Instagram undergoes a facelift on iOS and Android

While the competition rages between Twitter and Instagram, it has decided to make major changes to its applications for iOS and Android. While Twitter is indeed trying to add filters and adjustments to photos, Instagram, he perfected his applications by significantly improving its interface and adding a new filter.

The most visible change on iOS is undoubtedly the redesign of the photo shoot is clearly more in line with the rest of the interface. And two buttons have emerged: the first allows you to display a grid to facilitate the framing and the second allows you to access your photos more easily. That said, I have not been able to display the grid on Android while the button is present on iOS ...

As for the editing window, it has also undergone a facelift with the photo that appears (finally) in full, improving the tilt-shift effect with a more realistic depth of field but also the emergence of a new filter called "Willow" somewhat similar to existing filter "Inkwell." In addition to various minor improvements and optimizations, integration with Foursquare was clearly enhanced in mobile applications.

The question is whether it will have to use Instagram or Twitter to post now and quickly edit their photos?

Guess where the iPad is the most expensive in the world

As we know, since the advent of digital technology, smartphones, tablets, and incidentally of globalization, a very bad habit was unveiled at the American big day in the land of Uncle Sam was a very specific conception of exchange rates . With the complicity of local subsidiaries, it is true.

To make it short, our American friends, 1 dollar = 1 euro. That's it. So when a tablet costs 539 U.S. dollars, it costs 539 euros in Europe. It's easier, and cows are kept (I'm not sure of the proper use of the term country here but we'll pretend).

From there to consider replacing the universal unit of measurement that was until now the Big Mac a smartphone from Apple, there would be one step. Except we do not buy or eat one iPhone every day.

To highlight this problem is a real rich global injustice far worse than hunger, cold or humanitarian crisis in Darfur, the friend Arnaud, aka Dauran, founder and boss among other site has publish a small graphic that shows the price difference shelves (and XBox) in the world, taking into account the parity of currencies.

If I tell you after Brazil - but certainly for other reasons less legitimate - France is the country where the iPad is the most expensive in the world, I wonder? Not me.

SkyDrive arrives on Xbox 360 with 40 new apps

SkyDrive for Xbox has been deployed today bound for Xbox 360. The console from Microsoft becomes a little more of a multimedia hub at the heart of the home. This is the social sharing is put forward with the possibilities inherent in SkyDrive.

Thus, users can share photos and videos with friends instantly through the app. Sharing via the cloud is in real time. It is possible to take a photo from their smartphone, the upload to SkyDrive and instantly see its HDTV.

As the next few days and next week, more than 40 new applications that will land on the Xbox 360. Offer varies by country.
  • ARTE (available now)
  • Canalplay Infinity
  • FightBox
  • GameTrailers
  • Gulli Replay (available now)
  • MyTF1
  • MyTF1VOD (available now)
  • Video on Demand Orange

Well, well, a Chrome extension displays photos on Instagram Twitter ...

If you use the mobile application or the web version of Twitter, you are aware that the social network does not display the preview photos Instagram for several days.

Instead of this overview is displayed directly by clicking the tweet in question must actually click on the link now and reach patiently Instagram photo that appears. Suffice to say that it is not as quick and intuitive as before ...

To address part of this problem, a developer has decided to take head on by creating an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to simply repost Instagram photos on the web version of Twitter. To do this, this little extension only detecting the presence or absence of URLs containing the text "" and then inject and then redisplay Instagram photos on the page.

It only works for the Chrome browser and the web version of Twitter. Meanwhile, the number of clicks is still doubled over the official mobile application to display Instagram photos ...

Facebook and Google hit by a breakdown last night

The world trembles! Pending on December 21, users have already got a glimpse of life without Google and Facebook for a few minutes.

You probably have noticed late yesterday afternoon, many Google services including Gmail have been affected by a failure, an incident confirmed but not explained by Google. According to the App Status Dashboard, which offers performance information for Google Apps services, the Panel of Directors / AP, Google Gmail Drive and therefore were unavailable, the Mountain View giant advance in a significant subset of queries of Web users Gmail has been assigned for a total of 18 minutes, from 8:54 / 9:00 to 9:04 / 9:16 pm Pacific Time. Many users have also reported problems with the social network Google + and Google Chrome.

Later in the evening, this is another giant faltered, the social network Facebook. Indeed, for about twenty minutes the website was inaccessible due to a change in its infrastructure as a DNS explained a spokesman for the site: Earlier in the day, we made ​​changes to level of our DNS infrastructure and this change has led to some people temporarily unable to access the site. We have detected and corrected the problem quickly, and are now back to 100%. Mobile applications for their part have not been affected by this outage.

If the incident does not involve Facebook direct consequence, that Google is trickier. Indeed, global scale, the failure of Gmail with 425 million users, including many professionals is not the best publicity especially as the courier online Google faces competition increasing, Examples would replacement Hotmail has also chosen to use the name of the famous mail client, a well-known professionals. If failures are rare, Gmail now has to do with the status message No. 1 in the world!

Australia: Apple Plans on iPhone, you might end up like Mad Max

How would you like to turn into a road warrior and get lost in the bush in search of a final drop of kerosene?

This is what could happen to you if you move adventure in the land of kangaroos using the navigation application and mapping Plans on Apple iOS, yes, the one that replaced forcibly Google Maps at the output Version 6 of the mobile OS from Apple.

Already heavily maligned and criticized for its sometimes quite fanciful reproductions of reality on the ground, the Apple Plans could even, in some particular cases, be dangerous. In any case this assertion Australian police authorities, and specifically those of the state of Victoria, which encourage mobile users to stop using the application for guidance, after they found several times tourists lost in the vast wilderness of national parks following a haphazard navigation with Apple Plans. Some have even survived for twenty-four hours without eating or drinking, some 70 kilometers from the intended destination.

According to tests conducted by the police, Apple plans indicating the location of the heart of Mildura Murray Sunset National Park, about 70 miles from its true location.

Misadventure which may actually be somewhat unpleasant when we know that the corner where the unfortunate tourists astray displays a temperature of 46 degrees, and there is no water in the region.

I think we passed not far during our recent road trip in Australia with Clyne, Korben and Paingout, but iOS 6 was not out yet. It is perhaps because of this that we are still here talking to you. Risking his life for blogging, who said they had easy trades?

Free WiFi internet soon in London taxis

Good news for internet addicts who travel frequently in the fourth French city: they burn out over their mobile plan cabs in London.

After an agreement reached Dec. 6 among the company and the London Transport startup Eyetease specializing in mobile solutions for urban transport, free WiFi service, named CabWifi will be deployed aboard the legendary black cabs plying the British capital .

The business model is based on use of free in exchange for viewing advertisements for a period of 15 seconds, which appear every fifteen minutes of surfing. Drivers will also enjoy this access through separate login, which will allow them to probably also save money on their mobile bill, whether for professional or private reasons.

Eyetease is also in the process of concluding agreements with several consumer brands, such as credit card operators or manufacturers of smartphones to complement its offering.

The CabWifi offers free WiFi in London taxis should be available early 2013.

Twitter: Your photos with or without a filter?

From Instagram night we had felt the warm wind blow the ball necks: within a few months, who knows if this ad would not have killed the startup, which in the meantime had the good idea to sell to Facebook for just over 750 million.

After that it became impossible to view Instagram photos directly into the stream Twitter , the microblogging site has officially launched filters, which will allow us to edit his pictures on Twitter. Developed in collaboration with Aviary, which already proposed an application ... for Facebook, a new feature of filters and effects in Twitter is available after an update of the iOS app and Android.

With this new option embedded natively in Twitter, which we expected a bit , it is possible to improve the rendering (brightness, contrast, sharpness), crop (crop) an image, and of course apply all kinds of filters or effects thereon. The process is simple and intuitive, and can easily post an edited photo from their smartphone.

A large stone in the garden of Instagram, Facebook and ricochet. However, the regulars did Instagram change may not be as radically and rapidly habits: what happens on Instagram Instagram is on, and it is likely that many members of this network have no desire to disseminate their photos - or at least all their photos - on Twitter.

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