HP Split X2, transformists a computer running Windows 8

Hybrid machines are not lacking on the market, it is a fact, but that does not stop manufacturers regularly launch new models. This time it is HP who is back with the Split x2, a rather interesting device for running Windows 8 and can, in addition, serve as a touch pad or laptop. All with the technical specifications for the least interesting and you might even hit in the eye. So, if you want to see or to know more, well you know what you have to do. All information which are actually going well in the rest of the article.

On the aesthetic level, no big surprises, there are lines similar to the x2 SlateBook. X2 Split, and not the name may not be very well chosen, so enjoys a quiet and beautiful dark dress, a dress that should appeal to many.

Same for the technical specifications of the beast. HP Split x2 and embeds a beautiful 13-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Well, but there are better, namely the processor that drives the machine: HP does things and the consumer will be able to choose between an Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5, all with good Ivy Bridge Y - Series bonus. In addition, and although we do not know how much RAM the machine loads, however it benefits from an SSD, which should give it more than adequate performance.

HP Split x2, a dock that is not optional if it

And then there's the keyboard dock, a dock that has nothing anecdotal and fact rather good things since embeds its own battery - a battery that will complement the autonomy of the slate - and a rather interesting connection with a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port. Last but not least, as we say eating pudding, HP has even thought to make room for an optional hard disk, hard disk, it will apparently buy from the manufacturer and can type in 500 GB Ah, and could count on a port for microSD cards of course.

The price and availability date? HP Split x2 released in the U.S. in August for a starting price set at $ 799.99, on Windows 8 Pro. And frankly, I think it is not necessarily price to pay for a machine of this caliber.

The Google Play app is updated with new sync options

Missing a few minutes for the Google I / O 2013 officially opens its doors, but it seems that the Mountain View walk so impatient, who wanted to give us an appetizer to go satiating the appetite before the party started. The Google Play just make the jump to version 4.1.6 welcoming a redesigned keypad with multiple colours (apps, games, books, etc..) And a little more space to open and install keys in the page of each app. Another section that have been modified has been the wish list, which now shows your whims in rows of three elements. Google Play Services also has benefited from the changes, and now has new options for data synchronization applications and details of people (assumed charge a little more sense if, finally, the house announced today its gaming service rumored ).

HP SlateBook x2, the Tranformer HP

At this time, fashion these are all transformists machines capable to act as laptops and tablet PCs. The movement is not new, it's been ages since the manufacturer Asus produces devices of this type, but it was not until the arrival of Windows 8 for all other companies working in this sector to do the same. Proof is, Hewlett Packard has just formalize the HP SlateBook x2, a device that works on the same principle as the Transformer and which should ultimately appeal to all those who swear by Android and does manage to decide between a laptop and a slate. All the details are in the following.

On the question of design, it must be confessed, HP has made ​​things quite well. The manufacturer actually opted for a beautiful black dress so metal, a dress that extends the shelf until keyboard dock that will complement it. The rendering is pretty nice and x2 SlateBook should ultimately appeal to all those who attach great important to the "look" of their machine.

Under the hood, it is not bad since SlateBook x2 advantage of a Full HD IPS 10.1 inch screen , 64GB of storage space, a micro SD slot and Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for complete the set. The more observant among you will have noticed that I have not mentioned the chip that drives the machine and it is normal because I've saved the best for last. Yes, because HP has opted for the famous Nvidia Tegra 4 which was unveiled at the last CES and which should allow the device to be placed extremely well in all benchmarks of the globe. Note, however, that there is no information on the amount of RAM embedded in the machine.

It remains to discuss the issue of price. Note that the HP SlateBook x2 released in the month of August in two colors, white and black, for a price of $ 479.99. The thing is we do not know if the price includes the keyboard dock or not. For the rest, it will have to wait a little longer before seeing more clearly, but we will still end up with a nice video that you will examine the slate from all angles.

Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded this summer, bringing CalDAV and CardDAV support

In addition to yesterday, Nokia announced its Lumia family will bring Amber update, Microsoft also announced that Windows Phone 8 mobile phones have brought a fundamental function update in the summer . In addition to the support on the phone would explode the potential of FM radio, the same guarantee they will bring the earlier contractor should promise CalDAV and CardDAV support, so that you can continue to WP8 phones sync with Google services. Will also be added, in addition the the Data Sense functions and the XOBX Music of improvement.

Medias X: NEC introduces the first water-cooled Smartphone

NEC brings to Japan the first smartphone with a water-cooled processor on the market. As the cooling of the Medias X 06E-called androids works, NEC shows a sketch that we behind the break have asked: A heat pipe leading from the bottom placed 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core chip facing up, so the heat to distribute evenly. In addition, a graphite insert (green) provides additional distribution. Right picture shows the upper thermography with a phone, the lower one without water cooling. Otherwise, the Medias X offers operating system Android 4.2, a 4.7-inch display with 720p, LTE and a 13.1-megapixel Exmor RS camera. All this is packaged a shimmering shell and from June to bless the Japanese ladies in the first place.

iPad Mini 2: rendering and technical specifications

As sure as autumn follows spring, a Mini iPad 2 is expected to arrive on the market soon, an iPad Mini 2 has already been much discussed over the last few months but it has certainly not finished talking to him. A site published earlier in the day a full article on the next touch pad produced by Apple, a decorated section of a very nice rendering and all the technical specifications of the terminal . So, if you expect it to firm up, then it is likely that this article retain your attention.

However, before going further, it is important to remember that any rumor must necessarily be taken with a grain of salt . This warning applies to all the gossip, of course, and even when they are not accompanied by any evidence, or even a simple index. Also note that this report and these specifications from a source ... anonymous. Could it really be?

Finally go. A few details about the iPad 2 Mini appearing on this report looks like two drops of water to its predecessor. Like two drops of water, which also means that the two terminals are not identical. Among the obvious changes, there is of course the side edges of the screen , even thinner than the first iPad Mini borders. Same also for the case that is also extremely close. So thin that one wonders how it could well bring the components of the slate, or even the battery.

Mini iPad 2: iPad Mini to a sleeker, more powerful?

No, it is a fact that rendering is not necessarily more interesting, or even more relevant. It will, however, any alleged technical specifications provided by the source of the leak. According to the latter, the iPad Mini 2 and embark a 7.9 inch screen with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 , or a definition of 324ppi and a A6X processor. Besides that, it could also count on a 8 megapixel sensor and on a second 2-megapixel camera on the front. All with three storage capacities to choose from - 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB - and a case not exceeding 7.5 millimeters thick.

The thing is that the source is not completely sure about the processor. Apple is apparently finalizing its A7 and if the company happens to be on time, then it is the latter that could - the conditional is not there by chance - equip the iPad Mini 2. As for me, in any case, these specifications seem pretty consistent, although it will wait for the official announcement of Apple to get to the bottom.

Pinterest updates its app for iOS and Android with notifications and enhanced search

Pinterest already redesigned thing two months ago and now brings new face to their mobile applications. The iOS and Android apps to enjoy and from this moment of receiving push notifications, so you will see all your comments and mentions, as well as the possibility to also mention to your friends (via the usual @ symbol). Searches have also been improved, adding suggestions and synchronizing the history we have in our PC.

Creative announced support the Airwave series of NFC-enabled speaker and colorful Hitz new headphones

Creative has just released the Jawbone SAMSUNG GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 of competitive products, a total of two the Airwave series speakers New Airwave and Airwave HD. Let's look at the high with Creative Airwave HD, its red and black two colors for consumers to choose, to support micro-USB charging full support 7 hours of continuous playback time; this speaker support NFC (match paragraph equipment), built-in microphone. Creative Airwave also supports NFC, integrated AUX input port, built-in microphone and supports apt; very strange is its battery life longer than HD, up to 12 hours, rich color (blue, gray, pink, green ).

Airwave HD Price SG $ 129 the Airwave price SG $ 199, Singapore will be the first listed in June. In addition, in July, the new Creative the Hitz series of four headphones will be listed on the same built-in microphone and four colors for users to choose. The four products are Creative Hitz MA2600, Creative Hitz MA2400 and Creative Hitz MA2300, these three will be available in July, and the last paragraph of the Creative Hitz MA350 will be available in June. Prices vary depending on several products, covering the SG $ 49 to SG $ 89 range.

Nikon 1 N coating anti-camera new lens Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 introduced in the United States

Do you think the Nikon CX format lens group is not enough to complete it? Today the company launched in the U.S. a new anti-system new lens: Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 maximum aperture lens Nikon 1 system, and for the first time joined the SWM quiet autofocus motor N coating on the lens specifications. Of this is equivalent to the large aperture of 86mm fixed focal length mirror, presumably performance will be very tough on the use of low-light shooting portraits telephoto focal lengths; manipulation with M / A full-time manual focusing capability, in addition to metal lens barrel material, naturally let the suggested retail price to the not very close to the people of the U.S. $ 900 (about NT $ 27,000 / HK $ 7,000), and has a black and silver mirror themselves choose - can only say that you want to enjoy all kinds of specifications very powerful specifications of the lens, it seems that the price is a little high.

Data Sensing Lab: Google I / O conference as an experimental field of the Crowd Forecast

The developer conference Google I / O, which starts today in San Francisco, is to be considered as a collateral speak to the experimental field of the developer group, to which all visitors are equipped with a sensor pack that recorded their movements and environmental data. The combined data of all visitors are then streamed to a central database and analyzed in real time. Some results are directly visualized and displayed on large screens, such as the volume or the development of air quality in the various conference rooms. However, the collected data should of course still more insights are elicited long-term goal of the Data Sensing Lab should be forecasting systems, with which one can consider the behavior of the visitors ahead - a field only recently by the in the Google purchase of behaviorism.

Panasonic Toughbook H2 is slightly updated with new processor and certifications

Panasonic has decided to update its ruggedized tablet with a series of changes that do not go over their list of specifications, because as you can see, on an aesthetic level still maintains the same lines and the same rugged design that characterized the previous Toughbook H2. Basically novelty comes with the addition of a Core i5 higher speed, the 3427U 2.8GHz, and a hard disk of 500 GB. Although visually intact, the chassis has received the MIL-STD-810G1 ensures drops up to 6 feet tall, plus certification that handles IP651 waterproofing. With 1.63 kilos in weight, the battery has gone up to 7 hours of life, driven by the addition of WiFi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR. Not missing accessories like a barcode reader, card readers, Smart card, 3G modules, LTE and GPS. This device will cost $ 3,349 and is available now.

HP launches new Windows 8 Split x2 and the droid x2 SlateBook

Last week, we see HP to build the future of classroom Envy x2 traces of the fund intends to bring more new successor friends this demand. In fact, the company X2 series is divided into two new products are HP Split x2 (Ministry of Windows 8 tablet laptop) and Slatebook x2 (this is to run Android tablet). Start with the former is on the map this Windows 8 tablet / laptop from the this time of the Split x2 is the company's first laptop standard processor to be put into this series of products - in fact, although other stores already doing it.

Specifications, it is equipped with a 1,366 x 768 resolution 13-inch screen, you will be able to select the version of the i3 or i5 processor core part - referred to here are Y series Ivy Bridge chip it wants. Like many detachable keyboard Hybrid tablet laptop practice, this keyboard base built-second battery, and provides optional 500GB external hard drive to make up for the poor of the lithographic itself SSD capacity. The rest, it has two USB ports (2.0 with a 3.0 each), HDMI, Beats Audio, WiDi and may correspond microSD and SD memory card slot. Then we see some of the small screen size Slatebook x2, it uses a size of 10 inches with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 400-NIT IPS screen, using the Tegra 4 processor running the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) - specification point of view it can be considered a very high specification products. Likewise, it has a dedicated external keyboard base also owns an additional battery in them.

The keyboard also has Google Voice Search shortcut key, and multi-point touchpad like a typical laptop specifications on - touchpad is actually very common, but the specifications of the multi-touch down really relatively rare. SlateBook x2 total weight of about 1.27kg, and has included two USB ports, stereo speakers and support SD / microSD card reader. The two new machines will be on sale in August, priced Split x2 for U.S. $ 800 (about 4,900 yuan), running Android system SlateBook x2 asking price of U.S. $ 480 (about 2,950 yuan). Then you look through hands-on play Atlas Mami - Well ... In fact, SPLIT x2 also just a prototype sample it.

Google makes deal with Sony and Universal, prepares music streaming service

If Google's new music streaming service for the Google I/O ? According to The Verge a deal with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for YouTube and Google Play is now in the bag, and Fortune had previously reported that there is already one with the Warner Music Group. This means that three large majors in the boat which the launch or at least the announcement of Spotify-like streaming services for developers conference possible power. The Financial Times expects the service probably Google Music will be integrated and should be divided into ad-funded and paid versions. Wait wires, tonight or tomorrow at the latest we know more.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230s reservations began in mainland

May continue to challenge diehard supporters bottom line is considered one of the new ThinkPad X230s finally open book recently in mainland China, and the leak before Chinese User's Guide, X230s is designed with no small changed. The first screen, although the X230s switch to the sunken design, but fortunately the opening and closing angle remains 180 degrees tradition. Charging port indeed into a square, and the location of the Ethernet hole moved to the latter part of the first half from the right side. The three entities key really replaced the touchpad (allegedly for gesture do best treatment), USB port only two, and finally the cover Lenovo and ThinkPad words have all been reverse swing put, to tell the truth gives the impression that really is not very "black".

The x230s trial carbon fiber cover, equipped with a back light keyboard, weight 1.28 kg, the thinnest at only 17.7mm. As for the specifications, it uses a 12.5-inch HD LED screen, Intel HD 4000 graphics card, the highest Core-i7 processor and 8GB memory, consumers optional 1TB hybrid hard drive or 240GB SSD, and it comes with fingerprint machine and 720p webcam. Two USB ports 3.0, Mini Display Port, VGA, Ethernet port, but also a built-in Bluetooth, 3G module as for the natural system is Windows 8. Currently equipped with a Core i5-3337U processor, 4GB memory and 1TB hybrid hard drive the ThinkPad X320s 20AH0001CD in mainland Sunning pre-sale price of RMB 7,399 million (approximately HK $ 9,340 / NT $ 36,020).

View changes to the Wikipedia in real time

The Wikipedia has often been criticized in the past but it is clear that the online encyclopedia is at present one of the best sources of information either. Whatever the subject of study, you actually have a good chance of finding what you are looking for by browsing through its pages. It must also be said that they are working on thousands relentlessly thousands who collaborate on this extraordinary project and publishes every day hundreds of different topics. And indeed, if you want to "see" in real changes to the Wikipedia, then something tells me that this interactivemap should please you something good.

For indeed, it is actually a single goal: to appear on a map in real time all the changes that are made ​​to the online encyclopedia. Obviously, this is not the service that we will spend all our days, but the fact remains that the result is not lack of interest so far.

All you have to do is go to this address and wait nicely. After a few seconds, you will see one point on the map, a point accompanied by a name. Just below, in a dedicated area for this purpose, you will know the name of the item that is being edited, all with a link to display directly in your browser brand new. A second later, it is a second point appears again with the name of the item that is being changed. And then third, fourth, fifth and then, so on.

So of course, this does not necessarily interactive map of today, or even yesterday, but it makes all de same to get a clearer idea of how Wikipedia works. And finally, thanks to her, we realize that this service brings together every day thousands of people across the globe, thousands of people working together for a common cause, namely to bring knowledge to the greatest number.

Google Play usher in version 4.1.6 update: improved interface, new sync options Google Play Services

Google I / O 2013 on the eve of Google on Google Play has been updated. Application interface usher in some changes in the latest version 4.1.6, each button on the classification of different colors with the application page "open" and the gap between the install button can also be adjusted, the other in the wish list can display a row of three applications. In addition, Google also added for Google Play Services App Data and People Details of these two new synchronization options, we speculate that they are likely to contact, Google+ and even the legendary Google Play Games related. Anyway, I hope that in the next few days, Google is able to bring us the answer slightly. Friends who are interested can go to update, if you did not receive the upgrade prompt, then manually install the method.

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