Instagram undergoes a facelift on iOS and Android

While the competition rages between Twitter and Instagram, it has decided to make major changes to its applications for iOS and Android. While Twitter is indeed trying to add filters and adjustments to photos, Instagram, he perfected his applications by significantly improving its interface and adding a new filter.

The most visible change on iOS is undoubtedly the redesign of the photo shoot is clearly more in line with the rest of the interface. And two buttons have emerged: the first allows you to display a grid to facilitate the framing and the second allows you to access your photos more easily. That said, I have not been able to display the grid on Android while the button is present on iOS ...

As for the editing window, it has also undergone a facelift with the photo that appears (finally) in full, improving the tilt-shift effect with a more realistic depth of field but also the emergence of a new filter called "Willow" somewhat similar to existing filter "Inkwell." In addition to various minor improvements and optimizations, integration with Foursquare was clearly enhanced in mobile applications.

The question is whether it will have to use Instagram or Twitter to post now and quickly edit their photos?

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