Optimize the page for the Facebook Graph Search

The Search Graph of Facebook is still not available everywhere, but it is not a reason not to take the lead and not be prepared to enjoy. But in fact, if you are a brand, or even a company, then you will no doubt be pleased to learn that Mark Zuckerberg and his friends took advantage of their famous conference to provide some advice for companies. Advice that simply aims to help them better optimize their pages . And if you want to know more, know that all these tips are just there, a little lower in the rest of the article.

Why optimize your page for Graph Search? Very good question, of course, but the answer is actually quite simple. far, Facebook's internal research allowed to find ... what we were looking. If you want to get information about Pepsi, for example, you needed type "Pepsi" in the search engine service. It was good, but everything is just changing with the new tool unveiled yesterday by Facebook.

Because once it is set up everywhere, then the Graph Search will allow us to find content ... we do not necessarily sought. To bounce our example, we can always find Pepsi page by typing its name into the search field, of course, but it may also fall on swinging generic queries on other terms, such as soda, for example . Basically, therefore, brands and companies have the opportunity to improve their visibility and even conquer a whole new audience they did not even know existed.

But now, to make it work and we can collect a few million more fans, it will go ahead and optimize our pages with onions so they are visible. To do and according to Facebook, it will therefore start by applying these three tips :
  • Take the time to fill out the "about" indicating the name of the company, but also its category and its URL. All with a few small keywords in passing, if you feel like it.
  • Advantage of geo-location data by filling out the address of his trade, his company or his headquarters.
  • Treat his fans to push them to earn interactions with your page, which will enable you to reach their friends but also friends of friends and maybe even friends of friends of friends.

So of course, these tips have always been valid, but will still Graph Search a little further than the old search engine and Facebook is one more reason to apply. Morality, all my friends will be able to drop SEOs SEO and Google SEO to focus on Facebook that seems most obvious to understand and, more importantly, much more logical.

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