Million for the Surface?

Microsoft Surface tablet was launched at the same time as Windows 8. For now, the tablet is equipped with the Windows RT ARM processor requires, and this weakness could greatly hamper sales. According to the analyst Brent Thill, the tablet would have sold only a million copies.

A figure that would be pretty disappointing for Microsoft. In fact, the Redmond giant relied on two million tablets in the first two months. The figure given by Brent Thill nothing official, Microsoft did not release the number of sales area. But if it is true, it would be a real blow to Microsoft. By comparison, Apple sold 20 million iPad in the fourth quarter of 2012.

But all is not lost for Microsoft. At the end of the month, the automaker released the tablet Surface Pro, equipped with Windows 8. This time with a processor Intel Core i5 and Windows 8. A real little PC that will be sold at a price of € 1,000, which could actually launch the tablet surface.

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