HP Split X2, transformists a computer running Windows 8

Hybrid machines are not lacking on the market, it is a fact, but that does not stop manufacturers regularly launch new models. This time it is HP who is back with the Split x2, a rather interesting device for running Windows 8 and can, in addition, serve as a touch pad or laptop. All with the technical specifications for the least interesting and you might even hit in the eye. So, if you want to see or to know more, well you know what you have to do. All information which are actually going well in the rest of the article.

On the aesthetic level, no big surprises, there are lines similar to the x2 SlateBook. X2 Split, and not the name may not be very well chosen, so enjoys a quiet and beautiful dark dress, a dress that should appeal to many.

Same for the technical specifications of the beast. HP Split x2 and embeds a beautiful 13-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Well, but there are better, namely the processor that drives the machine: HP does things and the consumer will be able to choose between an Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5, all with good Ivy Bridge Y - Series bonus. In addition, and although we do not know how much RAM the machine loads, however it benefits from an SSD, which should give it more than adequate performance.

HP Split x2, a dock that is not optional if it

And then there's the keyboard dock, a dock that has nothing anecdotal and fact rather good things since embeds its own battery - a battery that will complement the autonomy of the slate - and a rather interesting connection with a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port. Last but not least, as we say eating pudding, HP has even thought to make room for an optional hard disk, hard disk, it will apparently buy from the manufacturer and can type in 500 GB Ah, and could count on a port for microSD cards of course.

The price and availability date? HP Split x2 released in the U.S. in August for a starting price set at $ 799.99, on Windows 8 Pro. And frankly, I think it is not necessarily price to pay for a machine of this caliber.

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