Angry Birds on the big screen in 2016

The famous video game billion downloads continues to decline. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the release of Angry Birds , Rovio Finnish studio has not confirmed a new version of multiplatform game, but the output in 2016 a feature film.

Angry Birds leave the small screens of iPhones to be on the big cinemas. During the three years of Angry Birds, Rovio, the Finnish game publisher has formalized the upcoming release of a film about his famous game for mobile devices.

The preparation of this animated 3D film project was awarded to John Cohen. Producer has shown recently with the feature film animation Me Despicable.

He is joined by David Maisel, former Chairman of Marvel Studios who endorse the cap executive producer of the film. This has produced the latest blockbuster Marvel, including Iron Man, The incredible Hulk, Thor or Captain America.

Rovio project 100%

Mikael Hed to CEO of Rovio, John Cohen and David Maisel form "the duo wanted to create this film outside of the major studios" in Hollywood, he said in a statement.

Rovio has not yet announced how it plans to invest in this production, but has already said he would himself pay 100% of the film, expected in theaters in summer 2016. The publisher hopes to keep hold of the baby and have the last word on decisions.

question is who will be the realization of this project and how will the script. Presumably, this should be a story of birds that do not like the pigs.

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