Google unveils its ranking of popular search terms in 2012

1The other search engines, including Yahoo , have already published their annual rankings of the respective most searched terms in 2012, but we're all hanging on the lips because Google is first and foremost one that we expect.

Google has unveiled yesterday its famous Google's Zeitgeist, the classification of terms most often entered in the world in 2012 in its search engine. Another opportunity to see the Google search - but it's true in other engines - is primarily, if not exclusively linked to the news. Indeed, whatever the category, we can not find words not related to an event or a personality who made ​​headlines during the year, whether Whitney Houston in the standings, Lance Armstrong in sport, or the infernal duo iPad 3 / iPhone 5 in consumer electronics.

But for this year, Google has gone a step further and continues to innovate by offering an interactive map that allows you to navigate through the highlights of 2012 from 1200 billion searches in 146 languages, by country and month using the a timeline.

For France, if we also find Whitney Houston (but only in ninth place), there is a good half of the rankings for national news, including Free Mobile, short, Secret Story or Mappy France and McDonalds.

Here is the ranking of the most searched terms on Google in 2012:


4. 3 iPad

10. BBB12

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