Service to automatically publish their RSS feeds on Google Plus

All those who produce content and who seek to spread on social networks know: we can organize an RSS feed on Twitter and Facebook so that its articles are picked up and sent automatically upon publication. Unfortunately, what is true with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks is not with Google Plus, which, eighteen months after its creation, still can through self-publishing RSS son.

An unfortunate limitation, especially for brands, who must wrestle publication manual section by section of their content if they want them to be visible on Google's social network.

However there is a service that allows you to automatically publish finally an RSS feed on Google Plus Already available for Twitter and Facebook can now publish on Google Plus. Simply create an account and then add the RSS feed you want to publish and set Google Plus as a new destination, and it's done. The service automatically publish your posts with an update by default every 15 minutes, changed according to your preferences. also supports hashtags and can organize up to 50 streams.

Practice, but still not ideal, especially for bloggers wishing to incur costs in such an approach: on the one hand for a fee, and secondly it only affects Google Plus pages, not personal profiles . This suggests that is primarily for businesses and brands. Impression confirmed by the range of services offered by this platform (customization API, statistics, monitoring ...)

There is a free version, but it does not include Google Plus, it's bundle.

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