HTC Butterfly J: the first smartphone with full HD

The rumor of a HTC smartphone displaying Full HD became reality since the HTC Butterfly J appeared on the Japanese page of the official website of HTC. Propose the manufacturer in Japan with the first mobile operator KDDI.

HTC Butterfly J have a Super LCD screen 3 5 inch display 1920 by 1080 pixels, which gives it a pixel density of over 440 ppi.

Until now, the Sony Xperia S which had the density of pixels the higher the market (342 dpi on its 4.3-inch screen). But HTC Butterfly J should be compared rather (for the size of the screen) Galaxy Note II (267 dpi screen on its 5.5 inches) and LG Optimus Vu (256 dpi on its 5-inch screen).

The terminal features a Snapdragon S4 SoC integrating Pro APQ8064 quad core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. The hardware is supported by 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal flash memory (expandable with its memory card slot microSD) and is powered by a battery of 2020 mAh. It is also equipped with an 8 megapixel main camera (and another 2.1 megapixel front) to include film in 1080p.

Connectivity side, it supports standard WiFi a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE NFC but also (thanks to MDM9615 modem).

Another feature, not least, the HTC Butterfly J has a protection IPX5, which means it is protected against splashes. Also note that immediately turn on Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean.

HTC Butterfly J marks the arrival of mobile ultra high definition. It is now hoped that the Taiwanese manufacturer will have the good sense to release it in Europe or propose another computer with this display technology.

More than one billion smartphones in the world

According to a study by the firm Strategy Analytics , there are now more than one billion smartphones in use worldwide. In one year, the market grew from 708 million in the third quarter of 2011 to 1.038 billion at the end of September.

"We believe that 7 people in the world has a smartphone," says Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics.

This figure was reached in the third quarter, it took 16 years for the industry of smartphones to achieve this result since the inception of the first device of its kind, the Nokia Communicator which was released in 1996.

Strategy Analytics announced a penetration rate of around 60% in the United States and Europe about 40% on average.

The course of the second billion smartphones will be reached in less than three years, in the course of the year 2015 shows the expert. The market is expected to know a new dynamic emerging countries adopting at the moment mostly traditional mobile phones (feature phones).

The GoPro HERO3 arrived

Live in San Francisco, GoPro has just announced its new line of cameras GoPro HERO3 a new range includes three new products: White Edition, Silver Edition and Black Edition. The design is retained, it is also part of what made ​​the brand successful for previous versions. The new cameras are thinner and lighter and integrated WIFI.

Our favorite is for HD HERO3 Black Edition, it is 30% smaller and 25% lighter. Image resolution 4 times greater up to 12 million pixels, a processor and two times faster shooting 3 times faster.

Cameras are available for pre-order on the site priced at € 249 (White Edition) - € 349 (Silver Edition) and € 449 (Black Edition with remote control included).

Asus Padfone 2 quad core, increased autonomy and 4G LTE

Asus Padfone was surprised with this hybrid device that offers to "transform" a smartphone into a tablet. Rather than transformation, it is actually inserted into a slot in this smartphone tablet dock. The latter then works with the smartphone's hardware but has its own battery. A two in one that could even act netbook with the keyboard with the first proposed Padfone. It has not been discussed with the Padfone 2.

Exit the dual-core processor of the first draft, Asus has opted for a SoC Snapdragon CPU with quad core clocked at 1.5 GHz. It is supported by 2 GB of RAM. The terminal can display 1280 by 720 pixels on its screen Super IPS + 4.7 inches . It is also equipped with a main camera sensor with 13 megapixels . A burst mode allows you to take 100 photos continuously at a rate of six per second. It is also possible to shoot 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps. 1.2 megapixel camera A is also present on the front. The tablet allows her to display 1280 by 800 pixels on its screen 10.1 inches . Big disappointment on this last point, since it is only slightly higher than the screen of the smartphone, which has a much higher resolution ( dpi 149.4 for tablet screen against 312.5 dpi for screen smartphone ) . It is thinner and much lighter ( 649 grams for the tablet with smartphone ) than the previous model.

Regarding connectivity, the Padfone 2 is compatible with DC-HSPA + allowing a theoretical speed maximum (download) 42 Mb / s, while the compatibility 4G LTE provides up to 100 Mb / s. This new version of the Padfone is compatible with WiFi a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS compatible with aGPS.

Asus refers to a range of 16 hours in audio communication via the 3G network, while it rises to 36 hours when the smartphone is inserted into the dock tablet. Battery 5000 mAh tablet also charges the battery of 2140 mAh smartphone.

The Padfone 2 is available in black and white, and in versions with 32 GB and 64 GB of internal flash memory (which must be added 50 GB Asus WebStorage, the cloud service is free for two years). They are respectively proposed tariffs of € 799 and € 899 (plus all smartphone dock / tablet) in December in Europe (Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Swu├Ęde) and Asia. It is not expected in France in the first place.

The other downside is that it runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and not 4.1 (Jelly Bean). It is finally his hunger with this new version of the Padfone. The concept remains attractive. But the high price, the feeble resolution of the tablet and the lack of keyboard somewhat spoil the picture.

Web development: Google launches a stable version of SDK programming language Dart

A year ago, Google unveiled its own web programming language, Dart, designed to eventually replace JavaScript. This new object-oriented language is clearly an ambitious project because the goal is to create a structured language, flexible but easy to understand and use, while ensuring high performance on all browsers.

To run code written in Dart must be a native virtual machine is a server-side compiler that converts the JavaScript code for modern browsers. So the language can not be used at the moment in development environment, should although most modern browsers natively integrate Dart virtual machine, starting with Chrome ...

Google has also released the first stable version of the software development kit (SDK) programming language which has just celebrated its first birthday. This new version of the SDK provides, among other things, a virtual machine faster (and sometimes more powerful than the V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google on some benchmarks).

This SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux also includes the open-source editor Dart Editor and browser Chromium compiled virtual machine Dart.

Comparison of Microsoft Surface tablets RT Windows, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Microsoft Surface tablets Windows 8 coming on October 26 on the market in several countries including France. Their prices and their specifications were unveiled yesterday by Microsoft and it is now possible to engage in some comparisons with the competition.

This is what I propose in this comparative table showing the major tablets available on the market (of course there are many others, but these are the three main competitors and best-known) tablets Windows 8 Microsoft Surface , Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 , freely inspired and adapted from the one published yesterday by All ThingsD.

Found between these three main competitors in the market some common characteristics, such as the presence of similar sensors (gyroscope, compass, accelerometer ...) as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Please note however, to remain in the same field of comparison, it should be noted that Microsoft Surface tablets are currently the only ones not to offer 3G/4G version, this is why the table shows only the competing models that do not offer, with one exception, the Galaxy Note 32 GB which has the original and 3G seems not to exist without, at least not among distributors indicated.

The iPad remains the only one to offer a screen resolution as important with its famous Retina to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, and only in the format as 3/4, while the others are 16/9. However Apple's tablet continues to be the only one to not offer USB 2.0 connectivity standard.

The side of the price reported to storage, the tablet Microsoft Surface is by far the most competitive because it appears 489 euros to 589 euros against 32 GB for the iPad and 681 euros for the Samsung (but including 3G).

iPad Mini: Confirmed keynote October 23

Apple has confirmed the event of October 23 . The American press has therefore to be invited to San Jose to attend a new keynote. The iPad mini should make its entry into the tablet market a few days before that of Microsoft.

The invitation shows the Apple presentation of a product "little." This would correspond to the revelation of the New iPad mini version. The date of October 23 is also significant since the Cupertino company can present its product 3 days before the revelation of Microsoft. On October 26, the tablet surface will also entering the world of high tech. Apple also wants to play the card of the year-end holidays. Early November with marketing, consumers can purchase this plan for Christmas. An effective method to compete with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD Amazon.

The invitation is quite interesting because the colours are present. Thus, the mini iPad could be available in several colours  The latest information mentioned marketing a tablet black or white. Thus, the iPad mini could benefit from the same range of colours of the iPod Touch.

After several months of waiting and many speculations, the event of 23 October has been confirmed by Apple. The information was relayed by the U.S. sites, including The Verge . The iPad mini will be revealed to San Jose.

Samsung Galaxy Prime: Specifications and photo

While it has not yet been officially announced, we unveil the first benchmark the performance of the  Samsung Galaxy Prime (code named "GT-i9260").

It should run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with traditional TouchWiz overlay, it is equipped with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.65-inch screen AMOLED Super HD resolution of 1280 x 720, an 8 megapixel camera, a micro USB port, the NFC, Bluetooth, a storage space of 8GB or 16GB and a microSD slot (up to 64GB).

The price of the device could be around € 500, for more information, it will be the end of the year, when it should be formalized by Samsung. With these features and the price, it should be positioned on the mid-range of the manufacturer.

One thing is certain, after the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and soon the Galaxy Mini, Samsung plan to stay in the news this smartphone.

iOS6 on iPhone 5: Everything you need to know on passbook

Article written by Julien Saumande. An engineer by training, he has created Phoceis in 2002. Phoceis is a consultancy business and marketing that accompanies digital brands in the development and implementation of their digital strategy, on mobile devices and nomadic. The company has positioned itself in the mobile industry since 2008 and has developed one of the first applications of m-commerce from the App Store.

Nearly a month after the release of the iPhone 5, back over four weeks of news around the new "connected commerce" iOS6 of the passbook.

Passbook: If you missed the beginning ...

The Passbook is a new application appeared with version 6 operating system iPhone iOS6. Fifteen days after its release, nearly half of iPhone users had migrated iOS6 and could therefore access Passbook with the icon on the home page of their phone.

The native application passbook to transfer to your iPhone, in their electronic form, the following documents:

  • Loyalty card
  • Discount coupons, loyalty checks, gift cards
  • Boarding pass, train ticket, hotel reservation
  • Tickets

Ads follow

United States, there have been many signs to quickly launch the Passbook. Starbucks, Sephora (which announced 80,000 loyalty cards swung the Passbook in a few days), American Airlines ... there are countless ads.

MLB (Major League Baseball) has stated that, from the start, 12% of e-tickets were generated via the Passbook.

All have certainly realized that this was the first movement magnitude Apple in mobile commerce. And adding, tomorrow or after tomorrow, functionality payment would create a real value chain in a booming sector but where NFC is struggling to impose.

Auchan pass the bar 10.000 passbooks

In France, Auchan fired first in retail, with the support of the application Passbook MyAuchan from the day iOS6 output. The brand has also just announced that they have surpassed the 10.000 Passbooks generated in two weeks.

The approach to teaching northerner was twofold.

1. First of all, allow tilting of the loyalty card house (Waaoh) directly in the Passbook, in order to scan the card in hand and check the balance of fidelity.

2. But also to offer "experience Passbook" to all customers whether or not the sign, allowing failover of any promotion of the leaflet in the Passbook: So, passing near the mall, the offer is recalled on the lock screen of the iPhone. Similarly, when the offer is about to expire.

Auchan was followed by McDonalds and Kinepolis. Air France will be interested as well, and it is hard to miss the SNCF given their continuous movement towards paperless tickets. Some technical obstacles remain to be solved (see below), but there are solutions.

The next move could come from direct marketing operations. At present, most of the ads relate to the support of the Passbook by iPhone applications.

But we must not lose sight of another mode of diffusion is possible by a simple link or, better, by an attachment to an email. One can imagine that tomorrow, it is proposed to mobinaute receive directly in his mailbox a coupon, teaches recovering at the same time valuable information on the client to enhance its CRM.

And Now?

Passbook still suffers from the lack of youth (or gaps volunteers, it depends interpretations): most of it is the lack of support for traditional barcodes (EAN13, EAN128). It is now possible to "cheat" with the first, second display remains technically impossible.

However, much of the retail French (and European) uses this type of bar code. Migration to the park type of 2D code solutions at the scale of a leading brand, is a challenge that only Passbook often does not justify (yet) meet. However, there are alternatives that can overcome these difficulties, but hopefully Apple offers a short-term solution to this problem.

In addition, the system of the generation and interconnection with Passbooks systems (loyalty, CRM, marketing, cash) signs is also complex and requires expertise that currently has very little agency.

But the adoption of the Passbook by retailers will perhaps have to make a forced march: we can rely on the Apple machine to promote the tool and evangelize the masses of its users Passbook. By the end of 2012, no less than 5 million mobile users who have automatic access to the Passbook.

Twitter acquires mobile application creator Cabana

The specialist in the creation of mobile applications Cabana announced on his website that he was bought by Twitter . Launched in February 2011, this service offers mostly a visual editor to easily design mobile applications ...

The official blog of Cabana, we learn that the particular social network is clearly more interested in the service team and the application itself. Indeed, it is an "acquisition-employment" or "acqui-hire" - an operation quite common in Silicon Valley can buy both an idea and a technology team.

The team Cabana, who took the time to know that Twitter in recent months, will therefore join the team today the social network to develop tools to assist developers.

The application Cabana, in its current form, should no longer exist as a standalone tool and should even permanently close December 1, 2012. A priori, the teams Cabana and Twitter seem to be on the same wavelength so it is possible that the ideas and innovations that have made the success of the service are included.

Specifications of the tablet Microsoft Surface RT

On this site, you can discover a section to the surface under Windows 8 says "coming soon" and another for running Windows Surface RT.

While prices start at € 489 (see our article ), here are the final and complete specifications of the tablet that Microsoft signed entry in the field of public touchpads.

Surface RT is available in versions with 32 GB or 64 GB of internal flash memory. A memory card slot microSDXC will expand.

On its touch screen multi-point (5 points simultaneously) 10.6 inches called "ClearType HD Display", it displays 1366 by 768 pixels . This results in a pixel density of 148 ppi (pixels per inch). This is 44% less than on the screen of the new iPad (264 dpi) . Microsoft has also chosen a 16:9 aspect ratio for display.

The Redmond company has opted for the T30 version of the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC (CPU incorporates the 4 +1 architecture core Cortex-A9). It is supported by 2 GB of RAM . It is also characterized by two goals (back and front) LifeCams to shoot in 720p, two microphones and two speakers. The assembly is powered by a battery of 31 Wh

Connectivity side, the tablet supports WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 but no NFC ( Near Field Communication ) on the horizon. A USB 2.0 port, a jack, a dedicated port to Touch Cover (keyboard / protection) as well as HD video output (it is not clear if it is a port HDMI) are also present.

The tablet measures 27.5 cm by 17.2 cm is 94 mm thick and weighs 680 grams .

Surface RT RT runs on Windows and has the preview version preinstalled Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OnNote). It does run the apps from Windows Store unlike surface in Windows 8 that allows apps to run legacy Windows (compiled for x86) from the desktop.

Apple to seeing you on October 23

Rumours of a conference held by Apple on October 23 just to confirm with invitations sent to the press.

On the invitation, we discover the Apple logo on a coloured background. On the flyer you can read a terse We've got a little more to show you. We have a little more to show you. The "little" could refer to the screen size of the iPad Mini (ie 7.85 inches). The "small" variation of the iPad is actually expected. If the announcement is very likely, the questions now focus on prices, versions (WiFi and WiFi/3G?) And specifications.

Apple reigns supreme in the tablets with the iPad. However, the firm Tim Cook is not present in the tablet segment with less than 8 inches screen, where Google and Amazon are just a hit with the Nexus 7 respectively and Kindle Fire.

Finally, Apple could also announce version Retina Display MacBook Pro 13 inch. This is expected since the release of the MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina Display. Could also discover a new Mac mini and a new line of iMac.

Microsoft Surface tablets

Of the two versions of Microsoft Surface tablets propose the model with embedded processor ARM architecture will be cheaper and therefore more public. The question of price is truly central. It was also very well seen with the Nexus 7 tablet Google.

But, in fact, Microsoft has just announced the price of its tablet surface RT. The site Techcrunch had been able to access them on the Microsoft site before the page is removed. It discovered the price of the tablet running Windows Surface RT.

They range from € 489 to € 694 . This is because a cold shower remembers Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, said they would begin at $ 300. We finally deal with prices comparable to those of the iPad .

Thus, the RT area with 32 GB of internal memory but without Touch Cover shows a price of € 489 . The same model with Touch Cover Black is € 589 while the version including 64 GB of memory and Touch Cover Black is proposed € 694 . Touch Cover is the keyboard that protects the tablet. Available in three colours (black, white and cyan), it will be priced at € 120 while the Type Cover which differs from Touch Cover with a physical keyboard will be sold € 130.

It is October 26 that the surface will be sold in stores Microsoft Canada and the United States but also online in eight countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong and United States.

Still, with a first prize € 489, it will be difficult for the area to compete with the iPad installed on the market. There is also concern for the prices of tablets surface with x86 architecture processors will run on Windows 8.

Wii U: little lag expected between the GamePad and HDTV

There will be one time between the image displayed on the screen and the GamePad HDTV. That's the bad news. But the good news is that it will only be of the order of 1/60th of a second .

Michel Ancel is to lead the development of the game Rayman Legends for the Wii U, the Nintendo Power said.

Speaking on the subject, developer Ubisoft announced: "  It's crazy because the game runs in full HD [HDTV on], it is streamed to the screen GamePad and remains at 60 frames per second . And time on the GamePad is of the order of 1/60th of a second, an image of late. It's crazy, it's so fast. It is almost instantaneous. That is why it responds so well. He [the GamePad] can be used as an input device in the real game-design.  "

An image of gap corresponding to 1/60th of a second, it will be virtually undetectable to the player. Remains to discover whether he will be slightly higher when two GamePad be connected simultaneously. We also expect to see if this level of excellence is a constant, if wholesale not vary depending on the games based on the implementation made by the development team.

The fact is that Nintendo set the bar very high in terms of synchronization GamePad with the Wii U. Sony PS3/PS Vita with the couple and with SmartGlass Microsoft (Xbox 360 and Windows Phone) that offer experiences "like" it will be difficult to announce a synchronization so fast.

Wii U will be released in Europe November 30, 2012 with 3 different packs (read our article ). One will contain a white Wii U with 8 GB of internal memory, the other a black Wii U including 32 GB of memory and the third will be identical to the previous one with a joystick and Gamepro more Zombi the game instead of Nintendo Land.

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