Facebook: search engine, an OS mobile advertising network?

Facebook will organize an event within a few hours during which the giant would unveil some new features. Why? We do not know anything, but speculation is rife for a few hours. And if you believe all the rumors to date, then Facebook could launch a search engine, a mobile OS and advertising network as a bonus. It all in stride, and we must admit that it would still be nice to have the right to as many novelties.

There must admit, the two sites have set the bar very high on the issue of rumors. Specify all de same as this information comes from anonymous sources , close the file and finally we do not know much. This also means that it would be better to take what follows with caution and do not get carried away too quickly. Anyway, we should be quickly fixed.

Facebook: a search engine?

It starts at the top and therefore tackles the search engine would be unveiled by Facebook in a few hours. Make things as clear now, it does not impose such a new service and it is actually the internal search of the famous social network that would benefit from a facelift saving. We must recognize that the state, it is not used much and it would indeed be very wise for Facebook to do something.

From what we know, or rather what we think to know, so Facebook is preparing to launch a new module can rely on all contributions posted by users of the service. The aim would not be to launch a competing service to Google, but to offer users a tool decidedly social.

Facebook: a mobile OS?

It is now a few years we hear of the arrival of a Facebook-Phone. And it is clear that we are still waiting. But in fact, if one believes MG Siegler of Techcrunch, the company has changed its tune and is preparing to unveil and nothing less than a mobile OS. Altogether, The best is to come elsewhere since this platform could be based on Android. All with an overlay house and highlighting all the different services and all the different tools published by the social networking giant.

Facebook: an advertising network?

It ends with this rumor. According to Forbes, Facebook could use its event to unveil a new ad network . A network that is developed from a service that some of you may be familiar since it is the Atlas ad serving to Microsoft . Always according to the same sources, Facebook is currently negotiating with the Redmond company to repurchase its solution and to integrate it into their own products. A partnership is not excluded, of course.

That's outline. Finally, it may be recalled that the outcome is close because the Facebook event will take place within a few hours.

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