Nexus 4: LG denies stopping production

The arrival of the Nexus 4 in the market has made ​​a number of mobile users completely euphoric. A powerful smartphone, not bad looking and propose a more attractive price, it does not really short streets. Yes, it was still anything but the joy was short-lived. Such a nasty hangover, supply problems were quickly marred the launch of Nexus small. Until last week, when we began to hear that LG could put an end to the production of the latter. Terrible, of course, but be aware of everything-even the manufacturer has given to speak officially on the issue, stating that these rumors were completely unfounded.

The whole story is a part of James Fisher , an executive at LG. This is actually at the CES 2013 that it had launched a huge stir by saying that the Nexus 4 was only the first in a long line. There was even talk that LG enjoys the upcoming Mobile World Congress to launch new smartphones, thus putting an end to the short career of the Nexus 4. Needless to say, the information is very quickly around the world, triggering a choice, a wave of disapproval or applause.

It was therefore stayed there but LG apparently wanted to clarify in an interview conducted by ChosunBiz. According to the manufacturer, so the information relayed next week would be totally inaccurate. The manufacturer would have no intention of launching new Nexus at the MWC 2013. Interesting, but there's more because LG has also added that the Nexus 4 not suffer any problem in terms of production. Yes, you read that right, according to the South Korean conglomerate, everything was just ... normal.

But now, the really funny thing is that LG's statements contradict those of the president of Google UK. In December, Dan Cobley had actually pointed to the chain manufacturer's production, thus going to declare that he was completely unable to meet the demand of consumers.

What can we conclude? Simply statements that Google and LG contradict completely. Both firms fail obviously not agree and so they prefer to blame on one another. Ultimately, this also means that Google might happen to her next LG to produce Nexus, and many say it is the latter which ultimately may ultimately pay the price of this disagreement.

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