Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 down to Free Mobile

The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 have their price reduced in the operator Free Mobile. An effective concept for a few days holiday at the end of year, which could guarantee a certain number of sales.

Xavier Niel has integrated two catalog Free Mobile Smartphones that meet a real success since their launch. These models are also the two flagship Korean. With a sales volume large enough, the operator decided to implement a series of promotions. Thus, the Galaxy S3 was sold 549 euros, customers now have the opportunity to benefit from a reduction of 16 euros. It will therefore pay 529 euros to get the most acclaimed Smartphone on the mobile market. Regarding the model halfway between a tablet and a smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2, the drop rate is a little more interesting.

A small reduction

Indeed, it is proposed 599 euros on Free Mobile catalog. The operator carries a price reduction, the mobile therefore 569 euros. You should know that cashback is applied to model, so you should pay 499 euros to get the latest Galaxy Note, which has many advantages such as a large screen and the famous S Pen. Certainly promotions displayed by the fourth operator is not very important, but with the ODR, the Galaxy Note 2 is interesting. At this time, Free Mobile is a small restructuring of its two euros. For the same price, consumers have the opportunity to have two hours of calls and unlimited SMS. This price drop Samsung's flagship smartphone is therefore the policy.

Free Mobile also apply these changes to a few days holiday season. A method that may allow to increase its volume of subscribers. Free Mobile should now focus on the development of its network. Customers are not all satisfied with the quality, the operator will have to cover up French soil to meet customer expectations.

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