starting with the speed test and ping the server closest to where you are, and especially the detailed history of all tests which is sometimes convenient to compare different results. Those who wish can also share their results directly from the application ...

The only prerequisite to install this application is to use the latest version of Microsoft's mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. Well, it still lacks Flipboard, Instagram and so on ...

Google launches Chrome 25 beta with support for voice commands

Google never ceases to update the different versions of its Chrome browser on multiple operating systems on which it is available.

The search giant announced today the launch of the latest beta version of its Web browser, Chrome 25. Let this high version number that means nothing for a long time and focus on improvements in this major upgrade: the main novelty, or that Google particularly emphasizes is the API support Speech enabling Web developers to incorporate speech recognition into their applications and to imagine all sorts of concepts based on speech.

Developers are definitely spoiled with this new version as development tools have been improved and with new features like the ability to clear the console JavaScript or display CPU activity for each rule. For users, there is not much to put in their mouths - if only Chrome on Windows will automatically disable the extensions that have been added by third-party programs without proper consent from the main concerned.

Must still remember that these betas are being developed, not always stable, and the 25th version is much more suited for developers and the general public.

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