iPad Mini 2: rendering and technical specifications

As sure as autumn follows spring, a Mini iPad 2 is expected to arrive on the market soon, an iPad Mini 2 has already been much discussed over the last few months but it has certainly not finished talking to him. A site published earlier in the day a full article on the next touch pad produced by Apple, a decorated section of a very nice rendering and all the technical specifications of the terminal . So, if you expect it to firm up, then it is likely that this article retain your attention.

However, before going further, it is important to remember that any rumor must necessarily be taken with a grain of salt . This warning applies to all the gossip, of course, and even when they are not accompanied by any evidence, or even a simple index. Also note that this report and these specifications from a source ... anonymous. Could it really be?

Finally go. A few details about the iPad 2 Mini appearing on this report looks like two drops of water to its predecessor. Like two drops of water, which also means that the two terminals are not identical. Among the obvious changes, there is of course the side edges of the screen , even thinner than the first iPad Mini borders. Same also for the case that is also extremely close. So thin that one wonders how it could well bring the components of the slate, or even the battery.

Mini iPad 2: iPad Mini to a sleeker, more powerful?

No, it is a fact that rendering is not necessarily more interesting, or even more relevant. It will, however, any alleged technical specifications provided by the source of the leak. According to the latter, the iPad Mini 2 and embark a 7.9 inch screen with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 , or a definition of 324ppi and a A6X processor. Besides that, it could also count on a 8 megapixel sensor and on a second 2-megapixel camera on the front. All with three storage capacities to choose from - 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB - and a case not exceeding 7.5 millimeters thick.

The thing is that the source is not completely sure about the processor. Apple is apparently finalizing its A7 and if the company happens to be on time, then it is the latter that could - the conditional is not there by chance - equip the iPad Mini 2. As for me, in any case, these specifications seem pretty consistent, although it will wait for the official announcement of Apple to get to the bottom.

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