Twitter: The video sharing functional soon?

Twitter has acquired Vine, it therefore intends to engage in the sharing of videos. This concept is already set up with photographs and micro-blogging site that users would not have to use third party applications to perform this action.

Thus, Twitter would have the intention to develop its platform video hosting. Members could easily transfer and mobile applications using official. Third-party applications, such Vodpod, TwitVid or yfrog would not be useful. It is the site AllThingsDigital revealing this information, it also states that it is a project envisioned by Twitter. The decision has not yet stopped.

Twitter continues its policy

The micro blogging site continues its momentum by offering more control including the use of Twitter. This can regain control and ignore third party services used by mass users. This concept has already been applied for the pictures and the operation is appreciated by users. By cons, Twitter does not intend to compete with platforms whose power is quite big as Vimeo, Hulu or YouTube. The introduction of video sharing over the publication was also a real advantage for Twitter. This is an effective strategy to consider the content monetization.

Redemption application Vine

Vine is a start-up that was created last June and is described as "the best way to capture and stream video from the iPhone." The application for the smartphone of Apple makes sharing videos made ​​with your mobile phone. Twitter would have bought yesterday Vine according to information from the same source (AllThingsDigital). Currently, the amount of such redemption has not yet been disclosed. It could therefore strengthen the data on the implementation of a video sharing via Twitter.

Twitter updates TweetDeck

It is May 25, 2011 that Twitter was acquiring TweetDeck. In December 2011, the microblogging site brought his first touch the app and introduced a version of TweetDeck for web browsers based on the WebKit rendering engine.

Today, Twitter has updated its client web browsers on the Chrome Web Store, Mac and Windows. Under the Microsoft OS, simply restart the app update is done. For the application available on the Chrome Web Store, simply restart the browser while it is available for Mac on the Mac App Store.

Twitter introduced customization options with the ability to change the theme proposed two (black text on white or classic theme TweetDeck: dark background with light text), font size (between small, medium and large) and column width. The design is also improved. But more importantly, several new features are introduced.
Thus, the image header profiles introduced by Twitter that there are weeks is now supported. Support through web browsers is also improved (on ). TweetDeck now supports browsers Firefox and Opera (still not Internet Explorer).

Office 2013 on iOS and Android in March 2013

Rumors of a version of Office for iPad did not begin today. But now it is more rumors but an official announcement from Microsoft. More precisely, at a conference held today in the Czech Republic, Petr Bobek, product manager at Microsoft, told the site that IHNED Czech native apps Office 2013 will be available on iOS platforms Android and as of March 2013.

The site also states theverge be able to read a press release written by the Czech branch of Microsoft that confirms this information: "In addition to Windows, Office will also be available on other operating systems: Windows Phone, Windows RT Mac OS, Android, iOS and Symbian."

Along with this, Microsoft is preparing a new version of Office Web Apps . Remember that it provides access to Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from a web browser.

The next variation of the Microsoft Office Suite will be, if one believes the Czech branch of Microsoft not only available on the shelves in Windows 8 and Windows RT, but also from iOS devices (iPad, iPhone ...) and Android (the Nexus 7). In short, good news if confirmed.

The press release also states that the Windows version of Office 2013 will be available to companies in December as the launch for the public is scheduled for February 2013. But it is now possible to get an idea of Office 2013 with the preview version that can be installed on the free trial version of Windows 8 (read our article ).

A music player that puts the songs in graphics

In music, it's all variations and shades of intensity. Our ears knows about identifying it, and your brain does the rest of distinguishing such a verse a chorus (okay this is more difficult with Sepultura or Bartok).

Musicians, producers and sound engineers who have been working for ages on dedicated digital tools like Pro Tools or others have used to deal with visual display tools sound waves, to the point that the music in this context "sees "insofar as it refers.

But for ordinary people, in listening mode, except the frequencies materialized by the proverbial equalizer, not much to put in the retina.

For the curious music lovers, this is what Songle offers a Japanese site that literally puts the music charts in analyzing and dissecting the different features and variations thereof. The player plays music available to listen on the web and found through the integrated search engine and displays their structure analysis after a few minutes. So, and this is where the distinction (which could interest a Google), it is possible to search based on chords, tempo or structure of the melody.

The metadata of the songs are recorded in a database which contains about 80,000 titles to date. The site is in Japanese so difficult to navigate, but try clicking on one of the titles offered as an example and look, it is quite fascinating, and in any case very informative.

Google: Android tablets have quality applications

Google tries to fill the gaps in this area. In the future, the owners of tablet optimized applications can use specially designed for this type of products. A strategy that could also correspond to the introduction of a new tablet, the Nexus 10 .

When the Nexus 7 was announced, the vice president of the company asked developers to take a little time. The objective is to adapt applications to the screen size. Google faces Apple , the company boasts 250,000 applications optimized for the iPad on the 700,000 available on the App Store. This figure therefore fade the Mountain View company which would also boast with such a number.

A series of recommendations

The iPad is now the leader in tablets, but the situation could change, because the products under Android meet a real craze. A U.S. study showed that began to take market share with 48% for the month of August. Faced with this enthusiasm, Google is obliged to offer attractive content and especially adapted. The Mountain View company application developers to refer to the "  Quality Tablet App Checklist  . " All guidelines are referenced to provide tailored applications.

Today, many applications are not optimized for use on tablets. Twitter and Facebook for example, are simply scaled, interest is limited. Google would then set aside these interfaces stretched to share a series of applications designed to use the full functionality of an Android tablet while taking into account the characteristics of the product.

Google also issued a series of recommendations. Publishers should promote the interfaces working on descriptive catches are on Google Play, videos ...

Android 4.1.2

Along with this news rich enough to Google, Android 4.1.2 has been deployed on the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. This update is pretty minor, but it allows to fix some bugs including proposing landscape mode on the interface of the tablet Nexus 7.

iPad mini: Photos of a new model

The iPad mini is found again in a series of photos. It highlights a model that might look like the next tablet from Apple . Normally, invitations should be sent out on October 10 for a presentation on the 17th.

Before knowing if the two dates are accurate, 9 to 5 mac offers a new series of photos that shows this model of the iPad mini . These shots can wait and before any official revelation from Apple. This mock-up could very well resemble the product presented by the Cupertino company. It takes all the rumors, the smaller size of the screen. The hull has been made ​​of aluminum with rounded corners enough. Edges around the screen are closer. A small change was also made ​​at the volume knob. This model is divided into two distinct buttons.

Of course, the iPad Mini is inspired by the iPhone 5 including the new Lightning connector that is positioned at the bottom of the unit. The family of Apple also met on one of the photos. This snapshot provides enough information so interesting because the width of the iPad mini would be almost equivalent to the length of the iPhone 5. The two icons YouTube and Google Maps challenge because they have been removed from the iOS 6. Apple to reinstate he?

For comparison, a picture of the back cover was made ​​a few days ago. This model differs Image Today, it is difficult to imagine the version that the Cupertino normally offer on October 17. It will therefore be arming patient to discover the true face of the iPad mini.

Pictures (the ones with an orange background) were proposed by Sonny Dickson (editor 9to5mac). they come from his Twitter account and it was he who took the pictures. They put forward the new connector as well as the design of the speakers.

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