Samsung will sell soon for LCD panels to Apple

For several weeks, the relationship between Samsung and Apple is stretched with the highly publicized trial which condemned the Korean company a record fine of one billion dollars.

Today, divorce is consumed. In fact, Samsung clearly wants to move on because the Korean firm has already significantly reduced shipments of LCD panels to Apple and has even completely stop shipments next year, according to The Korea Times, citing a source (anonymous ) high-ranking Samsung.

This separation is not likely too implications for Apple since the U.S. firm had (obviously) less in recent months on LCD panels from Samsung, but instead sought companies such as LG and Sharp to take over.

However, it is possible that Samsung will suffer any losses with the end of the contract with Apple, but the Korean firm plans to increase the number of orders for LCD panels from Samsung Electronics (which produces smartphones) and Amazon (for screens of tablets).

For the record, Samsung provided over 15 million LCD panels to Apple in the first six months of the year, this figure was less than 3 million units in the third quarter and is expected to fall by half in the fourth quarter.

It is therefore unlikely that the iPad Mini , which should be unveiled today, is equipped with a screen manufactured by Samsung but LG or Sharp. To be continued.

An application to control the GoPro's iPhone

While GoPro has announced the launch of its new HD camera GoPro Wide Hero 3, a small application for iPhone was released a few days ago in a relatively discreet, yet it could be enjoyed by users of the famous camera action.

The App GOPR fills a gap since it allows to simply control his GoPro remotely with the iPhone, which for once is a kind of intelligent remote control. With this application, it is possible to take control of all camera settings CUBICO-magic, including, perhaps most important, to finally have a monitor on the screen to refine its frames, a function that n ' option exists in the basic package, with a little extra screen.

The application works with Wi-Fi camera via WiFi BacPac which time the team HERO2, and also allows access to network video channels GoPro (Photo & Video of the Day of the Day.

The application is GoPro GoPro The App is compatible with: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod Touch and iPad 1, 2 & 3 iOS 4.3 or later, but it is however not compatible with the first HD HERO.

Another limitation somewhat frustrating: it is not possible at the moment to view the videos made on his iPhone.

The application is free on the App Store and will soon declined in Android version. Warning though: if you jump from 39,000 feet or you hit the Niagara Falls in a canoe, put your iPhone in your pocket.

Private copy by SACEM, Apple expected 12 million

Jean-Noel Trunk SACEM President stated during  meetings Film Dijon Apple had 12 million under the fee for private copying (RCP).

According to Apple retain the amount related to the levy on the tablets iPad that sells directly (when the iPad are distributed by operators, they are required to pay this fee). For example, for a model with 64 GB of memory , the Apple brand should pay 12 euros.

Apple challenged the merits of the charge in court in early 2012, until the courts rule on this issue, the levy on its shelves is pending. In his speech Pascal Rogard also attacked big corporations "who can afford to keep, pay lawyers, armed with lobbyists in Brussels."

In 2011 SACEM had collected 58.3 million under the private copying a large sum, but down 6% compared to the previous year.

Surface: Microsoft touts the tablet with a crash test

Surface will come on October 26. Microsoft begins promotion to mobilize maximum number of consumers. After unveiling a video presentation , the company shares crash test. The goal? Show the strength of the tablet.

Microsoft relies heavily on the marketing of the tablet surface. Thus, to promote the company does not lack imagination. This device was presented as a tablet optimized for the movement. It must be robust and withstand many shocks. Microsoft proposes a new video in Full HD 1080p. The latter shows the shelf positioned 80 centimeters above the ground. The camera work and film during the crash test.

Extolling the virtues

After a fall of 80 centimeters, the engineer showed that the camera is always active. With this crash test, Microsoft wants to brag about its tablet. Must still take this promotion with tweezers. There is only one angle, that of the tablet. Thus, a cut video could be made when the image becomes black. The engineer did not show if the tablet is damaged or if the screen is scratched, for example ... No information accompanies this video, engineers may have tried repeatedly to get continuity in the video.

The U.S. giant has put all the odds in your favor to satisfy maximum consumers. The tablet is available in several colors, light, mobile ... She also brings a small computer with the keyboard that also serves as protection for the screen. It will also have the latest version of the operating system Microsoft Windows 8. The first models that are pre-orders using Windows RT. Prices range between 489 and 694 euros. Rates are different depending on the capacity (32, 64 GB). On October 26, Microsoft releases so heavy artillery with the presentation of the tablet surface and the official launch of Windows 8. This marks a real turning point in the era of operating systems. It is optimized for PCs and tablets and offers a completely revamped design.

Xperia Odin: one image and characteristics?

Sony will soon introduce a new Xperia smartphone, it would be the name of Odin and had code-named C650X.

The manufacturer does not know well keep the mystery surrounding its future models, while the phone is not yet officially announced, a first visual of the craft is already circulating on the net, but also information on the features of the smartphone.

It should run on Android (version not specified), have a 5 inch screen that would display with multi-touch Full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels), a quadruple heart processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz and a RAM 2 GB. It would compete directly with the Samsung  Galaxy Tab 2 , LG or HTC Intuition DLX.

Xperia Odin should be officially presented by Sony in early 2013, even rumored that it could be possible to see the phone at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Skype presents its application for Windows 8

Skype announced on its blog that its application will be available on the Windows Store this weekend, to celebrate the release of Windows 8 . This application is presented by Microsoft as fast, easy and beautiful.

As with other Microsoft applications, this application uses very modern design with Windows 8 include a dynamic icon (or Live Tile) with missed calls and messages that appear on the Home screen.

At application startup, the recent conversations and contacts are immediately visible and some contacts can even be favourites  To make a call or start a conversation with a contact, just simply click on their profile. Skype contacts are naturally integrated into the address book by default Windows 8.

Skype also has a section phone to call anywhere in the world and know the exact cost of the call, enter the number using the keyboard or even check the latest calls. The application runs in the background logically on Windows 8 and displays a notification when you have new messages or calls.

Finally, the famous VoIP software acquired last year by Microsoft takes full advantage of the experience of the Redmond company to offer a Windows 8 worthy of the name.

AMD: poor performance and redundancy plan program

The famous manufacturer of microprocessors and rival Intel unveiled financial results for the third quarter of 2012 fell sharply causing the removal of 15% of its workforce!

This is not really a surprise, the company Advance Micro Devices , is not at his best form in recent years. Crushed by Intel in late 2011 captured 80% of the processor market and faces a PC market declined for the first time since 2001 , this is too much for that AMD has decided to take drastic measures.

Indeed, after the announcement Thursday of a quarterly net loss of $ 157 million against a profit of $ 97 million over the same period in 2011 and a turnover down 25% (1.27 billion dollars), AMD announced the elimination of 15% of its workforce in 1600 that 11,000 jobs on the company account. If the division   graphics  is affected by a decrease of 15% compared to the third quarter of 2011, it is the division  computer  which includes CPU and APU which is the main affected, with a decrease of 28% compared to the still third quarter of 2011 and 11% compared to the second quarter of 2012. The 11% decrease reflect the rapid degradation of the PC market as all players are affected. A few days before the announcement of AMD, Intel also announced the results down and pessimistic but the situation number one global semi-manufacturers is much less worrying than that of its competitor.

Aware of the financial difficulties in recent years and the decline that knows the PC market seems to devote to give way to the shelves, AMD had anticipated last March in selling its shares  of Global Foundries, AMD subsidiary so far responsible for the production of the processors. This decision, which had feared a willingness to withdraw the brand of the processor market is mainly be a new strategy for AMD wants to focus solely on the design.

Finally, note that if the release of a new operating system was previously good news for the two giant processors, Windows 8 and its interface for both PC and tablets could increase competition between the two . Competition between the new ARM architecture and ultrabooks , whose name was introduced by Intel, AMD's future seems bleak.

Xbox 360: Goodbye Facebook and Twitter, Hello Internet Explorer

It is almost like back in the good old days of the early beginnings of Windows and Internet magnificent when Microsoft, a bit late on the subject at all costs forced the installation of its new Internet Explorer as the default browser.

At the time of the last update of the Xbox 360 operating system, applications, Twitter and Facebook are no longer available. In contrast, Internet Explorer 9 makes its appearance. From there to see a relationship of cause and effect, some quickly reconcile: Microsoft, which prepares the arrival of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 , seek to encourage captive users to use the browser and so it (re ) give good habits on other OS with which it connects to the internet.

However, the extent to radical it is, is not private: those who already have the Twitter and Facebook applications on their Xbox keep them, only those who had not installed will no longer do so because both apps that were available through the Marketplace since 2009 have disappeared, and will therefore pass through the only browser to see the two social networks.

An initiative that may be moderately popular, even though it is primarily a matter of principle and "ethics" anyway since it is not certain that Facebook apps and Twitter were widely used on a platform where one goes mainly to play.

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